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Contains all questions about dodge ball, the classic schoolyard game in which players try to hit other players with a ball and avoid being hit.
1. Tennessee Titans (South winner). New York Giants (East winner). 2 . Pittsburgh Steelers (North winner). Carolina Panthers (South winner). 3 . Miami Dolphins (East winner). Minnesota Vikings (North winner). 4 . San Diego Chargers (West winner). Arizona Cardinals (West winner). 5 . Indianapolis...
Well you race like a cricket and who ever wins is a good at hopping
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A fast break is when a team tries to dribble the ball to their basket as quickly as possible to try and score before the other team has time to assemble.
It is possible, If the ball is aiming at you around your head toyour waist it is 90% possible you can duck. If it is lower aroundto your legs it is not possible, You have to be really luckybecause most hits are found around the chest.
It is safe u really don't get hurt
By asking for people to play then get pratice after that you needto be really good.And you need to play against other teams.
dont now the last level but on 4th you have to trash 1 yoonot
To hit the enemy with the ball and don't get hit.
About 2 or 3lbs
To get involved in dodgeball then go to and get more info (make sure you browse the entire webpage) or look out for any adverts etc. there are many local dodgeball clubs across the country.
You must try to knock over the other teams two cones
THE HISTORY AND GROWTH OF DODGEBALL AS A SPORT . Dodgeball was originally played in Africa over two hundred yearsago, but instead of the fun, jocular game that it is today, it wasin fact a deadly game. Instead of using soft, rubber balls, thegame was actually played with large rocks or putrefied...
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Dodgeball is capitalized if it starts the sentence. But if dodgeball is used in the middle of a sentence it is not capitalized.
Force affects motion by how hard you throw it and how fast it canget from point A to point B
The question is Portuguese for "What are the basic rules fordodgeball?" I do not know Portuguese, but will supply an answer inEnglish: . The typical Dodgeball court is about the size of a smallVolleyball court, with a centerline and 2 sidelines. . Dodgeball is primarily self-refereed, and played...
If you think about it Styrofoam is softer than rubber. They changedfrom rubber to foam because people were getting injured from beinghit in the face by hard rubber balls.
One reason is that when you are playing dodgeball then when someoneis not looking and they're back is turned to you its kind of funnywhen someone just throws the ball
You get to legally hit people you hate with a ball.
Dodgeball was created in 1832 by Augustus Hagerson. I hope this answers your question.
Hit people with a ball and don't get hit by a ball. If you get hit your out. If you catch a ball you aren't out and the person who threw it is.
The sudden reactions in dodge ball trigger reflexive responsesinclude one related to the "survival instinct." This often raisesthe body's adrenaline output more, and faster, than consciousactions as in other sports or exercise.
It is a good skill because if you play football it will help youwith aim, and strength because you need strength to get someone out
The majority of leagues and organizations out there utilize six balls however some leagues have successfully used a five ball setup in which the odd number of balls available to players always causes a team to have an advantage over the other and promotes faster play as opposed to the common three...
There are light weight inflatable balls that can be used. Heavierballs like basketballs tend to cause injuries. Use an under handthrow or over head throw and avoid hitting anyone in the head. Thatwould be a foul.
The Giants play in San Fransisco, CA. They Use to be located in NY with a minor league team in Springfield, MA.
the referees job in dogeball is to: look if a player crossed the center line, to signal if a person is out (got hit by a ball), to signal if a person is out ( the opposing team caught a thrown ball before it touched the ground).. - Chow
dodge duck dip dive and dodge
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Ground Attack: Run 5 steps then throw. Air Attack: Run, jump, then throw at highest point.
Yes, you do know you had to go into the sports category to get to the dodge ball category right.
on American school campuses
Dodge ball and nation ball have some serious differences. These differences make nation ball 10 times the game, at least. In nation ball when you get hit by an opponents ball or your opponent catches a ball that you have thrown, you are out. Instead of just sitting out the rest of the game, in...
hit the other team with the balls. get all the balls u hav an throw em at 1 guy-he dodge everything!
Dodge Duck Dip Dive Dodge
diameter is 8.5in for a standard dodgeball and circumference is approximately 26.7in
it is very popular and teenagers love worcester
Grasp the dodge ball with your hand and pull your hand in so that the ball touches your wrist and your wrist is curved in. pull you arm back and launch it moving your body with it. it is very tricky. right here is the way but learn your style to throw it while you have your wrist in.
The exact origin and time of the creation of dodge ball is unknown. Dodge ball could have been created as a supplemental training program to avoid slow moving projectiles, or it could have just originated as a childhood game. The second option is possible because dodge ball is played all over the...
well you need a ball that does not hurt that bad and can tell when you get hit
Dodgeball (or Dodge-Ball) was invented in Akron, Ohio in 1897 by cousins Clarence A. Ball and Hubert Dodge, who patented the game under its first name, Clarence-Hubert the following year. Shortages of vultanized rubber following the 1902 Sino-Caledonian war meant that the pair were forced to play...
Augustus Hagerson was the one that made dodgeball popular and internationley known. He also tweked the game to make it what we know as modern Dodgeball. Dodgeball itself was invented by him in Guam in 1833. However, all Hagerson did to "modernize" it was to give teams funny names, like "The Dodging...
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dont get hit, its not as simple as it sounds
It is legal as long as you hit only the people that are playing.
Play in an enclosed area such as an indoor basketball or volleyball gym.
I think dodge ball was made popular through America...... I just THINK... I AM NOT SURE IF THIS IS CORRECT...
His favourite was Gaelic football
Yes as long as you only hit the people that are playing.
the 5 D's D- dodge D- duck D- dip D- dive D- and... dodge!
The game you are referring to is Skittles. It's when you knock down other people's pins, while protecting your own. Some people use dodgeballs, some use mini- beanbags. No matter, it's all the same game.
basketball where someone is holding the net while you shoot and then you take turns
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Dodge the ball so you don't get hit by it. . Duck so that the ball misses you and you get that great painful feeling when you fall on the floor. Don't whine about it, it builds character. Or use a duck for cover. Quack! . Dip ... no idea.go down a little or Maybe you're supposed to... dip stuff in...
That is the correct spelling of the one-word noun "dodgeball" (agame). It can also be used for the specific balls designed for thegame. The two-word form "dodge ball" is also used for the sport.