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Is Joe Biden a Free Mason?

Joesph Biden may or may not be a Freemason. Generally that is a private decision of a person. The following Presidents and Candidates were Masons - note that not all President (MORE)

How many children does Joe Biden have?

Joe Biden had 4 children. One of his daughters was killed in a car accident with his first wife. He has 3 children still living.   When Joe Biden was married to Neilia Hunt (MORE)

Where does Joe Biden live?

Joe does not live in Pennsylvania. Joe Biden and his wife Jill live in Greenville, Delaware, a small suburb or small town just outside of Wilmington, Delaware. hes from Penns (MORE)

What does Joe Biden believe?

He believes every thing that Obama stands up for. Especially the issue of war. Obama is strickly against the Iraq problem.
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