Rhetorical Questions

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Rhetorical questions are persuasive questions that are posed for effect, and do not require a formal reply, but in this category, they are answered anyway. Aren't you glad you asked?
No, to floss your teeth you require at least one hand in the mouth region, to execute the flossing precedure, and a jump roping maneuver requires at least two, one on either end of the rope, thus, these two actions are contradictory. P.S. Lava is damn hot.
Tasty, first and foremost. Also, light and fluffy, but moist enough that it's not too crumbly.
Because you changed the font size
yes, but will you not promise to answer your own questions?
The earth is warm because the atmosphere traps some of the sun'sheat, whereas in space there is nothing to heat ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The temperature of space (except in the immediate vicinity ofstars) is identical...
you will meet the love of your life when you r probably 13 and older.u will never know when b/c u will probably have plenty of bf's or gf's in your life. but the one that you cant help but think about is probably your true love.
it is probably a moon bugy that they left behind.
spoon. soup. stove. salad. sink
It's all about opinion.
Of course, a chicken can be trained to play a guitar. It was a common to see trained chickens performing tasks at carnivals and circuses in prior eras. In fact, a chicken can be easily taught to perform any number of tasks. A Rhode Island Red hen was trained to play guitar using the response/reward...
Schools do still teach the students how to research...But it is done a lot different. Students are now taught how to research on the internet, versus looking things up in a book.
Yes the bible is the word of God spoken through His son Jesus Christ and later through His prophets and disciples. Though much has been left out of the bible through lost scripture and writers who took it upon themselves to leave out many important parts. The bible still contains sufficient...
Most will not. I currently work for T-mobile and I know that mostcompanies don't have the capability to go through each individualsmillions of messages, let alone release them. If there is policeinvolvement however, there are different protocols and it can bedone with a pretty elite team. Not...
I think you mixed up WITH and FOR.
If it was a lawsuit, one [court] case could cover the entire country On the serious side we present the following facts: . DVD Case is ~ 41.25 square inches . Australia has an area of 2,988,888 square miles . One (1) square mile equals 4,014,489,600 square inches . 4,014,489,600 divided...
They are part of fantasy, and they are not real.
it is a type of question
yes they are.force fields guide your entire life, when it goes down, so do you.it is active at night when the nigg3rs are trying to steal all your shoes and break in your house. KKK forever
In the sense that the English are regarded as always unfailingly polite and the French are great lovers, then yes, the German trains are always on time. In reality, there are sometimes less than polite English people, not so great French lovers, and German trains that may be a bit late.
Two Words: Duct Tape Another two words: Super Glue Yet another two words: Staple Gun And for the more painful and permanent solution: Cut out his tongue
the five elements are. Author . Audience . Purpose . Topic . Occasion .
One way that rhetorical questions may cause tension is because theyare not really questions. The person who asks a rhetorical questiondoes not expect nor want an answer. This can lead to some tensionin the person who is not agreeing with the speaker.
The person who you ask that kind of question of may well be the one who could explain in the most detail. Of course, given that you saw "red flags" come up, that would indicate at least the possibility that the person's answer may be self-serving and less accurate than you would hope for.
IF it rains in April plant life blooms in May
In the bathroom
Yes. It is the gold that the conquistadors sought. It is delicious. It has been genetically modified for human consumption & insect deterrent. It is good for the WORLD! GO CORN! XD
no matter how hard you try, you're going to lose
Because you're immortal.
I, personally, do not believe in fate, and I believe that you can control what life brings to you. instead of sitting around and "praying", go out and meet some people. the "perfect soul mate" isn't going to randomly show up at your door.
The only character named Trix that I can locate is part of theseries, Spirit Warriors and is voiced by Gilles Geary.
Technically, Money does grow on trees seeing as for trade (i.e. Fruit and paper). Back in the 1800's trading was used as money such as wood. Also U.S. paper money is made from 25% Linen and 75% Cotton which comes from a plant, aka, a tree based source. Also, Banks have branches which is a tree...
You don't say the seven forbidden words of Television. You don't say spiteful things to your friends. You don't say what your mother doesn't want to hear. And you definitely don't say ANYTHING that could get you fired.
A yes-or-no question. Is Bill that tall man? is interrogative, while a question like Which person is Bill? is not .
pigs could never ever fly.
Which best describes a tetrad
Immigration to the west coast mainly consisted of Chinese immigrants (except during the Chinese Exclusion Act). Chinese immigrants worked on the railroad and moved somewhat throughout the west. Immigration in the east mainly consisted of southern and eastern European immigrants. They would arrive at...
Because you can answer and ask random questions
Yes, but the racial myth of black men can't swim and white men can't jump is just a myth.
Combustion or burning requires oxygen of the air. So, if there's no air, the flame will extinguish immediately because there's no oxygen.\n
Because the world doesn't revolve around you.
