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Laughter is good for your soul! In these busy times, it's hard to find time for pleasure, but there's always time for a joke or riddle, word plays, brain teaser, and other amusements that will make you laugh, and that's the purpose of this category. Join us for some good always-in-style laughter! This category covers all the questions that are here to make you laugh.
It has something to do with music, i just cant put my finger on it. I believe its when a certain part of a music piece slows down.
Yes and No, but not in that order.
Alaska has had by far the most and biggest quakes. 9 and bigger. California and cascade zones probably come in second.
Because he had hives!
He no doubt predicted many things which the unbeliever in his prophetic gifts may ascribe to great natural shrewdness. Among these may be placed his prophecy, 150 years before the Caledonian Canal was built, that ships would some day sail round the back of Tomnahurich Hill. A gentleman in Inverness...
That is on a Tuesday.
It all depends on who you are and what you think. I personally don't think they are funny, but some find them humorous.
buy a fairy "kit". some have little cages in them. put honey on the bottom of the cage, and sprinkle tea leafs over the honey. wait for about 1 day. if it works, you will have a new fairy friend. (please let fairy go when it wants to go home)
Its really tough one. She sells sea shells on sea shore.
An innacurate scale
because he is important and needs his break
Go to the dollar store and ask for a roll of "wonderful duct tape".Wink at them, and they'll help you in their secret society called"Catching Potatoes 101". You are welcome.
1. Acrostic Poem C ute A lways there for you T abby . 2. Permutation
Tell the yogurt to stop being gluten-free. Gluten drains energy inyogurts, especially Greek ones. Tell them kindly, but firmly.
to know your audience...
It depends on the scenario and the incident of the fight. A grizzly bear has sharp enough claws to pierce into the bull's head and swat that thing to death. If the bull charges and gores the grizzly bear with those horns, it would win the fight against the grizzly bear. Answer 2: A grizzly...
Beacaue her dad got a new job :(
The riddle goes like this-What falls , but does not break , and what breaks but does not fall ? Night falls
they read the reports that they reported in the past.
Easily Dante, just due to the fact that he is darn near immortaland has powers beyond that of the Marine. Plus he knows how toshoot and use a sword.
Iron man because he can fly and shoot at the flash from above. All the flash could do is dodge iron man's attacks.
The earth is warm because the atmosphere traps some of the sun'sheat, whereas in space there is nothing to heat ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The temperature of space (except in the immediate vicinity ofstars) is identical...
Legal requirements that they don't want you to notice.
A baby-related word starting with L is layette. A layette is a set of clothes, toiletries and other accessories for a baby.
They are ging to have a little one .
On your way to BlackThorn city,u will have to go there by using Route 29,after u defeat all gym leaders except in blackthorn,u will find and Ivysaur on Route 29.It is about level 3 or 4
UK traffic lights, if you add amber to the red light the next colour you see will be Green.
June sixth they thought Satan was coming to destroy earth because the date is 666
What was the sack and why*and how unless he lost it* would he buy it again?
Good thought i am opening in today towards
An emotion beginning with T could be terror or timidity.
That's not even funny; what a pointless joke. Actually, that sounds like an attempt at wry humor. If we aretalking about Thailand or wherever, the traffic is so bad andjammed up everywhere, that nobody would even notice a collision, asthe traffic would not flow any worse. Other drivers would likely...
Cheetah is the fastest running animal on the land which can run at the speed of about about 60 miles/ hour for 3.6 minutes. David Morson
Nothing! The answer is nothing! Am I right??
to me, i would say the lion would win because the bull only canonly hit with the horns but the lion has the claws, teeth, andweight
a very very very very long time. no one can actually predict howlong except punxsutawny phil himself.
...this is kind of silly but i don't mind's the place that is to the right of the tavern/pub...\n. \nHope I Helped\n. \nxVraiax
The Wright brothers had nicknames for each other. Wilbur was known as "Ullam," short for Jullam, which is German for William. Orville was known as "Bubbo" or "Bubs," Wilbur's pronunciation of "brother" when Orville was a baby.
He just stopped by for a short exercise break.
The answer to this question is so easy! It's a coffin. The maker doesn't want it because he or she is not dead. The buyer doesn't need it because he or she is not dead as well. And of course the user doesn't know/see if he or she is using it because they are dead.
A penguin rolling down a hill or a checkerboard. Thereare tons of answers to the question.
The process of adoming is when you have your bag or personal item stolen by adom (the funky one). It was invented by, who else, Jake Adom in the summer of 2008 and has become a common hobby of Jake ever since. (It is not official if the item has been stolen by anybody other than Jake)
'You' Or I guess I got infected with your family's BS when I "hung out" with your mom/dad
You should take many pieces of chocolate, glue them together and wear it.
The Lighter Side Here at the University of WikiAnswers after much tea-drinking and choccie-biscuit dunking, we Supervisors have come up with a wizard plan to answer this question. On November 5th we are strapping a load of rockets to the back of the Supervisor Mike 2. Once aloft, the supernaut...
a group of seniors. ------------------------ Nothing: With your attitude, they won't come to you anyway!
die ____ On your TV here,cQb but you have to wait
stiff, stuff, riff, cliff, spiff, gaff, tariff, bailiff, whiff, muff, cuff, fluff... that's all I can think of
Remember it is not necessary to make actual repairs, only that the vehicle runs long enough to get you to the store for more beer. 1. your toolbox must have only pliers, a hammer ( big one ), a screwdriver ( doesn't matter which one), a crescent wrench, 1 roll of duct tape, some rope ( or zip...
it is spelled S-E-N-T-E-N-C-E...
their are at least 14
Drew Brees is the obvious choice. He would accurately slam Peyton manning through the table and Peyton would be left to pick 6 guys to help him up.
Can i borrow some money? No Why? arent you super rich? Yeah, im rich because i Don't give out money! (i think its from the movie just go with it)
against those with disabilities in the workplace? Federal Minimum Wage. Equal Employment Opportunity. Occupational Safety and Health. Family and Medical Leave Act. Uniformed Services Employment andReemployment Rights Acts. OSHA's role in the workplace isdefined by which federal law?.
Can you list some statements for us so that we can better help you
depends on what type of person you are. if you like it, get a room. if you dont, then attack the person.
Why is a raven like a writing desk?
No meiosis, no new cells.
guess is what you make up and predict is what you thick is going to happen
My best guest would be a peeping tom, but those are the kind that stand outside your window to peep at you in your room, but i believe that man peeping over the wall could be called one as well. KILROY is the name of the character drawn at the top of a fence so you can see his eyes and fingers...
it get really fizzy as if you were to shake the can first
The Impossible Quiz? Question 80? You mean "Sell your liver to..." Choose "Filthy Romanians" My God that sounds rasict.
Me. Bow down to me mortal
I can't wait to recieve my letter from my friend in Florida.
A snake because a snake can slither out. Really, if it's arattlesnake it would win hands DOWN!!! but some snakes are so slowa lion would win. also if the snake was posinous and the lion atehim neather would win
that is a very easy one.....the monkey of course!!
Ancient civilizations had end of world predictions. They go back quite a long way in human history.
try to hit the side when doing surgery and make the noise silent(haha you will never figure it out)