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Where did montevideo get its name?

Tradition tells that upon sighting the mountain that overlooks the bay, Magellan told his pilot, in Latin, "Monte Videm", signaling an ample and secure port, guarded by the hi (MORE)

What continent is Montevideo located in?

Montevideo is located in the South American country of Uruguay,serving as both the capital and largest city in the country. Thecity was founded in 1724 by the Spanish and serv (MORE)

Is montevideo considered a crowded city?

Not at all, Montevideo is the most populated city in Uruguay but has only 1,5 million inhabitants. Uruguay has only 18 inhabitants per square kilometer.
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Who is the mayor in Montevideo?

Ana Olivera is the intendent of Montevideo. However there are many alcaldes inside Montevideo, under her government.
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What is Montevideo in Spanish?

In Mexico, they call Montevideo Montevideo. In Spain, they also call it Montevideo. (Except that it's a city-name as it is, the English equivalent might be 'Mountview')
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Is montevideo a country?

No. If you're actually thinking of Montevideo, it's the capitalcity of Uruguay. It may be possible that you're thinking ofMontenegro.
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