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What is in spam?

spam: Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages   spam: advertisements   spam: A delicious meat   spam: hjghjfyfugju   Thank you!
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What is spamming?

The most common usage of the term is in reference to the sending of unsolicited bulk e-mail advertisements.   It can also refer to the inappropriate posting of messages o (MORE)

What are the Spams?

Spam is flooding the Internet with many copies of the same message, in an attempt to force the message on people who would not otherwise choose to receive it. Most spam is com (MORE)

What does spam do?

Spam is meant to send information, usually an advertisement, to as  many people as possible. Sometimes it only wastes your time reading  it and wastes your space receivign a (MORE)

How do you get spam?

well.. there is a type of "spam" and here it is like.. um. lets put it this way u get the same messages over and over and over again.
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What do you do if you get spam?

Ignore Delete Report Block. It's really quite simple. There are several methods...basically, one is to ignore it. Another's to report it, if there is such an option. If it's (MORE)

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How can you get spam?

Spam can come from many different sources. There are third party's that can sometimes acquire your email address from legitimate websites. You can get them from entering your (MORE)

How can you get a spam?

If you download side links or go on websites that have a bad LINK so please read this... DO NOT GO ON ANY WEBSITES THAT ARE BAD! or you will have a virus in your computer or l (MORE)
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What does CAN-SPAM do?

The CAN_Spam act of 2003 is legislation dealing with mass emails.  It states requirements for a company to include truthful contact  information and clear headers in comerci (MORE)

What is spam and what can you do about it?

Spam - in computing terms - is any unsolicited email. By that - I  mean any email sent to you that you didn't ask for.    For example, I regularly get emails from my b (MORE)