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What is Monterrey Mexico's population?

Monterrey has 1,300,000 people and the metropolitan area is 8,000,000 people is the third city with more population in Mexico after Mexico City 1, and Guadalajara 2.
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How many people live in Monterrey Mexico?

Monterrey is the capital city of the northeastern Mexican state of Nuevo León. It has the third largest metropolitan area in Mexico, after Mexico City and Guadalajara. In 20 (MORE)

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What is the correct spelling for Monterrey cheese?

The correct spelling is "Monterey Jack Cheese" originally "Jack's Cheese", so named after the businessman who first marketed it (David Jacks) in Monterey, California. Monter (MORE)

Is monterrey dangerous?

Well it depends where in the city you are, what time of day and what you are doing. If you come as a tourist you may never see or hear anything strange or dangerous or maybe y (MORE)

What percentage of Mexico population lives in Monterrey?

With a metropolitan area population of 4.5 million, versus the country's population of more than 120 million people (2015), the percentage of people living in Monterrey amount (MORE)