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What was before iPod?

In the 70s or 80s they had the walk man which was basically a portable CD player with head phones. Then they had the MP3 and the zune which are still popular today. Then they (MORE)
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How have iPods changed?

When they first came out it was only for music purposes. Now they are for videos, communicating, games and a whole bunch of other stuff. Also, they have different looks, contr (MORE)

How is a iPod different then a iPod touch?

ipod touch has a bigger variety of apps. It's touchscreen. It's like a mini ipad. iPOD touch has a bigger screen and not as much lag and you can text on it. the ipod plain has (MORE)

Who uses iPods?

People that like having music on the go. They are people who enjoy being able to carry around games, music, videos, photos, apps, podcasts and more in their pockets, while bei (MORE)

Should you get a iPod or iPod touch?

Well it depends what you would use your iPod for. If it's only going to be used for listening to music, I would just get an ordinary iPod. Although, if you want to download ga (MORE)

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How do you use an iPod?

An iPod is a simple thing to use. First, find the USB port on your computer and insert the part of the plug it came with that fits on the computer. Next, download the softwea (MORE)
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What kind of iPods are there?

nano, shuffle, classic, and touch. Nano is very slim. The new iPod nano. Now sporting a video camera, a polished anodized aluminum finish, and a larger screen. Also making i (MORE)

What exactly is an iPod?

It's a walkman, a portable music player with headphones or earphones so you can walk around listening to music. People have been using these players for a long time in Asia. A (MORE)

What can an iPod Nano do?

on an ipod nano you can play games, watch videos, listen to the radio, listen to music, and record videos. you cannot take pictures. i may not have a nano but i am gonna get i (MORE)

What are the disadvantages of iPods?

Some disadvantages of ipods may include hearing loss, wasting time, and spending money. However, I would say that ipods can be more advantageous than disadvantageous if used i (MORE)