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Manga are Japanese comic books or graphic novels. They are often converted into cartoon series or anime. Popular manga include “Dragon Ball,” “Naruto,” “One Piece,” “Shaman King,” “Yu-Gi-Oh!,” and “Fushigi Yuugi.“
Overal that depents on how long you shop around for the item you'relooking for. Also where you live and the supply and demand for theitem. Value and prices on anything and everything are alwayschanging. One factor would included if you're shopping for a new orused item. You have to check different...
Goku becomes one with the dragon and dragonball. goku Jr and vegeta(descandant) are fighting in the world martial art tournament then Pan sees goku but when she goes she doesn't see anyone she just believes that its her imagination . goku is walking slowly out and he says until we meet again. THE...
Sasuke fights Killer Bee in Naruto Shippuden episodes 142-143.
im not sure. lol but hes in the bratty kid stage.
most common that are reliable. and
HIS B-DAY IS OCTOBER 10 THIS IS A LIST OF ALOT OF PEOPLES BDAY 1 - January 01 - Maito Gai 02 - Tatami Iwashi 08 - Hyuuga Hiashi, Hyuuga Hizashi 09 - Haku 19 - Gaara no Sabaku 23 - Aburame Shino 24 - Yamanaka Inoichi 25 - Yondaime (Minato Namikaze) 2 - February 08 - Third...
Crunchyroll(dot)com has manga. You can pay a small subscription feeto get a ton of manga in digital form.
No. Ritsu Sohma doesn't cut his hair in the end of fruits basket. He wears it in a ponytail to make himself look masculine, but it really doesn't do him justice.
Shino does NOT love Hinata. Kiba does. Shino and Hinata are very good friends, but lovers? Hell no! The only thing that Shino loves are his bugs
sorry he's not in clash of Nina revolution 3
Rems is a Girl, well a woman by human standards.
His name is Nagato
He gets a prosthetic arm like Naruto.
Just Resurrection of F as of now. Then Dragon Ball Super. They areyet to reveal any future movies.
No not yet but she does fall into a coma after the Pain battle
There should be a place where it says cheats or something it'sprobably in the corners
In the related links below is a website with this poem and its analysis.
deidara is a male, he may look female but lisen to his voice and you will know his a boy
No, saiyans live forever, unless, you know.. Someone kills you, but Gokus too strong
Depends on the version your watching. America likes to make awesome Japanese material crap so everyone can watch it, but it's rated pg-13 for the English version, where the Japanese version has a lot of swearing and adult conversations.
According to How to Read (Death Note 13) the writer made Light'slife span using an equation he/she doesn't really remember. Therest of the lifespans were simply made up without the use of anymathematics. The following is disputable (as a previous answerer claimed to havedeveloped the equation on...
go petition and maybe there will. at , but check how many people signed it go for the ones that has like 2,000 or more signiture on it. if you sign the ones that have 1,000 it will do nothing
June 9. the year is unknown.
take me away by Avril lavage.
kaname " DRINKS" yuukis blood in "The Thorny Kiss" when he awakens the vampire in her when her fangs were destroying her from the inside
NO! Ichigo is straight and so is Uryuu Ishida! U shuld b wondering about rangiku and gin instead!
people argue that naruto is the strongest, but he isn't, he's getting stronger, but he's not the strongest. the ten strongest ( including shippuuden) 1) Minato nazamaki (4th hokage) this man stood up to the nine tailed fox alone, developed an extremely powerful jutsu that uses no hand seals and...
you can read the manga at or watch the newest episodes at
the Akatsuki show up in season 4 in the return of itachi arc in these episodes tho you only see itachi and kisame BTW itachi FTW
Try large branches of Kinokuniya. There are small, dedicated shops in some big malls but from what I can remember they're often translated to Chinese, with no English-translated manga.
Rubberman vs. Fire-breating Cyborg - It's when Luffy and Franky fight, Iceburg recalls who shot him, and The Galley La company suspect the Straw Hat Pirates of the crime.
Some people say its out of pity but i think she says it cause when they were kids he was always so nice to her and always played with her and she wound up liking him
well.... look for them at swap meets or
Naruto shippuden episode 128 Jiraiya ninja scroll part two
She goes to Hueco Mundo because Aizen & Ulquiorra trick her into thinking that she has to go to Save her friends. (In reality they were never in danger) is the best site to watch db Kai eps. u can also watch it at But if you try to watch it at that website dragonball Kai wont be in English budded it will be in English subbed everything else will be in English dubbed they also have dragonball,...
no cause the game was only for japan
somewhere in 40 through 48 he turns 4 tails and dominates him
Naruto season 2 episode 22: He Flies! He Jumps! He Lurks! ChiefToad Appears!
