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Is measles a retrovirus?

No. Though measles contains an RNA genome like retroviruses, it does not have the distinctive enzyme reverse transcriptase, and therefore does not change its genome to DNA bef (MORE)
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What is Measles?

Measles is fortunately a disease that is not seen often secondary to the MMR vaccine that is given to children at the ages of 15 months and 4-6 years of age. This entity is (MORE)
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What is the treatment for measles?

Maintain bedrest and provide quit activities for the children. if there is sensitivity to light keep it pretty dark. a cool mist vaporizer can be used to relieve cough. In mos (MORE)
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How you get a measles?

The measles is caused by a type of virus called Paramyxovirus. It is spread through the tiny droplets that may spray into the air when a person carrying the virus sneezes or c (MORE)
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Can measles blind you?

Yes, they can. While it is not common, it is possible. Helen Keller became blind and deaf after catching the measles at a very young age. However, with today's medicinal advan (MORE)
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Why is measles called measles?

The name "measles" is probably derived from the middle English word, maseles (plural mesels), which means spot.
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What happens when you have measles?

You will have a fever for more then 4 days as high or higher than 104F which will make you feel sick. You may get red eyes (conjunctivitis), have itchy skin (sometimes a rash) (MORE)

What does measles do to your body?

The characteristic symptoms of the measles virus are: a fever (high temperature - body attempting to stop the growth of the virus), conjunctivitis (gunky eyes), a cough, white (MORE)