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What are Pilates?

Pilates is the method of stretching your muscles gently to gradually grow and tone them

Who invented Pilates?

Answer   Joseph Pilates   Pilates, pronounced "Pih-LAH-Teez", is a physical fitness system, developed by Joseph Pilates in the early 20th century. It is an exercise pr (MORE)

How Pontius Pilate died?

No one knows for sure. In 178 AD the Greek philosopher Celsus wrote in his anti-Christian book, "Logos Alethes" that evidence that Jesus was not god included the fact that P (MORE)

Benefits of pilates?

It can be performed by all ages, size. Increases endurance,strength, flexibility & stability while decreasing pain &tension.
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What is Pilates about?

Pilates is a method of improving flexibility in the body. It can help to build muscle strength as well as increasing endurance. With a lot of emphasis on breathing correctly, (MORE)
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What is pilates and who created it?

The Pilates Method is the ultimate mind-body exercise for those who want to tone, streamline, and realign their body. The focus of The Pilates Method is core stability through (MORE)