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How was Rock and roll music in the 50s?

Rock & Roll started as a spinoff of R&B (rhythm and blues). R&B originated as a popular style within the black community, but soon started gaining crossover sales among white (MORE)

Why was rock and roll music popular?

Before Rock and Roll music hit the streets. There was Jazz. Jazz held the eye of many because of the instruments, sound, performance, rhythmn and rhyme. It was different and m (MORE)

Why is rock music different from pop music?

Well if by why you mean how then pop is usauly separated from rock by the beat and insterments. Rock usauly has a much harder beat something you want to jam your head to when (MORE)

Is listening to rock music a sin?

Well, coming from me, I feel that listening to Rock Music is absolutely not a sin. Think about it; why would someone deem it a sin? Although if you do feel that it is a sin, t (MORE)

What are the voice ranges of rock music?

well there are about 200 rock genres , but basicly there are : soft rock - alternative rock - hard rock - and metal all other subgenres belongs to these major groups soft rock (MORE)

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