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Where is Maui located?

Maui is an island which is part of the Hawaiian islands and islocated in the Pacific Ocean. Maui is the second largest of theHawaiian islands.

What is the climate of Maui?

Aloha; It is between 74* and 86* at my house everyday. Typically, it will rain (either thunderstorms, short showers, or one long light rain) on Maui everyday between 2h00 - 5h (MORE)

Who is Maui?

Maui is a man that tames the sun in the olden times...over like 5000 years ago Maui tames the sun,and now it is published into a book.What ever it says in the book is true.I r (MORE)

Who was Maui?

Maui is a prominent figure in the mythology and legends of Polynesia and Maori (a native people of New Zealand) in particular. He is a Demigod/hero/trickster figure possessed (MORE)
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What is maui famous for?

Aloha: many things: 1. feeling of spirituality 2. beautiful beahces 3. La Perrouse lava field 4. Haleakala mountain 5. the whales between november and april 6. the Kea Lani ( (MORE)
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Where is the Maui harbor?

The main commercial harbor is in the city of Kahului in the center of the north side of the island. There are smaller harbors and landings at Ma'alaea (which is where the Aqua (MORE)
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What is Maui Zaui?

Maui Zaui is a name given to some polynesian sauces. Usually red and somewhat zesty. Do not confuse with Maui Wowie which is a name given to local marijuana.

Is maui cool?

If you mean by great and amazing, it is fantastic, well, if you stay in Kihei and Lahaina. If you mean by weather wise, it can get rainy some times, but usually it's really (MORE)
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What does maui?

This doesn't make sense. If you meant 'What does Maui mean', it is a proper name.