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What is the capital of Serbia and Montenegro?

The federation of Serbia and Montenegro, originally officially the  Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and later the State Union of Serbia  and Montenegro, existed from 1992 to (MORE)

Is Montenegro safe?

  Definitely. Montenegro is rapidly becoming one of Europe's premier tourist destinations. It's extremely beautiful nature and compactness allow for swimming in gorges Adr (MORE)

Where is Montenegro?

  Montenegro is located in the Balkans or southeastern Europe along the coast of the Adriatic Sea. Montenegro is a country located in Southeastern Europe. It has a coast o (MORE)

What language is spoken in Montenegro?

According to the 2011 census At the last census of Montenegro, in 2011, results for language were: . 265,895 people speak Serbian language - (42,88%) . 229,251 people spe (MORE)

What is the montenegro test for leishmania?

MONTENEGRO TEST is a name given to a procedure that intends to determine; 1.If a patient was previously exposed to any strain of leiashmania ie.this might help to suggest a pr (MORE)

What is the population of Montenegro?

Roughly 673,000, according to a census poll in 2010. It is 687,763 according to, which has been extrapolated from surveys in 2009 and 2011. Main ethnic gro (MORE)

What animals are found in Montenegro?

  They have bears, deer, martens, wild pig, wolves, foxes, wildcats, and a large variety of birds, reptiles, and fish.
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How long has Montenegro been a country?

Montenegro has a long history of existing as a country. The first records of the name Montenegro exist in 1296, when it was called Zeta. The name Montenegro started to be much (MORE)

Who is Paloma montenegro?

  Paloma Montenegro es una niña de San Juan PR ella tiene 9 años y tiene una hermana de 6 años Carolina
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