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What is Pilates?

It is an exercise program to help burn fat, and get in shape.    It is also an exercise program that focuses on strengthening the core postural muscles to support the s (MORE)

Who was Pontius Pilate?

Pontius Pilate was a Roman citizen, a prelate appointed by the  emperor to oversee the province of Judea. He was responsible for  releasing Jesus to be crucified. Between th (MORE)

Who was Pilate?

Pilate (Pontius Pilate being his full name)was the Roman Governor of the province of Judea from AD 26 through 36. He is the one responsible for ordering the crucifixion of Jes (MORE)
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How do you do Pilates?

You practice Pilates with control, focus and breathing. There are numerous exercises designed to strengthen and tone your muscles. You will focus on precise movement and corre (MORE)
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What is Pilates about?

Pilates is a method of improving flexibility in the body. It can help to build muscle strength as well as increasing endurance. With a lot of emphasis on breathing correctly, (MORE)
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What is barre pilates?

Barre Technique has its foundation in traditional ballet and thework of Lotte Berk, a russian dancer who developed a protocol forher own rehab after a serious spinal injury in (MORE)
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Who and What was pontious pilate?

Pontious Pilate was a Roman leader, that was the governor of Jerusalem during the Roman occupation of the holy land. He was an extremely blood thirsty, savage person. He is mo (MORE)

What was pontius pilate?

Pontus Pilate was the Roman appointed Procurator or Governor of Judea from A.D. 26-36. He was appointed to that position by Tiberius the Roman Emperor.
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Who was pilates?

Joseph Hubertus Pilates was the person who promoted and invented  the Pilates method of physical fitness.