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Golf is a game that has been played through the ages. Steeped in history and tradition, this game of honor instills key life skills of honesty and integrity. The WikiAnswers Golf category includes information about golfers and golf history, clubs and equipment as well as questions on the rules.
Avoid a sit down dinner afterward. Most people are ready to leavewhen they are finished, as they have already given a great deal oftime. Get most of your money up front in the entry fees, as thoseare often paid for by employers rather than out of pocket by thegolfers that day. Also avoid any...
I personally think there isn't even 2 drivers made.
Ping introduced the Ping Colour Code system in 1972, so some of their earlier irons did not have the dot.
If a golf club hires caddies, it will provide the uniform. If you want one for personal use, check with the local golf courses and ask if there are any uniforms no longer in use you can have or buy. If this is for a school play, local clubs are always eager to benefit school activities.
what are the notes "my heart will go on " on viiolin
Not really. Dimples are designed to give the ball stability during flight. The club and the core of the ball determine distance.
Improving your golf swing generally means improving the fundamentals of it i.e correct swing plane, coiling correctly etc.
I Think Its The Different Models. But I'm Not 100% Sure. Hope This Helps.
You aren't really supposed to repaint it but if you do it looksbest with chrome paint.
You are going to have a tough time on the 8th hole. It is probablythe toughest hole on the course.
Oakleys are very popular, but anyones which stay tight to your face and aren't too dark are perfect.
Nobody really knows who invented golf. Scotland and Great Britain are the two most widley belived to be where Golf was invented. In Great Britain Golf has been played since 1340. Although Scotland is the place where the game of Golf was put together primitivly. Scotland's the place where they added...
Professional golf great Tiger Woods has only been married one time.His ex-wife is Elin Nordegren, and the couple divorced amid scandalin 2010.
About 20-21 degrees depending on manufacturer.
The passion and enjoyment you have to play that sport
a center shafted putter is when the the end of the shaft connectsto the middle part of the top of the head of the putter, a heelshafted is when the end of the shaft id connected to the top partof the heel (closest part of the head to your feet when you set up)of the head
Dennis Paulson was born on September 27, 1962. Dennis is a wellknown professional golfer. He is known by the nickname The Chief.
In profile a centre shaft looks like an upsidedown capital T the heel shaft looks like aright way up L . the second part of your question,stay away from it.Golfers have shed blood for many years over it.
\n. \n Q-School Cost \n. \n. \n2005 entry fees were as follows:\n. \n . Pre-qualify - $4,500\n . 1st stage - $4,500\n . 2nd stage - $4,000\n . 3rd stage - $3,500\n . \nYou only pay a one time fee, you don't have to come up with these figures each time you enter a new stage. So, if you are pre...
All of them. Anyone who says "just use a 7 iron", you look at that person suspiciously. Think about it: Did you ever see a golfer come attend a tournament with less than a full set? I have worked many tournaments and I have NEVER seen that. You want to use EVERY tool to your advantage. Think...
The number is surprisingly precise. The average was 32.5824021 forprofessionals.
No. Only the putter can have two symmetrical faces directly opposite of each other and not to exceed 10 degrees of loft.
The center of the club, the sweet spot.
You can't grow grass on carpet.
An ace in golf is when you get a hole in one.
2013 PGA Championship winner Jason Dufner played on the 1997 AuburnMen's Golf team.
For a right handed golfer, poor aim, poor alignment, open club face at impact or an out to in swing path.
It is worth a lot! If it is in good condition then it could be worth thousands. But before you sell it on eBay, go to a golf pro and ask them.
The longest drive in the RE/MAX Long drive competition is 539 yards, so that is probably on the maximum limit. A PGA Tour pro would consider 340 a big drive.
golf has changed as it was once wood and now it has became metal ]
According to the PGA rule 25.b.3: If the ball lies on the putting green, the player must lift the ball and place it, without penalty, at the nearest point of relief that is not in a hazard.
The answer to your question in sadly no. But there are a couple other tips I will give you. When you arrive at the coarse for a tournament ask for a yardage book it will help you almost as a sky caddy. Another tip would be to aim for the white 150 yd mark I hit around 200 and if I can get within 150...
