Ronald Reagan

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A well-known actor, Ronald Reagan became governor of California and then the 40th President of the United States.
The family felt that they lost their one and only father. Also,they knew that they lost their former president.
\nNo. There is a video on Youtube now that someone graciously uploaded.
regan is 9 years old
Ronald married Jane Wyman in1940,then divorced her.Later he married Nancy Davis in 1952.
Two major symbols of the Ronald Reagan presidency remain today. Oneis his idea of 'trickle down economics' and the other is theStrategic Defense Initiative or Star Wars Defense.
He seemed to have a genuine interest in his fellow man. He did not pretend to be someone he wasn't. What you saw was what you got. He didn't put himself above others. He spoke out about the liberal socialism taking hold of the United States.
He served in the Army but was never deployed because he was near sighted. He produced training films.
George H.W. Bush
Alexander Haig from 1981 to 1982 and George Shultz from 1982 to 1989 were the Secretaries of State under Reagan.
- When the hostages from Iran were released, (in the first hour of his presidency) - The arms/military build up - Manufacturing goes overseas
I guess the correct way this to say he WAS but he is deceased now. He was actually married twice but divorced his first wife.
This president is Ulysses S. Grant!!!
George Washington. 1789-97. John Adams. John Adams. Federalist. 1797-1801. Thomas Jefferson. Thomas Jefferson. Democratic-Republican. 1801-9. Aaron Burr, 1801-5George Clinton, 1805-9. James Madison. Democratic-Republican. 1809-17. George Clinton, 1809-12(no Vice President, Apr., 1812-Mar., 1813...
the one bullet that hit Reagan hit him in the lower right arm and his chest, only one inch away from his heart.
Ronald Reagan-Feb. 6, 1911 William Henry Harrison-Feb. 9, 1773 Abraham Lincoln-Feb. 12, 1809 George Washington-Feb. 22, 1732....and soon to be Sarah L Palin-Feb 11, 1964.
He spoke of them in glowing terms as freedom fighters while the rest of the world was trying to get them all locked up for human rights violations, rape, murder, torture, attrocities, drug dealing and genocide.
Four; one girl and an adopted boy from his first marriage to actress Jayne Wyman; one girl and one boy from his second marriage to Nancy Davis
he didn't, it was all smoke and mirrors, he pulled the proverbial wool over the American public's eyes which isn't all that hard to do. The truth is the size of gov actually grew during his presidency as did the debt and deficit. He tripled the size of the deficit to 3 trillion $.
Caspar Weinburger for the first seven years; Frank Charles Carlucci III for the last year .
Before getting into politics he worked for a while as the announcer for the Cubs, and he was originally from Illinois. With that in mind, I believe his favorite team was in fact the Chicago Cubs.
Ronald was called dutch because he was short and cubby
The Ronald Reagan Presidential library is located in Simi Valley California, Ventura county. It is not far from Beverly Hills in LA.
Reagan enrolled at Eureka College in the fall of 1928 and graduated after four years in June , 1932.
He is no longer alive.
After he returned to the White House thirteen days after theassassination attempt, Reagan worked two hours a day in theresidential quarters of the White House. All plans for trips andevents the following month were cancelled and Reagan was not fullyrecovered until that October.
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Nancy Davis (born July 6, 1921) is the second wife of the late President Ronald Reagan. She is still living as of June,2013.
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Ronald Reagan was elected California Governor at the ages of 55 and59, and he was elected U.S. President at the ages of 69 and 73.
Ronal Reagan never won an Academy Award. He was never nominated for an Academy Award; however, in 1981 he did win a Razzi Award for the Worst Career Achievement.
helped tear down the wall of china fixed the economy and lowered taxes
i believe it was his star wars method... yea, considering that 20 years later we are actually having the technology to do a starwars defense.... and yet they still say its impossible.
Contrary to the previous answer, Tom Bradley is not the firstgovernor of California, however he was the first and only AfricanAmerican mayor of Los Angeles (1973-1993). To date there has beenno African American governor of California. That said, Mervyn M.Dymally was the the only African American...
big tax cuts and smaller budget cuts in social spending.
34,088 - 93 years and 4 months
Ronald Reagan was the one . He was the oldest serving President at that time.
Maureen Reagan, Christine Reagan,Micheal Reagan,Patti Davis,and Ron Reagan
Ronald Reagan was a movie star and leading man and looked like one, although he was getting older when he ran for president. His height was 6' 1'' and he weighed 185 and had an athletic build . He had thick brown hair and blue eyes. It is easy to find pictures of him and you can still rent many of...
Probably one of the greatest Presidents ever: Ronald Reagan.He increased the US deficit to unprecidnted levels, and broke US laws by selling arms to Iran bought with drug money.
Ronald McNair was the second Black African American astronaut to enter space.
Ronald Reagan andNancy Davis Reagan had two children together, Patricia ("Patti")Ann Reagan (1952) and Ronald Prescott Reagan (1958).
destroyed the hitherto highly respected university of California system.
The nickname given to Ronald Reagan's Strategic Defense Initiative in the 1980's was 'Star Wars'.
Reagan cared about other people but mostly in an abstract sense. He had almost no close friends except for his wife. He could work a crowd and appear warm and friendly but he did not remember details about the people he talked to. When a party was over he was like an actor who had finished his part...
Ronald Reagan died in his Los Angeles home in 2004 after suffering from Alzheimer's for a decade. He died of pneumonia.
The former-U.S. president got the nickname because of the leading role he once played in the motion picture “Knute Rockne, All American.” In that particular film, he portrayed George Gipp, a very good college football player who went by the nickname ‘the Gipper.’
Ronald Reagan was originally a member of the Democratic party but switched to the Republican party in 1962. He was never chairman of the Democratic party.
witty popular and a good president
Everybody who ever lives on earth changes the world a little. Reagan served as the President of the US and had a long life, so he probably have more effect on the world than do most people. Very very few people make any lasting changes on the world and I suspect that in 10000 years Reagan will be...
As far as friends go, his political adversary Tip O'Neill
He was 52 years old in 1976 when he was elected President. He was39 when he won his office as a state senator and 46 when he waselected governor.
yes he did. her name was rosalina wartmas
No, the exact opposite is true. At the time of his inaugurationRonald Reagan was two weeks from his 70th birthday, making him the oldest person ever elected president. John F. Kennedy was the youngest person ever elected president. Hewas approximately 43½ years old when inaugurated. Theodore...
Ronald Reagan's mom's name was Nellie Clyde Wilson and Reagan's dad's name was John Edward Reagan. hope it helps!
On the day of his first wedding, Ronald Reagan was 29 . On his second wedding day, he was 41 .
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In Ronald Reagan's re-election, he defeated Walter Mondale on November 6, 1984.
False. Ronald Reagan was the oldest person ever elected President. He was inaugurated just 17 days before his 70th birthday in 1981.
His health, I think. He was shot and seriously wounded . He wasgetting old, the oldest President ever, and he had cancer of thecolon which necessitated a long operation. He was totally deaf inone ear anda never had good vision.
Dutch was Ronald Reagan's nickname. And lesser one was The Gipper from a movie he was in .
Prior to his election as US President in 1980, Reagan was the governor of California for two terms, from 1967 to 1975.