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When many think of sharks, they think of the movie Jaws or a dangerous man-eating fish. In reality, sharks is a large group of fish that includes very small to much larger fish. Some can be harmful to man and others are harmless. To delve into this interesting and diverse group of cartilaginous saltwater fish that have sharp teeth and a bad reputation, ask your questions in this category.
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Yes. The three most dangerous sharks can be found in theMediterranean* sea. . Dangerous sharks found: . Great White . Tiger shark . Bull shark . Blacktip shark . Three species of hammerheads . Shortfin mako shark
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The shark has an egg that develops in the femaleâ??s uterus. Thedevelopment period is 11 months and the sharkâ??s jaw developing onits first month. A female shark usually gives birth from 4 up to 11babies.
Changes in the environment, such as temperature, lack of food orstronger currents can cause sharks to adapt.
the water type the food supply
this is a common misunderstanding. There has been rumors aboutpeople getting sick after eating shark and swordfish, but there isno real toxin in either species. Thats why they are just rumors
you are more likely to get killed by a coconut then a shark most shark attacks are non fatal
it is filled with all kinds of air that can be found underwater.....
Most fish exchange gases using gills on either side of the pharynx (throat). Gills are tissues which consist of cloth andfabric structures called filaments . These filaments have many functions including thetransfer of ions and water, as well as the exchange of oxygen,carbon dioxide, acids and...
Usually the mother protects it until a certain age then leave them,though when they're taking care of them the mothers willpractically do anything to save the baby.
Great White Sharks ( Carcharodon carcharias ), being the largest predatory fish, do eat other sharks, including those of their same species. They do not eat humans, though they sometimes confuse us for a seal (their favorite prey) and take an exploratory bite. Humans are not a natural part of any...
A recent megalodon tooth was found off the coast of hawaii and itweighed in at 2 lbs based on all megalodon tooth findings theaverage is about 1.5 lbs
shark teeth are useful to shark because it helps them catch theirpredator or hunter.
because it attarcks them and they think it is food and then itcomes to you
When the baby sharks is in the moms stomach, sometimes they eatthere siblings.
The smell of dead sharks.
An internet search found one site with fossilized great white sharkteeth They can vary in size, but all the ones depicted were underone ounce (less than 28 grams) in weight. ______ They will have about 50 teeth at one time that they are using, butsharks have backup teeth that come in after only...
A very large shark (Cetorhinus maximus) that measures up to about 12 meters (40 feet) in length, feeds on plankton, and often floats near the surface of water. . For the source and more detailed information concerning your request, click on the related links section indicated below.
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sharks actually attack men more than women because the men arealways surfing. the women appear to be attacked more because of hollywood's movies.hollywood always makes women the victims because they are supposedto be more "delicate".
To swim, hunt, eat, and reproduce.
mostly they are smooth but sometimes they are rough or bumpy.
If you ask me, I wouldn't kill a dogfish at all. I'm sorry, but I won't answer this. I would not want to learn how to kill one. My answer is catch and release.
Mantas are not sharks. The smaller M. alfredi is found in theIndo-Pacific and tropical east Atlantic. The larger M. birostris isfound throughout tropical, subtropical and warm temperate oceans.The former is more coastal while the latter is more ocean-going andmigratory.
Sharks are ruthless carnivores and will go after pretty muchanything live beneath the water, they do not see a stingray, theysee a thanksgiving platter!
100 shark attacks a year, 10 of which result to human death. 50-75 Only a few people are killed by sharks each year with a max of 10.More people die because of car accidents than they die because ofsharks. You have a higher chance of being killed by a coconut or avending machine (falling on you) So...
Yes, bull sharks live in saltwater. They are found in warmerregions.
there is no such things.
fish, squid, octopus, crustaceans, and other sharks. Stingrays are a favorite.
Sharks are opportunistic feeders sothe answer is pretty much nothing. Most sharks primarily feed onsmaller fish and invertebrates. Some of the larger shark speciesprey on seals, sea lions, and other marine mammals. Sharks havebeen known to attack humans when they are confused or curious.
Humans eat bulls.
The Great White shark go through more than 1000 teeth in their lifttime. Many other sharks also grow new teeth.
Killer whales, Seals, Cod, Red Hake, Goosefish, and other Spiny Dogfish Sharks have been known to eat the Spiny Dogfish Shark.
Sharks do not spend a part of their life as plants, nor vice-versa.Plants cannot turn into animals, or vice-versa. There is no passagepermitted along the border between the two kingdoms.
The vertebrate body is adapted for speed of movement as well asgreat strength. This is mainly supported by the presence of thebackbone that coordinates most skeletal muscles.
The second largest shark species in the world is the Basking shark ( Cetorhinus maximus ). The largest shark species is the Whale shark ( Rhincodon typus ), so the second 'biggest shark' is probably also a whale shark!
It's tail goes from side to side just like a dolphin except itdoesn't go up and down.
the heat temperature
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Killer Whales often hunt in packs. Killer whales probably tended to be bigger then they are today. Though they would not of needed to be in order to defeated the largest of Megalodon. Is some tactics such as latching onto the fins to manipulate path and tire Megalodon while the others ate away at...
