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Laughter is good for your soul! In these busy times, it's hard to find time for pleasure, but there's always time for a joke or riddle, word plays, brain teaser, and other amusements that will make you laugh, and that's the purpose of this category. Join us for some good always-in-style laughter! This category covers all the questions that are here to make you laugh.
The mute mutt cut the cute plot.
Pranks are for people to be laughed with NOT laughed at. Aiming toembarrass someone is a form of bullying
the key is to get the lid on real tight and real quick.
Very similar to: Make sure your words are short and sweet, because you never know when you are going to have to eat them!! Your name must taste good because it's always in someones mouth means; you are talked about a lot. Hopefully they are all saying nice things....
well you see the bear has a tape worm, when the bear kills the lionhe eats the lion but the tape worm actually eats all of it. thenthe bear kills the tiger but when he try's to eat it the tape wormeats the food. by this time the bear is hungry and starving so hedies. the tapeworm then crawls out of...
I believe that would be Steamboat Willie.
It depends on whether you like the benefits of Time Warner Cable(now Spectrum) or Verizon. It is your opinion to choose what youthink is the better deal. You may have to research the facts, onwhatever they offer.
most original either put both hands in cup of warm water or shaving  cream in the hand then tickel their nose with a feather. dont  forget to saran wrap them to their bed before you warm water their  hands!
I am a big fan of Sonic, no, bigger than your imagination! So, in my opinion, Sonic would win! But Predator would not just be beaten to hell that easily. o wow kid sonic really???REALLY???? sonic is a blue hedgehog that taps a flying squirrel every nite lol. predator would blast his blue balls off...
Yes, a polar bear could quite easily overpower a condor.
When you're feeling all alone, The world's a drone, And nobody's shown any love to you. I can't tell if you're adorable or creepy. When your heart is cold as stone, Just change your tone, Get rid of that groan and the world will too. Probably gonna go with creepy. 'Cause swordfishes Love you! ...
If I was born with bird wings, I would get them coated in a really light metal, probably titanium, and then I would fly around the world, stopping at my favorite destinations. Then when I got home, I would rent myself out as transportation for people who don't want to drive or walk. I would make a...
A penguin with a sunburn.
20 Chinese acrobats, or one man with a ladder.
Well, although I thought of many names right away, here are a few simple words--I know there are many more. To keep the list healthy, there is LUTEIN. For those that want to learn some cool moves, you might get a NOTION to get a MOTION POTION. Some folks just want to live UPTOWN, others have higher...
Nothing is more than infinity, nothing is longer than infinity. It  is infinite, definitely.      Nothing is more than infinity. Infinity will just go on forever!
Asia is the biggest so lots of countries are there
the old verison for super chick sisters is gopam the new one is pamvsmccruelty caps does not matter!i hope this helped :)!
1. talk to the boys she likes2. tell embarissing stories to her friends and stuff (baby pictures lol!) ex:...used to pee her bed idk...3. or just talk to her and work everything out...its great having an older sibling, you can learn alot from them and they give good advice...my older/twin sister is...
The BB1200 guitars were made in Australia 2005, less than 90 were ever made.
Ledger hands down. Unless it was a full moon, then Nicholson. If it happened during a solar eclipse, then it would be a tie unless it was a Wednesday during the months of April, June, November and February -- in which case Nicholson has the edge. If however it is a leap year, then its Ledger all day...
The black bear. A black bear has 600 pounds of muscles, stronger/sharper claws and teeth, and a bad aggression. A black bear can even kill an adult tiger.
The answer is: a garbage truck! The joke is 'What has wheels and flies'.
if you dont ask questions you would be very confused because when you ask someone something and they tell you the answer, then possibly you will understand better, so therefore it helps you learn and understand more.
An elephant would most likely win because of its superior size and it can also trample the bear to death. An elephant, especially a cow elephant with a young to protect, could even kill a huge pack of lions.
The crack of the whip is the air molecules trying to push through each other and around each other after the tip of the whip breaks the speed of sound.
what does the interaction of plates produce 
In 1861 a man finally decided to put his predictions into writingand it was actually correct. Francis Beaufort and his studentRobert FitzRoy worked on a new science in meteorology.
