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Why did Iraq created the Iraq War?

Supposedly, they had WMDs. That was a lie. They didn't it was 100% the US's fault. Iraq did not provoke any sort of military action against them. 9/11 was also attempted to (MORE)

What is the capital of Iraq?

The capital city of Iraq is Baghdad.    However, because of the increasing semi-independence of Iraqi  Kurdistan and the recent (2014) violence in Sunni-dominated Anba (MORE)

What was a cause of the Iraq-Iraq war?

There is no such thing as an Iraq-Iraq War.    Iran-Iraq War   If the question intends to ask about the Iran-Iraq War of  1980-1988, several causes of that war inc (MORE)
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Does Iraq have a President?

Yes. Iraq has a president and currently that man is Jalal Talabani (the first Kurdish President of Iraq). However, most powers are vested in the Prime Minister who is at this (MORE)

Was Iraq colonized?

Officially, No, but many consider it to be because the power that  the British exercised over Iraq during its mandate-period resembles  colonization.    Iraq was part (MORE)

What does Iraq do for Halloween?

they do nothing because the y are not allowed to celebrate Halloween because it'against there realign to celebrate Halloween so don't go and tell they why they can't celebrat (MORE)
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When did Iraq get the name Iraq?

Al-Iraq literally means "the land between [the two] rivers" in Arabic. The name comes as a result of the Arabic translation of the region's former Greek Name "Mesopotamia" whi (MORE)

Does Iraq have tigers?

No - Iraq does not have tigers, although they were once found on the Northern borders of Iran and Turkey. As of 1990, Tigers are limited to SE Asia (with some in the NE of C (MORE)

What year was Iraq called Iraq?

The term Iraq has existed as a regional term in Arabic for  Mesopotamia more or less since the Arab conquest of Mesopotamia in  the 7th century C.E. However, as the name of (MORE)