Officially named as Republic of Niger, Niger is a landlocked country located in Western Africa. Its predominantly Islamic population of approximately 15 million as of 2009 is mostly located in the far south and west side of the country.
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The Niger River looked estexanically beautiful with its clear fresh water.
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The Grand Mosque of Niamey or the Niamey Grand Mosque, either way works
mountians and grass land
yobe river and lake chad
13° 51′ 36.5″ N, 3° 19′ 59.81″ W . 13.86014, -3.33328
People in Niger farm, or mine uranium.
Yes there is but by the capitalization in which you provided indicates you think it is pronounced as the same word as the hate word, but in fact Niger is pronounced (nījər; Nye-jeer)
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Niger is a western, landlocked, African country. It borders Nigeriaand Benin to the south, Burkina Faso and Mali to the west, Algeriaand Libya to the north and Chad to the east.
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The Sahel is the part that has access to the Niger River . (oobi is not a part in Africa so who ever put that on there is stupid)
Niger is spelled the same in French, 'Niger' (masc.)
Niamey is a city, the capital of Niger in Africa.
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West African CFA Franc.
A sand Niger is Narmeen. When people hear the phrase "sand Niger", they think to themselves "sand Niger?" What's that or that's not true, there is no such thing as sand Niger. But little do they know it is true. For instance, Narmeen is a sand Niger.
13'30.31 N 2'5.53 E or 13.508735568740526 N 2.098217010498047 E
The River Niger empties into the Gulf of Guinea :)
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51.6/1000 est. 2010 hope this helps :3
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Lake Chad borders those four countries.
elephants,warthogs and hippopotamuses
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Most health organizations that monitor international health care have noted that Niger has a very ineffective system, and most citizens lack good coverage or good care. Niger is one of the poorest countries in Africa and as a result, it has been struggling to provide sufficient health care; one...
it starts from the mountains of guinea and flows down to the gulf of guineathe.
Yes the country does have clean water.
About 80% of the people live on subsistance farming. Some areinvolved in mining uranium.
No. Niger is a country in Western Africa.
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some people in Niger can understand English but don't judge them if they don't know.
Niamey, Niger is the capital of the country. Most people in Nigerare Muslim so the food is halal. Millet and goats milk is a commonfood. Goat cheese is popular. Beignets are a popularsnack. Efo is a mixed stew with green vegetables,cooked with grilled goat, fish or chicken.
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List of countries which are visa free for republic of niger
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The source of the Niger River is the Gulf of Guinea.
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Absolutely NOT, Niger is tropical in Africa, and no where near the same climate as anywhere in North America, the difference is like apples and oranges.
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The Niger River flowers for 2,600 miles through Western Africa, taking an unusual boomerang-shaped route from the Atlantic Ocean to the Gulf of Guinea, although at certain points along the way it goes by other names, such as Joliba and Kwarra. According to the New World Encyclopedia, it was about...
The experience of the Niger Valley challenged conventional notions of civilization because they had an absence of a corresponding state structure. Unlike the cities of Egypt, China, and the Roman Empire, or Axum, these middle Niger urban centers were not encompassed within some larger imperial...
lots of food mainly planted by Nigerians like gari, beans, corn, cassava, yam, coco yam, bitter leave and others
The Republic of Niger declared independence from France on August3, 1960.
It was created by the Federal Government of Nigeria to delay the developmental agitation of the people of the nIger delta. The same could be said to the defunct OMPADEC, presently the NDDC.
just look at the 3 main causes of poverty and specify to that region if need be. unemployment, education and age. you can also look at the availability of resources (eg. food, access to clean water etc.) hope that helped :)
Nigerien cuisine uses mostly mutton, homemade yogurt, millet etc.. Tukasu is probably the most famous / popular dish there (mutton, dates and tomatoes).
The distance between the above places is 7538 miles. This distance is point to point straight distance as seen on the map. The actual distance covered by a flight may vary according to the flight path chosen. Also this is not the airport to airport distance.
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The kingdom of Mali is located in the Upper Niger Valley. There, it provided a great gold and salt trade with land that was good to farm and raise cattle.
Niger is a developing country
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Obafemi Martins is the best Nigerian player in 2009
Nigerian Giraffe is an animalspecies in Niger, Africa. Additional animal species in Nigerinclude northwestern fat mouse, Nigerian gerbil, naked-rumped tombbat and northern shoveler.
It is in a few countries! Guinea, Mali, Niger, on the border of Benin and in Nigeria.
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le Niger is called Niger in English.
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No it is located in Africa. Do you know how wide it is?
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