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When was Maui discovered?

Aloha. Answer: November 26, 1778. According to a Berkley University study, the first people to migrate here in Maui were the Marquesas. They sailed in 750 A.D. The Marqueses d (MORE)

Does Maui have an airport?

It has three. Kapalua Airport, Hana Airport and Kahului Airport. The last is equipped with an all-weather runway and electronic navigation aids and operates with inter-islan (MORE)
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How can you get from Oahu to maui?

Regularly scheduled flights, chartered flights or chartered boats. There had been a ferry but was shut down.
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What does Maui mean?

Maui was a demi-god, part of the Hawaiian creation story, who captured the sun (from the top of Mount Haleakala) to bring sunlight to the island(s). The tradition goes back to (MORE)
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Where is Maui located?

Maui is an island which is part of the Hawaiian islands and is  located in the Pacific Ocean. Maui is the second largest of the  Hawaiian islands.

What is the climate of Maui?

Aloha; It is between 74* and 86* at my house everyday. Typically, it will rain (either thunderstorms, short showers, or one long light rain) on Maui everyday between 2h00 - 5h (MORE)

How did Maui get its name?

Aloha: According to the most popular legend, a demigod Maui raised the islands out of the depths of the sea. A Polynesian explorer named the island after his son whom he had n (MORE)
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What is Maui Zaui?

Maui Zaui is a name given to some polynesian sauces. Usually red and somewhat zesty. Do not confuse with Maui Wowie which is a name given to local marijuana.
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