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What is history?

History is the study of events which occurred before the present time. It includes who lived in past societies and how they lived. Much of history is about famous people and w (MORE)

History of measurement?

"digit," "palm," "span" and "cubic" units of length slowly lost preference to the length units "inch," "foot," and "yard." Our words "inch" and "ounce" are both derived from (MORE)

Why do we learn history?

1. UNDERSTAND SOCIETY    Of all of the reasons to study history, this one might be the most  important. How can we being to understand society today without  understa (MORE)
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What is the history of Jamaica?

  queen Elizabeth ll was their sovereign (1952)   the governor-general was a man named Patrick Allen(2009)   prime minister was a man named Bruce Golding(2007)   (MORE)

What is Mercurys history?

Mercury, named for the Roman gods' messenger, is the closest planet to the and the smallest in the solar system. Mercury is too much in line with the Sun to be observed agains (MORE)

When do you use history or histories?

History is the singular, histories is the plural. A lot of people mistakenly use the singular when it should be the plural, however. Let me give you an example: England has a (MORE)

What is history about?

At its core, History is a Social Science.    History, in all of its lessons and interesting stories is fundamentally about people and human nature.    Why do peo (MORE)
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What is the history of an egg?

Do you really mean an egg from a bird or turtle or other creature or a Faberge egg? The natural egg came from the animals from the beginning of time. The Faberge egg was creat (MORE)