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What is Latino organized crime groups?

Latino organized crime groups are criminal groups created by Latinos. There are several Latino organized crime groups around, such as: Surenos(Mexican Mafia gang) Nortenos(Nue (MORE)
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What contributed to organized crime to rise in the 1920's?

The Eighteenth Amendment to the US Constitution prohibited "intoxicating liquors", but did not define them. The National Prohibition Act of 1919 (also known as the Volstead Ac (MORE)
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How did prohibition lead to an increase in organized crime?

It increased crime because alcohol consumption was no longer available so the public turned to gangsters and bootleggers for their alcohol. This became a huge money making ind (MORE)
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Why did organized crime start in the 1920s?

this is most likely because of the introduction of prohibition in the USA. small time criminals saw this as a chance to make money and started to make, sell and import ill (MORE)
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Does Alabama have organized crime?

Kinda sorta . Not in the traditional sense. The majority of "organized crime" in Alabama is centered around bookmaking and the like. Extortion is very limited. Fencing, tra (MORE)

Are organized crimes and white collar crimes linked?

Not necessarily. Organized crime is activity that is managed by established groups of people. Usually these groups are made up of people related through some family connection (MORE)

How does a traditional organized crime family differ from a organized crime entity?

A traditional organized crime family is hierarchical, with individuals serving in the roles of leader, supervisors, or workers. The more modern organized crime groups sometime (MORE)
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What are 3 industries vulnerable to corruption by organized crime?

Obviously Unions, gambling, and drugs. As far as legitimate business; Garbage collecting, construction, restaurants, strip clubs, and some trucking segments. Many times organi (MORE)
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What are the similarities between white collar crime and organized crime?

  So-called "organized crime" can be involved in any type of criminal activity from selling heroin on the street corner to hijacking trucks to murder to ...anything. So-ca (MORE)