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Is paper an adjective?

Yes, the word paper is an adjective; the word paper is also a noun and a verb. Example uses: Adjective: We can use paper plates for lunch. Noun: The paper is due this week. V (MORE)
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Is Xerox Paper printing paper?

Xerox Paper, that is, paper sold with the Xerox brand on it, is available in a wide variety of styles and sizes. Some are suited only for very special functions, but the major (MORE)

Can paper be recycled from the paper mill?

Yes. Most paper advertises that it contains "recycled" paper. This is an effort to capitalize on the present green awareness. However, most of this recycled paper is paper r (MORE)
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What were paper sons and paper daughters?

The primary sources in this activity deal with the phenomenon of "paper sons and daughters," a scheme that allowed thousands of Chinese immigrants to gain entrance to the Unit (MORE)

What is paper chromatography?

it is the process in which mixtures of substances are separated into their compounds because some chemicals are heavier than others.
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Is cellophane paper plastic or paper?

Cellophane is a plastic made from paper. The same wood cellulose found in paper is the basis for cellophane. The thin film is "regenerated" from cellulose that has been dissol (MORE)

What is paper?

Paper is wood (or plant) pulp flattened and compressed with a  binder. It is usually bleached to provide a white contrasting  surface for dark ink or pencil graphite--writin (MORE)

How does paper become paper?

Wood is pulverized and broken down into its cellulose form by  cooking and chemically removing the lignin (which makes wood  rigid). It is mixed with binding agents (and pos (MORE)

What is lay paper?

Perhaps you mean "layout paper"? It comes in pads ranging from 8.5 x 11" up to 24x 36"This would be a paper used for graphic arts or advertising. It is also refered to as "bon (MORE)