Who Is More Famous

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Who is more famous? Here you can find out if Shrek is more famous than Vladimir Putin, or if Mickey Mouse is better known than Michael Jackson.
Possibly John Lennon. Or Paul McCartney...
Dylan Is more popular! I don't know why... I prefer cole to be honest
Delta Goodrem by far. The amazing beauty.
Vancouver was the sight of the 2nd most recent Winter ModernOlympic Games & its metro population is twice that of Ottawa's.
Yes, they are because they've been on more TV shows than Joe McElderry. They've been with Graham Norton (New Year), GMTV, This Morning and lots more than Joe McElderry.
selena gomez and justin are nearly the same cuz when they became bf and gf so they got famous from this
Well is tayor swift because she helps people that has cancer!
France is most likely to be in more sport federations than Turkey for France has been in both Summer Olympics and in the Winter Olympics.
Marco Polo was a sailor and sailed arouund the world. Ibn Batutah was a ambassador under the a king named Mohammad bin Tuqhlaq. But after sometime the king sent him as messenger to China.
Babe was more famous but Ty Cobb was way better than Babe. However Ty Cobb may have been better offensively and defensive by a thin and wide margin respectively Ty Cobb never threw a ML pitch and babe was an "ace in the hole"
yes they are a millon times more famous
of course not who would even ask that
Welll..... maybe but i dnt think soo in last year's one=1 because Alexandra Burke yeahh she won REMEMBER Soo.... i dnt get it!! but jls is cute and they are handsome 4=for sure[][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][] hehe:) a smile=(*_*)
Robert Pattinson, by far. Logan has done nothing big yet, except for Percy Jackson, but maybe in a few years that will change. Some say he is destined to be the next Zac Efron.
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is most popular because it is the last Harry Potter book and movie. The Harry Potter series became more popular over the years. The more famous the series got, the bigger marketing budget they got and the bigger the fan base grew. By the time the seventh...
Miley Cyrus is defiantly richer than the Jonas brothers i researched it for you.
they all are famous , becausejustin's younger and new to the music business. Plus, the lead singer of the Jonas Brothers is married which kills the hopes and dreams of young girls.But , The Jonas Brothers Got their experience , whatever if they are married or not the important thing that they are...
Linkin Park is more famous.
Taylor is, but I don't care for her.
People say Justin beiber just because they like him, but the truth is that selena is because she started singing at age 7 and is really famous out of justin.
To me yea he is he's grown to be one of the most popular megastars and yea ~♥ I L.O.V.E. JUSTIN BIEBER♥~
I think Miley Cyrus is more famous than any one.
Personally, I don't think dinosaurs are 'famous'. But my brother isa paleontologist and he claims that the brachiosaurus is supposedlymore famous than the diplodocus because a brachiosaurus looks likewhat everyone thinks a typical dinosaur looks like.
British English is more well known - mostly due to Britishactivities in China and India, with their massive populations.
Britney Spears is more famous by miles, she is the most successful female artist within the past decade and one of the most famous people in the world. To this day she has sold over 100 million records. also britney is the biggest selling teen artist of all time, she's not a teen any more obviously...
Beyonce is because she has fans from all genres, ethnicity's, and walks of life. she can sale out stadiums. actors and actresses dont get the recognition they deserve.. but Beyonce has millions of fans. Beyonce made 315 million in 2009 and Angelina made 27 millon,,statistics don't lie!!!!! The one...
Justin Bieber I know people might hate him and that but f Selena and Justin had a concert on the same night it's true that Justin would be sold out!!!! Also Selena is most famous from Wizards of Wavley Place. When Justin is Famous from "YOUTUBE" youtube is very popular and a lot of people look for...
Madonna, by virtue of being twice as old.
for me Justin bieber cause he is HOT,CUTE,COOL,KIND,TALENTED, and GORGEOUS.......... I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER......................
Beyonce is more famous because she was out more years then Miley Cyrus.
Lady gaga!!!!!!! She has like 2,000,00 or more fans! Beyonce has less fans than justin biber! 1.)lady gaga 2.)justin biber 3.)????? 4.)????? 5.)????? 6.)beyonce
I would have to say Jesse James though both are very famous because most people would probably know Jesse before billy. That is a good question, but it is Jesse i would have to say.
