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Is monterrey dangerous?

Well it depends where in the city you are, what time of day and what you are doing. If you come as a tourist you may never see or hear anything strange or dangerous or maybe y (MORE)

Why is Monterrey important?

For being Mexico's second largest city after Mexico City, and the country's third most populous city after Mexico City and Guadalajara. Also for being Mexico's industrial cap (MORE)
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What is an importand function of monterrey?

It is the third largest city in Mexico, behind Mexico City and Guadalajara; it is also the capital city of the northern state of Nuevo Leon and home to many industrial busines (MORE)

What does monterrey produce?

It is one of the largest manufacturing hubs in Mexico, with a very diversified economy that includes iron & steel, chemicals, electronics, finance and major retail. Monterrey (MORE)
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Is it safe to visit Monterrey Mexico?

Yes, as long as you know where to be. It is like New York, perfectly safe in more populated or richer communities rather than poorer communities. Almost all of the negative th (MORE)

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