Bogey, in golf used to indicate a score of one over par for a hole. Centuries ago a bogle was a Scottish goblin and the Bogey-man was a widely used term for a goblin or devil.
The answer is yes. My friend had a similar enquiry lately and contacted the golfing authority in his area.. He was told that if a driver is not listed on the non- conforming list of drivers on the website, then it's legal. And there's no reference to B Square drivers there.. The link is...
I never played til a year ago. I love it. I even hooked up to this video and it upd my game a ton. It's a free video, that can help you.
1 Kg LPG = 1.78 Litters
In the final round of the 2004 Womens British Open held a Sunningdale, Karen Stupples (England) holed a 5 iron for a double eagle on the 2nd hole, on the previous hole she holed her approach with the same club for an eagle. She went on to win the title.
Visit and contact them through the "contact us"link to inquire about purchasing a golf cart. Veteran owned andoperated and a pleasure to deal with.
The ten iron was used by Callaway in a few of their lines, it was basically a pitching wedge.
Golfers are ranked individually, but countries are not. There is The World Cup of Golf which takes place every year, Italy won the most recent one, in 2009.
For the past decade or so he has only done what he had to do in regards to interviews and press conferences, but since his scandal broke he is sucking up to them and putting up a front. He probably doesn't like them that much, but there is nothing he can do about it.
It's the golf course at Pelican Hills Resort in Southern California.
Kathy Whitworth has the most LPGA Tour wins with 88. Answer: I think Tiger Woods has the most tournament won with 78 wins,14 is major in just a span of 18 years than Sam Sneads with 82 wins, 7 are major in a span of 30 years.
The yard stick against which all professional golfers are measured is major championships, to date, he has won 14 (second all time).
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Yes. After Tech, he also was a team manager for the Harvard golfteam while earning his A.B. in English Lit.
The driver is usually the starting club and can hit the farthest, all the others get a little less powerful with higher numbers.
Practice. Find a grip that you like, and seem to make a lot of putts with. Practice a square to square stroke, and develop a good rythym. Try putting a coain on the back of the putter and try and make putts without it falling off. You will need to work on your pace, as well as your lines, and also...
You could check the Ping website for vintage clubs, but the lofts would be the same as those of the current G series.
a metal club for short game
The person might expect the golf ball to be able to be thrown much farther with the same strength as another object of the same weight and size.
no not at all you can play at any time you can be able to play i know many of people that play golf at the age of 8 you are not to young and its not just for elderly people
No, it's some sort of compound resin that goes hard when it's set inside the plastic shell.
$1.3 billion (Forbes, December 2002)
Say player A's ball is sitting on the green, if player B's ball hit's A's ball and A goes in the hole, it must be replaced to the original position. If B's ball goes in, it is classed as holed. This scenario applies on if B hits from off the green. If he is on the green and hits A's ball he receives...
You can't really, although the good news is, it is only a cosmetic problem. You could if it really bothers you could try to cover it with permanent marker or spray paint of something.
Swinging a golf club is a very athletic action that uses your entire body. While there are many golf clubs out there and every club manufacturer boasts how much their new club will improve your game, the most important tool for your golf game is your body. The rotary action of swinging a golf...
USA has most numbers of golf courses in the world.
Wikianswers doesn't make golf bags. Go to that company's website.
In golf, dormie means, that a player is up, by as many holes that are left. They only have to halve or win one of the remaining holes to win the match.
Jack Nicklaus
An albatross is a term for three under par and is also called adouble eagle. There is currently no golf term for a doublealbatross.
February 14, 2004 at the Buick Invitational
You would probably have a hard time getting the paint to stick to the stainless steel. It might work with good surface prep (sanding and cleaning) and a good primer. If you painted the face you might also run afoul of Rule 4.2.b Foreign material must not be applied to the club face for the...
There only was one winner, Angel Cabrera.
Ping Eye 2 +no+ are illegal, the + model is legal.
From the start of the 2010 season, Golfers on the professional tours had to have clubs with conforming grooves in their bag. The rule is simple, the grooves must be v shaped, and not u shaped. U shaped grooves give a lot more spin, therefore the governing bodies wanted to put a premium on driving...