Well in England and the whole of Europe it definitely is as wedon't have any famous baseball teams. Although we do have avariation of baseball called 'Rounders'.
Rorke's Drift is more famous in Britain, and Custer's Last Stand at the Little Big Horn is more famous in the US. Worldwide, who knows?
Diana Rigg is probably the most well known to an older generation wheras Dora would be best known by a younger generation .
Tutankhamun is more famous and well known because of the treasures found in his tomb
In terms of book and movie sales, Harry Potter is more popular.
In my humble opinion, definitely Michael Jackson. Two men have gonedown in history for special titles. The King of Rock & Roll:Elvis Presley. The King of Pop: Michael Jackson. There will neverbe another Elvis and there will never be another Michael.
The precise reason that gambling can become addictive on abiological level is disputed. However, there seems to be a positivetrend between gambling addiction and a particular set of geneticmarkers: the DRD2 gene, which is responsible for encoding thedopamine receptor d2, has been convincingly linked...
Dolly Parton, she's been out for many many many more years before Lady Gaga came out.
The most famous actor in the world is very hard to sum down. Themost famous Australian actor is probably Hugh Jackman or CateBlanchett. But it's really hard to decide.
For a persons name Dakota
tupac because he had more hitting albums than biggie did.
Since G I Joe is a bit older and considering that Mario has many more games i would have to say that Mario is more famous then G I Joe.
yes he is he was the star of karate kid i saw it myself and it was awesome so he is.
heartbreaker. tormentor. rake.
Justin Bieber is currently one of the most famous celebrities in the world so its Bieber ,but Eminem has more fans yet Justin is more popular.
Lil Wayne is way more famous with like 4-5 million more fans
Alice in Wonderland is more popular because it is a classic andpeople of ALL ages know it while elderly and younger people maynever have heard of X-Games.
I am an Avenged Sevenfold fan but ill admit that Bieber is far more well known in the general community
always mr. shahrukh khan. we all know that srk has more than 3.6 billions fan all over the world. nd amir has less than 1 million, yeah its true
That depends on the audience you are looking at. If you are looking at an older more adult audience, then yes. if you are looking at young teenagers and children, then I would think not.
Um, who are more famous than Justin Bieber? I don't think anyone is more famous than Justin Bieber now, even though I hate to admit it. I don't like Justin Bieber, but I haven't even heard of the JLs.
Sun emits Bharat Radiation in 12.87 to 31 nm range that causesSunlight.
Well there hasn't been so much of Avril Lavigne lately. So at the moment Selena is the most famous. But it all depends on what your watching and listening to.
YES IN MY MIND THEY R CUZ BTR IS WAY BETTER. and also, BTR has a tv show too, so they are famous for more than one thing
You can't really compare such things. Both artists contributed greatly to the band (Genesis), and their solo work is equally admirable. It is a fact that they are two of the greatest Classic Rock performers.
They're both well-known, but I'd have to say Star Wars since itcame out long before Harry Potter did
Shahrukh Khan- he has a fan base of over 2.1 billion people.
No, whatever fame he does have is directly related to his brother's stardom.
that is so easy sponge bob becAuse even when ur up to 14 you will still be watching sponge Bob Xoxox. -bitch
Eminem and Lady Gaga are both famous for the wrong reasons. Eminem - Swearing, racism, abuse, violence Lady Gaga - Wearing attention, sexualized lyrics, seeking dresses, and copying Madonna Lady Gaga happens to be 'more' famous, however.
Bob Marley was and continues to be an icon who personifies peace, love, and harmony around the entire world. Currently, Usain Bolt can run the 100 meter dash faster than anyone else on the planet. While an impressive feat, Usain Bolt's fame does not even hold a candle to the torch which is Bob...
Both actresses are famous. However it is up to your opinion on who is more famous.
Justin bieber because he's populair in my country and in others
Yes. Lady Gaga has 20 million followers.
They are both equally the Same Elvis is just in the older days andSteve is now but I don't think that the year matters
probably not there is a slight chance of Madonna being more famous but apparently Oprah Winfrey is most famous but not as famous as Michael Obama