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What is an iPod?

Answer   An I-Pod is a portable music player that allows it's users to listen to music of their choice while on the go. The are four different types of I-Pods, the Shuffl (MORE)

What is iPod?

A Ipod is a pod-shaped device that can hold variables of sizes in GBs. It can hold videos, movies, games, and most populary, music. It was designed by Apple, the creator of Ma (MORE)

What is a iPod?

What is an Ipod?An ipod is a device that holds, photos, music, apps and loads more, you can get some that hold 1 or more of the things on it, the least a ipod can hold is 1,00 (MORE)

What does the iPod do?

Ipods can do many things. You can listen to music, Watch videos and music, play games, Store contacts, pictures and events. The ipod touch is the only ipod that has Internet!
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What does an iPod do?

    Certain ipods do different things. all of them are music, some are video. Ipod touch and the iphone are the same except that iphone is a cell phone. They do youtub (MORE)

What can you have on a iPod?

You can have TONS of things on an ipod for example you can have games otherwise known as apps. You can also have lots of music and u can even download movies on your ipod. Als (MORE)

What can you do on an iPod?

well on an iTouch you can download apps download music and tv episodes on an normal ipod you can do all that but can't download apps
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IS iPod OUT?

These days, sales rates from the iPod are lower then a few years ago... That's because people buy more iPhones and iPads, which also have a music player integrated. But that d (MORE)