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Who was in slavery?

they use the entertainment for dancing and gathering's other words that all they did for fun is dance and sing.
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What do they do in slavery?

Force people to work until they die. Actually the black experience in America was one of the better situations for slaves. While no slavery is good slavery, they were consi (MORE)
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When is slavery?

Slavery has always existed and is even around us in the world today. Right now there are more slaves in the world then there has ever been in earths history. There are an esti (MORE)
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Where is slavery?

Slavery is still practiced by some tribes in Africa and is not uncommon in parts of Asia. There is some white slavery still occurring in the middle east but it is illegal.
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What can you do about slavery?

We can resist dealing with countries that tolerate slavery. refusing to travel to Thailand or trade with them would help. Not buying gold and diamonds mined using slaves is al (MORE)
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What did slavery do?

I am not quite sure what you meant by that question exactly, but if you were asking what the slaves did then I will tell you. What the slaves did and do is harvest crops, get (MORE)

Where did slavery from?

It is almost as old as the oldest profession. Many countries had slaves. From Roman through the Congo and Thailand.
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What was slavery for?

Many different reasons, but the main reason was for farming help. The South had so many farms, that they needed more help farming them. Because of this, they hired slaves who (MORE)
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Why are there slavery?

The reason there was slavery is there was not a big enonogh family to work on the plantion so there was slaves. To do it for them.