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What is NASA?

NASA stands for: National Aeronautics and Space Administration They are the agency of the United States of America responsible for nonmilitary programs in the exploration and (MORE)

What does NASA do?

NASA is the US "National Aeronautics and Space Administration", the US government's civilian space agency.   NASA was responsible for early rocket testing and the first US (MORE)

Why was NASA formed?

to see space.   To take the peoples mind off of the war.
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Why is NASA important?

In addition to providing information about nearby space and planets, NASA studies the way in which the Earth has developed, and how it could change in the distant future. Thes (MORE)

Why do you have NASA?

NASA exists as an overseeing civilian administrative agency for the United States' Manned Flight, Earth Orbital Satellite and Deep Space Probe programs. In addition, it is res (MORE)

Who does NASA answer to?

Congress determines what NASA will do based on the budget provided each year. The agency also reports to the President of the United States by way of the Office of Science and (MORE)

What are the launches of NASA?

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Why NASA was named NASA?

Originally the National Aeronautics and Space Administration  (NASA) was called NACA, The National Advisory Committee for  Aeronautics which was founded in 1915 and in 1958 (MORE)