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Where was rock music discovered?

Rock is a derivative of the Blues. What differentiates the Pentatonic Scale (The Rock 'n Roll Scale) from the Blues scale is the flatted fifth. The Blues Scale has the flatted (MORE)

How does rock music make you feel?

It makes me feel like I can do anything I feel like it's me and the guitar vs the world. It feels me with energy and makes me smile
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Is rock music good for your brain?

Just about any music can be good or bad for your brain, but usually GOOD. (Excluding Hip-Hop, R&B and half of the Rap) Sometimes our brains need external stimulus to 'wake u (MORE)

Why is rock music different from pop music?

Well if by why you mean how then pop is usauly separated from rock by the beat and insterments. Rock usauly has a much harder beat something you want to jam your head to when (MORE)

Is there a phobia of rock and roll music?

I highly doubt it. It would mostly be a dislike not a phobia. If someone is afraid then there might be thinks in the music they just don't like or cant stand.
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What is classified as rock music?

Rock music is typically characterized by the instrumentation of the  song. Songs are considered rock when they have a drum set, guitar,  electric guitar, and keyboard for ex (MORE)

How many kind of rock music?

Stylistic origins: Rock and roll, electric blues, folk music, country Subgenres: * 2 Tone * Acid rock * Alternative dance * Alternative metal * Alternative rock (MORE)

What was rock and roll music like?

Rock 'n' Roll started in the 1950s as a spinoff of R&B (rhythm and blues). R&B was a popular style within the black community, but soon started gaining crossover sales among w (MORE)