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What was Rutherford B. Hayes most remembered accomplishment?

He ordered federal troops to quell the Great Railroad Strike of 1877 and ordered them out of Southern capitals as Reconstruction ended. He also implemented modest civil servic (MORE)

Did Rutherford B. Hayes have any kids and what are there names?

Yes he did his children were, Boy Birchard Austin (1853-1926) Boy James Webb Cook(1856-1934) Boy Ruthord Platt (1858-1927) Boy Joesph Thompson ( 1861-1863) boy George Crook ( (MORE)

What is Rutherford B. Hayes famous for?

Rutherford is famous for having a telephone installed in the White House, also a typewriter. He also was the first President to travel the West while still in office. He won h (MORE)

Why did Rutherford B. Hayes want to be president?

It is unknown as to why Rutherford B. Hayes wanted to be president.  Hayes was actually chosen as a presidential candidate by the  Republican party in 1875 and held a secret (MORE)

Who was rutherfords b Hayes siblings?

The names are "Lorenzo Hayes" (1815-1825) and "Sarah Sophia Hayes" (1817-1821), both died in childhood. His surviving sibling was "Fanny Arabella Hayes" (1820-1856), he was ve (MORE)