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What history makes France famous?

The French Revolution!!! Where women, while inquiring about their rights and equality, began to question the rights of all. This eventually led to the questioning of economic (MORE)

What is the importance of 14th July in the history of France?

14 July is called Bastille Day in France. It is almost the equivalent of Independence Day in the United States. On that day the people stormed the Bastille Castle and Prison. (MORE)

What is the History of Vel'd'Hiv' in France 1942?

On July 16th and 17th 1944, 13,125 French Jews were rounded-up and forced into the Vel d'hiv, Paris's Velodrome. They were kept there for five days until they were moved to an (MORE)

History on Louis XIV of France?

Louis XIV, also known as Louis the Great, had the longest reign of  any monarch in European history. He ruled for 72 years and 110  days. He consolidated a system of complet (MORE)
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Why do you think some would say that alsace is the most non-France region of France consider things such as dialectcuisinearchitecture and history?

It is a good question. Alsace and Moselle are the french regions which have the most particularities. And not only because of the architecture, culture or language which are (MORE)

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