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What can you do in Russia?

Interesting places to see for a tourist: - The Kremlin - Saint Basil's Cathedral (At the Red Square) - Spasskaya Tower (At the Red Square) - The Moskva river - The (MORE)
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Is kevian Russia the same as Russia?

Well, yea. Kievan Russia is the oldest independent Russian state. Then the power moved to the north, Novgorod. Now Kiev is a capital of Ukraine, but don't get confused: Russia (MORE)
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Where is Russia?

Russia is the northernmost country of Eurasia (Asia and eastern  Europe). Russia is in two continents and is the largest single  country in the world.    The Ural Mou (MORE)
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How hot does Russia get?

Russia is big, some places get really hot, some don't. The hottest it's ever been in Moscow is 36 °C (98 °F) in July and August. Any time it gets to about 30 °C (86 °F) (MORE)
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What is close to Russia?

Russia borders Norway, Finland, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, China, North Korea and Mongolia. Russia also have a piece of land that bord (MORE)
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What did the Russia people do in Russia?

For doing business in Russia, you must register a legal entity (that is, the company) or register as an individual entrepreneur (a natural person). Then people need to collec (MORE)
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Why did they name Russia Russia?

Nobody knows for sure as it goes back a thousand years. The ruling theory is that the name was transferred from a term used by local tribes for the 'Swedish' 'vikings' (meanin (MORE)

Does Russia have forests?

As Russia spans over 11 time zones, it's climate varies dramatically. It has temperate rain-forests and forests with pine, birch, oak trees. In fact, if you Google Earth Russi (MORE)
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What is Russia?

The Russian Federation is the largest of the 21 republics that make up the Commonwealth of Independent States. It occupies most of eastern Europe and north Asia, stretching fr (MORE)
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What does Czar have to do with Russia?

The Tsar (or Czar) has not had anything to do with Russia since 1917, when the final tsar, Nicholas II, was forced to abdicate his throne due to civil unrest in the country. (MORE)