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Was the gulf war a declared war?

Hussian may have declared war on Iran during the Gulf War (1980-1988); see that website. As far as the US is concerned, during any past operations in that region; the last Dec (MORE)

How many Persian Gulf Wars were there?

There are three "Persian Gulf Wars" in recent history. There is the First Persian Gulf War of 1980-1988, often called the Iran-Iraq War. There is the Second Persian Gulf War o (MORE)

What was the Gulf War?

The Gulf War was a conflict between Iraq and a  coalition force led by the United States to liberate Kuwait. It  took place from 2 August 1990 until 28 February 1991.
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What was the gulf war about?

The Gulf War started when Iraq decided to invade Kuwait for its large deposits of oil. America and its allies were not happy so they took action and gave the iraqis a deadline (MORE)

How was the economy during the gulf war?

  No Gulf War has ever effected the US economy. Only the Yom Kipper War (1973) affected the US economy; with the gas crisis of '73/'74 (odd/even license plate car refuelli (MORE)

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When was the gulf war?

The short war usually called the Gulf War, which involved a US-led  coalition forcing Iraqi forces out of Kuwait, took place between  August 1990 and February 1991. The war (MORE)