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What is paper?

Paper is wood (or plant) pulp flattened and compressed with a  binder. It is usually bleached to provide a white contrasting  surface for dark ink or pencil graphite--writin (MORE)

How do you laminate paper with laminating paper?

  Laminating a paper is either done with self-laminating paper (that is one with adhesive backing that sticks to the document and is clear vinyl or plastic), and can be la (MORE)
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What were paper sons and paper daughters?

The primary sources in this activity deal with the phenomenon of "paper sons and daughters," a scheme that allowed thousands of Chinese immigrants to gain entrance to the Unit (MORE)
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Can you change paper back into paper?

It depends on whether the change is physical or chemical. If it is a chemical change, it will be an irreversible change. An example of this, is if you pour an acidic chemical (MORE)
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What are papers?

Papers are these sheets you write, draw, and all sorts of stuff.  What I'm trying to saying is that, YOU CAN DO ANYTHING WITH PAPER.