There wouldn't be rock bands in America telepathing go to hell to all good people filling them with mental illness and tragedy while the politicians stand by silently and do nothing.
[Hey everyone... Nope Kat isn't short at all... She happens to be 5''9 and weighs about 60-63kgs. Hehe ] Dude you where the hell did u see this? I met Kat Deluna Im about 5'7'' and she was shorter than me. I would Guess about 5'2''. She was super cute though height doesn't matter. :) -Ness
It is funny how someone said this is a Rhetorical question. It is a personal thought question. Anyways i personally think war is needed so some people have jobs and something to believe in (US vs Islamic Region) or just so US has the power to OWN everyone! (Pervail over all) but really it is all the...
In popular culture, the phrase "rubbing mint" has come to mean "wasting time." A group of clever Romanians took the idea of this phrase and ran with it, creating a whole organization, the Romanian Mint Rubbing Association, dedicated to the concept. According to the Romanian Mint Rubbing Association,...
Sort of: its the title of a 1996 book about a kid who invents a new word, "frindle." The word sounds and feels like it could be an English word (whereas a made-up word like mrag or nlop do not), but before this book it wasn't a word. Now that there's a book about it, you can say that, yes, it...
It's a technique that an author or speaker uses to convey to thelistener or reader a meaning with the goal of persuading him or hertowards considering a topic from a different perspective, usingsentences designed to encourage or provoke a rational argument froman emotional display of a given...
Not since I purchased fire retardant boxer-briefs, I have no fear of lying.
Trix is fortified with 12 vitamins and minerals, and made fromwhole grain. It's also a good source of calcium.
Floating down creek is equivalent to going backwards instead of forward. That was the origin of "Going up the creek without a paddle."
It's fun! I still watch it! Also, it is a break from homework. As it is not real, children might like to step out from reality and enter a fantasy world. Cartoons have many jokes that change from episode to episode and there are many colours. Furthermore, in my opinion, there is variety of...
Probably those children under age whose parents are involved somehow with diamonds. These children could be located most anywhere there is a diamond-oriented business.
Actually....up until 50, it's just a rehearsal. If you are under 50, keep practicing!
40,000. Advertising blurb referring to Brigette Bardot in the sixties
yes an eraser can be melted have you ever smelt a tire of a car on a highway that would usually be the end result bad smelling fumes. if you want to liquidate the eraser you would need extreme heat and you would come out with a tar like substance.
a question that means to test your analysing skills. teachers use them a lot.
Rabbits, deer & bear eat the young flower buds of the prickly pear cactus.
A few things.. You don't know how long it's been dead. . You don't know if it was dead before it got run over. . If it is realllly messy, you don't know what it was when it was alive. . It's really tough to clean for the pot. . So if you're gonna eat it, you need to know what ran over it and how...
If you are being blunt then you don't ramble on about things, so you get straight to the point and don't dawdle.
something asked in order to make a statement rather than get ananswer
Depends on how much water one intakes. When it is really yellow, you could be seriously dehydrated ... when too clear, you are taking in too much water.
The woman taking the steroids obtains facial hair, smaller breasts, a deeper voice, and many other things I forgot about. Basically; the woman turns in a man without a penis, otherwise known as a gay person.
All signs point to yes.
Spyware is bad because it is used to Spy on your computer and "steal" your personal information.
Bubba, of course! Bubba knows everbody an Bubba kin do ever thang. After all, ya know that we're ALLLLL Bubba.
The power of speech.
The rain from April makes the grass healthy so flowers grow, so I would say yes!
I don't think its gross, but its is not funny.
Rhetorical Devices in Writing . Anaphora - repeats a word or phrase in successive phrases - "Ifyou prick us, do we not bleed? If you tickle us, do we not laugh?"(Merchant of Venice, Shakespeare) . Antanagoge - places a criticism and compliment together tolessen the impact - The car is not pretty...
I don't know... why are you?
They probably locked them in some type of secret vault. And they don't have any idea what to do with them.
I f you were a Pink Floyd Fan and had gone to a few concerts in thelate 80's and 90's you would without a doubt say Yes! Pigs do fly!I have seen it and it was fantastic! However if your life has beenlimited to Charlottes Web and Miss Piggy reruns you would have tohonestly say No! Pigs do not fly and...
It is bad cause it leads to war and who wants war unless you are Hitler :-D Jaskiran
Of Course! How else could they tell people how awesome they are?
I love Micheal Jackson so I'm answering this for him RIP Micheal Jackson The person that's in the mirror when you look in it change yourself change the way you do things
Yes. They are white and fluffy.
Because they know that a dollar each from two million average folk will help their cause a lot. At the same time, they're also appealing to the better off than average people who can come up with more than average.
No. Marimbas are way lower, and less annoying.