The Republic of Kenya is an East African country with a total area of 224,080 sq mi and an estimated population of 39 million as of 2010. Kenya is home to many wildlife reserves with thousands of animal species.
The physical feature that is located in eastern Africa and is southof the Ethiopian Highlands and northwest of Mt. Kenya is the GreatRift Valley. It consists of low plateaus and plains.
20,000,000,000 drum in Kenya and there is 2345,678 zebras in Kenya x
1- Moja. 2- Mailing . 3- Tatu . 4- Nne . 5- Tano . 6- Sita . 7- Saba . 8- Nane . 9- Tisa . 10- Kumi
I believe lions live out in the plains and flatlands of Kenya.
Tanzania. Swahili is an official language, alongside English. Kenya. Swahili is a national language, alongside other major African languages. Uganda. Swahili is widely used as a language of interethnic communication. Democratic Republic of Congo. Swahili is one of four national languages. Other...
Britain ran Kenya as a colony, with no African input from the late 19th Century.
labour resources in Kenya include miners and farmers.
Cheetahs face a kaleidoscope of threats. Most are very similar tothe threats faced by cheetah populations in the rest of Africa aswell as in Iran. The human population of Kenya has tripled over thelast 45 years to over 42 million , increasing the need for land and space.
It depends on what perspective you're looking at it from.
Piercing the corporate veil is when a company is shown to becorrupt, and engaged in injurious activities. This was the case ofa Kenyan Pipeline Company explosion and fire that killed 120people, and injured hundreds of others. The company was found to begrossly negligent in their operations, an a...
Vegetables in Kenya include fresh vegetables such as cabbage, spinach, kales, tomatoes, potatoes and any fresh vegetables you can think of. Grains such as beas and peas. Wheat flour, pasta and rice. Meat inlcuding beef, chicken, fish, mutton etc.
Ivory poachers; and when the elephants get lost from their herds
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Not yet, there isn't! On the African continent, I am only aware of McDonald's being present in South Africa, Egypt, and Morocco. Although there are rumors abound that McDonald's will open in Kenya in late 2013, following on the recent opening of KFC and soon-to-be opened Subway. Yes, but as you know...
Swahili is a language spoken in Tanzania, Kenya, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, as well as several other African countries.
In Africa, next to Somalia.
The warter crisis in Kenya is disrupiting socil activeities throught the country unfortunatley,the curent wave of drought and warter shortages.:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) by j'lyn bs fms
protectionalism factors. protectionalism factors. protectionalism factors
Yes, Kenco coffee is world famous and the country produces 60,000 tonnes each year also tea and corn are big sellers as well
The practice of what is usually called polygamy enjoys de factolegality in Kenya although such unions are no longer fullyrecognized by the courts. With the enactment of the newconstitution, the Marriage Bill of 2007, which would haveeffectively legalize civil polygamous marriage in Kenya. However...
Answer There are 2547.51 miles between Cape Town and Nairobi.
The first Kenyan president was Jomo Kenyatta. This was after World War ll , when colonialism was being put to an end.
ABC ORDER. -Mohamed Amin -Jomo Kenyatta -Richard Leakey -Wangari Maathai -Catherine Ndereba -Ngugi WA Thiong'o.
Christmas, New Year's Day and Good Friday are three holidayscelebrated in Kenya. Other holidays celebrated in Kenya includeJamhuri day, and Boxing day.
The average annual rainfall of Kenya varies from year to year, as well as in the different regions. The coastal region is generally humid and wet. The city of Malindi recievers an average rainfall of 1,050mm (41in) per year. The Low plateau is the driest region, and the town of Wajir receives an...
The people in Kenya eat several different types of food. The mainfood that they eat is called ugali. Other foods in Kenya arevegetable soups, fish soups, and rice.
they do the crops and animals
The Aberdair plane is the best farmland.
