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What is Windows 2000?

Windows 2000 is a line of server and workstation operating systems first released by Microsoft on February 17, 2000.
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What are the differences between Windows ME and Windows 2000?

  Answer     Basically, ME was a new coat of paint for Windows 98. It had a look similar to Windows 2000 and some added functionality over Win98, but also seemed to (MORE)

Which is better Windows 2000 or Windows XP?

  "Better" can entail many things. Windows XP is superior to Windows 2000 in a few areas, equivalent in most, and inferior in a couple inconsequential ways. Ways that XP (MORE)

When did windows 2000 come out?

Windows 2000 was released to the public on February 17, 2000. The  four editions released that year included Windows 200 Professional,  Windows 2000 Server, Windows 2000 Adv (MORE)

Is Windows 2000 a PC?

  No. Windows 2000 is an operating system. A "PC" is a piece of equipment, generally consisting of an Intel or AMD processor, memory, and a hard drive, among various other (MORE)

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Can minecraft run on windows 2000?

First off, what are you even doing with a Windows 2000 operating system? You should get Windows 7. Second, theoretically, it COULD work, but if you're using an original Window (MORE)