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What is the highest jump in high jump?

The world record for the High Jump was set by Javier Sotomayor of Cuba, in Salamanca, Spain. The year was 1993. Sotomayor cleared a height of 2.45m (a little over 8 feet). (MORE)

How high can cocker spaniels jump?

This is a good question, it depends on the cocker spaniel, each one is different. Most can only can jump 2 to 3 feet from stand still, higher if they are moving. Usually a six (MORE)

In the high jump why do you jump from one foot?

Jumping from two feet is not allowed since it is possible to perform a gymnastic tumble ending with a final bounce from two feet which would permit a higher jump. Basically it (MORE)
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How HIGH can the best jumping spider jump How FAR can the best jumping spider jump?

Jumping spiders can jump horizontally about 25 times their body length. The average jumping spider is about 10mm or less, so that's really not that far (about one foot). That (MORE)

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