No, it is not an oxymoron. Strangers are not classified as peoplewho are "seen", so being unseen does not contradict the overallmeaning.
Tasty, first and foremost. Also, light and fluffy, but moist enough that it's not too crumbly.
whoever has the highest power level
The number of coffee beans in a jar would depend on the size of the  jar and how firmly packed the beans in the jar are.
you will be perfectly fine. as long as you run with the blade pointing away from you.
Any violation of the Terms of Use on WikiAnswers can lead to ablock. The length of that block will depend on how extreme theviolation is, how many times they have broken the rules, and howthe individual responded to the warnings, if any. Cyberbullying andfoul language are pretty fast ways to earn a...
  click Tab + Spacebar and repeat it 15 times.
I dont have answer for that, but we should all learn to take a load off and relax If we cant do that then we can live life to its full extent oh and one more thing ARSENAL RULES!!(soccer team in the BPL)
  do something like shopping,go to ur friends house, party, that can divert ur attention so you will forget that person...   question who is that person?!! < :
About seven trillion pounds of Lafayette Gasses and Army tanks.
There is a poundland in Tamworth that sell models of star wars characters made out of scrap for 100s of pounds!
Ray Park without a doubt...sure Seagal is big and is a master of Aikido, but Ray Park was a competitive Shaolin Gung Fu and Wushu practitioner from age 7, as well as a titled champion. This means he has been training for over 30 years. He has also trained in kickboxing. He is very solid and fast and...
  Clash of context is a technique used in humor to create an absurd situation. It involves the interaction of characters, locations, and situations that seem inappropriate.
He's short-sighted and mistook the chicken in front of him for an  angel
To distract customers from their mundane existance and to mask thereality that the people are on a boat that isnt that great.
  50 duck size horses, strength in numbers.
Grigio means Gray in Italian.
Yes, Fox has bought the film rights! Yet there is no offical release date.
It was announced in November of 1981, but first widely sold  in 1983. Hope I helped
I would say ice is not easily set on fire.
Because it is something that young ones find funny. It appeals tothe most juvenile of humor.
Its a science that is being worked on. Once an earthquake hashappened, then regional centers can predict if there are likely tobe more or not, but its not a perfect science. How they do whatthey do is they have remote sensors that they deploy to regionswhere there are known faults. Those who live in...
The Plot, Like Gravy, Thickens is a good one.
  to forgive is divine... and that person must not be divine
China owns some of our debt and we use China to make our shiny plastic crap. This business partnership would be destroyed if we went to war with each other.The U.S.A. does not want to have war with any country unless provoked to, if anything China would start the war.
A few funny jokes are: What do you call a girl lawyer? Sue! Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the other side! Knock Knock. Who's there? ADHD kid. ADHD kid who? Oh, hey, wanna go ride bikes? Knock Knock. Who's there? Interrupting cow. Interrupting cow- MOO!"
I highly doubt it. However, it is still possible that they madealcohol and drank it with their friends. Wine is one of the easier things to make, and occasionally prisoninmates make it behind bars. So cavemen could have certainly madealcohol. Fruit contains sugar and is often covered with yeast....
It more or less sounds like the most horrific, terrifying, debilitating sound ever. For example: show an adolescent female a picture of Justin Bieber. If done correctly, blood should be pouring out of your ears.
There is no antonym to oxymoron
the ancient Greeks and/or the ancient Egyptians
It will be better if you have defined whom you are referring when  you are saying "they". But taking it on a broader view below points  can be of help:    Laser beams can be used to detect plate movement.   A seismometer is used to pick up the vibrations in the Earth's  crust. An increase...
PROBS CAN SPELL..."definition" lolololHope this helps, yours sincerely,Probs ;D
nothing but whats wrong with jack bates ask
She's just awesome like that.
  Yes they do take naps for an hour or 2 but if you want to wake them up before that you can set the time to a different hour and they will wake up!! Hope this helped!!
It means someone is trying to understand it.
Vegetables beginning with the letter N:Napa (Chinese Cabbage), Navy Beans, New Zealand Spinach, nettles, and Nelumbo nucifera (lotus root), New Potatoes, Nopal, Nori, Naples Cos, and Navette.
The official description from Wikipedia is "In a meeting,  two or more people come together to discuss one or more topics,  often in a formal setting."