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What is Rutherford B. Hayes famous for?

Rutherford is famous for having a telephone installed in the White House, also a typewriter. He also was the first President to travel the West while still in office. He won h (MORE)

When did Rutherford B. Hayes get elected?

  Rutherford B. Hayes was the Republican candidate for president in the election of 1876; however, the election results remained in dispute until March 2, 1877, when Congr (MORE)

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Who molded Rutherford B. Hayes character?

It was his wife Lucy because she hated slavery, so he tried to stop  it. It was agreed to treat them as equals until they broke their  promise because of the democrates. Hay (MORE)

What deal did Rutherford B. Hayes make?

He struck a backroom deal with Samuel Tilden (the Democratic Candidate) and the Electoral College that if he were elected that he would end Reconstruction even though Tilden r (MORE)