Fish breathe with gills. By the way, whales do not. They breatheair, because they are mammals.
There really is no right or wrong answer. You just have to have a dive certificate, and pass some courses. I'm no expert on the subject, but I do know a lot about sharks. If you want to contact me you can reach me a
Dog sharks that are born,instead of hatched ,grow inside the mother in much the same way as human babbies do.However, it can take dog sharks longer than nine months to finnish developing.the spiny dogfish
I would be scared of sharks anywhere
Manta at Seaworld opened on May 22, 2009 so it was probably builtone or two years before it opened
What zone does a whale shark live in ? If there is no answer, then please list different websites I could go to.
Most sharks live in tropical like climates but their pretty muchall over the world.
the cookie cutter shark lives in the deep ocean with many othersharks which can help feed itself
an oviparous shark is a shark that lays eggs.
lots of people think they live in salt water but they live anywherein the world so be careful.
Many humans use hammer shark to make food such as barbatana soup.
Whale sharks are filter feeders, and wouldn't be able to eat a graywhale unless it's been ground up first.
Humans and larger sharks will eat gray reef sharks.
probably because they evolved that way 400 million years ago. if you think about it, alligators, lizards, geckos, and sharks all lived many millions of years ago. they are all meat-eaters. i guess it was the best way to evolve.
These two sharks have very different hunting strategies. The Gray Reef shark ( Carcharhinus amblyrhynchos ) eats fish and small squid and gets them by "typical" hunting - chasing small fish at night. They live in coral reef and shoal habitats, whereas the megamouth ( Megachasma pelagios ) lives in...
A shark will generally treat a human with passive curiosity, unlessyou're floundering around splashing--then they may mistake you fora seal then and take a nibble or two from you. If you have a openwound in the water, the interaction will be aggressive on the partof the shark.
They are slowly decreasing in number but as of now, approximately1000-1500 Grey Nurses are left in Eastern Australia.
A Shark can't eat a boat, unless it's a very strange boat madeout of meat. . Sharks can't digest The materials boats are usually made of. . Sharks might try to bite into a boat for one reason or Another.But biting isn't eating.
All I know is this.In Jaws The Revenge is that if you go on you tube and go on the Scene where the shark dies pause on the exploding bit and fingers crossed that you might see a toy shark(Also you can find it on wikipedia).
It will stun most sharks for a few seconds since they have a nerverunning down there body they use to detect sharp movement in thewater. After that it will either swim off because it was curious orattack because it is threatened by you hitting it.
It is for camoflage. the top is grey so things looking down just see grey like water, and the bottom is white so things underneath see white like the sunlight in the water.
The Candiru -Dane
They aren't, yet. IUCN lists them as "near threatened."
Answer 1: Wear white shrips for at least an hour. Answer 2: Realistically, you do not. Admittedly, there are some kind of esoteric porcelain plating procedures that some expensive dentist's do. Or even painting. But nothing that you see on the net or in your email box is going to. Brush...
They herd the fish against a reef wall, so the fish are cornered.
They seem to prefer waters with a temperature of 15-22°C although the range in which it has been recorded varies from 4-27°C. Records of white sharks show them to inhabit Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, the Mediterranean and Red Seas, northern coasts of France and Spain, Portugal, the...
If they are strong they can swim faster after prey, get where the food is faster, and get faster to where the shark the can mate with is.
Etmopterus perryi ( dwarf lantern shark )
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same reason you might get excited (hungry) if you smelled steak grilling. but lets say you don't like chicken but steak is your favorite. if you were blindfolded and had to do a taste test you could tell them apart right? same with sharks they can't see well so they taste test. we taste different...
It would be a good fight but..... croc shark leght 8-9meters 6.5meters wight 1500bl 3000bl bight 3tones 1.7tones speed in water 20 mph 25 mph speed out off water 6mph 0 mph Croc wins on paper and in most respects it does too.In deep water the great white would pretty easly beat the croc but in all...
The langosta is another name for the Caribbean spiny lobster. It ispreyed upon by many creatures including sharks, groupers, octopiand humans.
Like everything else the Hammerhead came from evolution.
Megalodon it's mouth is bigger and better to eat the killer whaleand it depends on the animal's strength.
They have bilateral body symmetry
They can be found anywhere near the coast and tropical waters with warm water temperatures.
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Yes. Given an opportunity, they will eat squids. They prey upon fish (like Tuna, Rays etc), other smaller species of Sharks, dolphins, porpoises, seals, sea lions, sea turtles, sea otters and even sea birds. They prefer prey that has a high content of energy rich fat. They usually hunt early in the...
The dwarf shark is about the size of your hand.
Most sharks don't adapt, simply because they don't need to. Many stay in one place. There is only one shark that I can think of that DOES need to adapt, and the is the Bull Shark, reported to be seen in Lake Michigan. No one really knows how sharks adapt, it's just theories. For more info. you can...