Swahili is derived from several languages and not two, but the principal ones include Arabic and African languages along the East coast of Africa. The other languages which Swahili is derived from include Hindi and Portuguese.
disease, and poverty
Well in Kenya the diffrence between rich and poor is really only a little.Firstly the poor people don't even go to school but only about 12 percent go to school for the first four years because it is free, where as people who do have money can afford it. Secondly the rich people arn't actually rich...
Barack Obama Sr. was born in the village of Nyang'oma Kogelo, in Rachuonyo district. Barack Obama Jr., the US President, was born in Hawaii.
5,199 metres (17,057 ft)
The Lake Victoria Basin . Rift Valley Basin . Athi River Basin, . Tana River Basin . Ewaso Ngiro River Basin
just had a read around and found that the situation is the same as anywhere else some people don't eat it for religious reasons. some are vegetarians, and some that dont eat it for religious reasons still sneak a bit once in a while. Yes Bacon is available In Kenya for normal domestic consumption.
IBAN or ABA is not in use in kenya. Request beneficiary to give you their A/C number
Nairobi is mostly HOT and rainy on occasions.
Ask President Obama, he was born there!
Sudan, Ethiopia, Tanzania and Uganda (and the Indian Ocean!).
Yes there are all kinds of services in Kenya. Whether you aretalking about religious services or government services such ashealth, education, transport etc., then you will find them inKenya.
EAST AFRICA,SANDWHICHED BETWEEN Tanzania to the south,Uganda to the west,sudan to the northwest,Ethipia to the north and Somalia to the east.
Kenya was colonizated on December 12 1963
No. As long as his party retains power, the president's length of office is indefinite.
The British did in 1890, and in 1895 britain officaly took over along with the mass of African counties. Europe could have fought back against the rebillion parties and kept their dominance but they were lacking funds because of the costs WWII.
South Africa ended apartheid and gained freedom.
Kenya is a low ecenomically developed country because people are corrput because they are suffering in poverty because no major success or profit is made because facilities are very weak because... if tourism can bring in more money for Kenya the government can give more oppertunities to the local...
Hi, it depends on how big your heart is :-).but seriously,there are so many projects that i have that would have a major impact on the poor people of Kenya.we have a green fuel project that needs funding.give us an email we talk to you soon.
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Reason 1: Kenya doesn't practise abortion as it primarily doesn't have the sufficient equipment, this means that more children are born. Though some are still births, this still contributes towards a high birth rate Reason 2: Kenya is an LEDC (less ecenomicaly developed country). It is...
If I remember correctly Kenya became independent on 12 December 1963. Although the first direct elections for native africans to the Legislative Council took place in 1957.
Kenya is cool but who cares!
There is the Zebra and the Giraffe and the hyena lots and lots of animals.
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The peoples of Kenya by and large wear a great deal of Westernstyle clothing, such as slacks, jeans, button down shirts and shoesor flip-flops. However, even then, women may be seen wearing akanga, which is a brightly colored piece of fabric that is wornaround the waist, or used as an infant sling....
mt Kenya is definitely not man made. >:( not a single mountain in the world is man made. mountains are created by either the movement of the earth plates or by dissolving by water;)
yes, Kenya does have wild elephants called African elephants, as you might of guest, but they don't live near to the cities or towns.
The unstriped ground squirrel is a species of rodent found in Kenya.
HIV and AIDS have made numerous social and cultural changes to the way of life in Kenya; both positive and negative. One of the main changes is that some religions that have always been against birth control are rethinking their views on the subject, due to risk of infection. This means that more...
Kenya coffee is grown in high altitudes and around the mt. Kenya. The rich volcanic soil, temperate climate and the seasonal rains combine to produce coffee that is so well balanced that it is almost sublime. This gives Kenya coffee it's distinctive taste.
well you could go on a boatv or you could walk 5000 mile
Mt. Kenya is an extinct (dead) volcano standing alone, which last erupted between 2.6 and 3.1 million years ago. I have not been able to find any references as to when the volcano first started to erupt.