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How is a iPod different then a iPod touch?

ipod touch has a bigger variety of apps. It's touchscreen. It's like a mini ipad. iPOD touch has a bigger screen and not as much lag and you can text on it. the ipod plain has (MORE)

What is an iPod?

Answer   An I-Pod is a portable music player that allows it's users to listen to music of their choice while on the go. The are four different types of I-Pods, the Shuffl (MORE)

Should you get a iPod or iPod touch?

Well it depends what you would use your iPod for. If it's only going to be used for listening to music, I would just get an ordinary iPod. Although, if you want to download ga (MORE)
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What can your iPod do?

Answer . It depends on what it is. If its a video then it will play video's, movie's, play games, watch tv shows, listen to music. You can also put pictures on it to.
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What is iPod?

A Ipod is a pod-shaped device that can hold variables of sizes in GBs. It can hold videos, movies, games, and most populary, music. It was designed by Apple, the creator of Ma (MORE)

What does an iPod do?

    Certain ipods do different things. all of them are music, some are video. Ipod touch and the iphone are the same except that iphone is a cell phone. They do youtub (MORE)

What iPod is the best iPod Nano or iPod Touch?

My preference is the iPod Touch just because I like to play games and listen to music.     What you would like may differ though. You have to look at the pros and cons (MORE)

What iPod is the closest to the iPod touch?

The closest iPod to the iPod Touch is the iPhone. The iPhone has all of the things that an iPod Touch has, but a iPod Touch doesnt have a phone *EDIT* I think it is the Wi (MORE)

Where is your iPod on iTunes?

When you open iTunes on the left side of the screen there is a sidebar. If your iPod is already plugged in to the computer there is a tab called whatever you named your iPod. (MORE)