The last dubbed episode was episode 104 ( The Idol vs. the Schoolgirl!) The next 46 episodes is in subs. There is 150 episodes in total.
Almost all larger companies prefer a minimum of a bachelor's degreein a related field, like communications, English literature orjournalism to be a publisher; however, a combination of relevantwork experience and education can be considered equivalent. So youneed to be old enough to have a two-year...
When ninja with bloodline limits from all nations except the Landof Fire get kidnapped, the threat of war breaks out. In order toprevent his land from being invaded, the Feudal Lord of the Land ofFire gives the Hidden Leaf village an ultimatum. Find the culpritor let the village get destroyed.
It was released on 23rd October 2012 in the US.
He normally just asks her why she had to faint, whilst dragging heraway from Naruto.
If you're talking about the treasure hunt, he asks her to untie him first before she faints again.
No Neji does not fight pein.
Yes, it has became an anime. And then shortly after that, it released a movie too.
naruto shippuuden will air in America in English dubbed on December 1,2008 is when the first episode of naruto shippuuden will air and the second episode will air on December 8,2008 Well the latest Naruto collector says it should be here in 2009. I don't know when, but that's when it says it.
Matt- real name Mail Jeevus. was only in the series a short while 3rd best in whammy house L- real name L Lawliet Whammy house orphanage died because Rem killed him to save Misa Mello- real name Mihael Keehl 2nd best in whammy house Takada killed him Near- real name Nate River was the most important...
Similar. Naruto was shunned by the village due to being the host of the 9-tailed kyuubi, whereas Hinata was disowned by her father Hiashi (whom I naturally hate) due to her lack of self-confidence. So, they have both been through similar pain for being unwanted for whatever reason. As you can see,...
From the manga it had said that Jirayai is naruto's god father and it also in the manga Tsunade said she would marry Jiraya therefore Tsunade could be Naruto's god mother. (im not 100% sure Tsunade is his god mother but there is the possiblity)
The Last Naruto Movie was released in the United States on October6, 2015.
shes not ugly and she not pretty so she is ok. it is a matter of opinion really. hai
oh. well no one really knows exept for the authors, or producers. if anybody says or sends you a reason why they didn't make a season 3 they are just following rumors, which means in my language that they are JACKASSES. I don't know if this is going to the author, but you can go to www.gopetition...
Nope he Doesnt :) I read the whole manga
on clash of ninja re3 its down + a = draw the circle get ur charka up again hurry back to the circle and press down + right he will then stab himself which will do damage to your enemy
no.. Tobi is Madara. when obito was crushed under the boulder his right side wascompletley crushed. It is impossible that he could of lived andalso he would never do something like be in the akatsuki.Obito is just like naruto ....naruto would never join the akatsuki. --------------------...
For the time being, Kakashi's face remains a mystery as he never appeared in any episode without wearing a mask. He is probably quite handsome as shown in episode 101 after the reactions of Ayame and Teuchi saw his face.
The abbreviation viz is the shortened vesion of videlicet - definition : " That is ; namely . Used to introduce examples , lists or items ." .
The cutest has to be Karya or Ichinose because i just think so argue if u want i think they're hot.
Well, Sasuke's curse mark is real to HIM. Its not real in this world but of course in the world of he ninja the curse mark is a curse placed by Orochimaru to further advance a certain seal of dark jutsu.
he might but i dont think so. one things for sure, tenten likes neji
No she died when Kakashi dide lighining blade in the old naruto
everyone thinks that because its what sasuke and naruto do that makes people think they're gay. i was almost convinced lol.. ppl dont rly think they're gay. they just couldn't think of a better rumor to spread around........ Some people think they belong together but i don't see that as a possibilit...
yes,it is called the ten tailed jubi and tobi/madara/obito controlls it
No , just the 39 episodes with 3 live action films .
you either use the items , you can pick up drop items by pressingspace and use the itmes by pressing 1 , 2 or 3 on your keybard for equipment you just equip them and
In my opinion i hope he picks Hinata. But we don't know yet. Recently Hinata has confessed in chapter 437. And Sakura told Sai that she does love Naruto. So in the end there will be a choice. I really think Hinata deserves him. She always loved him for who he was not how strong or cute he was....
The Jinchūriki is from Takigakure (Village Hidden in a Waterfall).
Chapter 420 in the manga. Dose not come out in the episodes.
If you search on the internet for the Raw versions there are the next 3 chapters, I'm still looking for a translation or someway to translate them myself, here's the URL to the raw versions: Hope I was of some help ^_^ For chapter 38 and 39 in English...
no they will not be anymore as the series finished a long time ago there have been speculations about another series but that has just turned out to be a hoax dragonball, z and gt are over and done with (i wish tre were more but thy cancceled it
Yes, she died after 3 tailed giant turtle was removed from her
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Do you want to believe in Big foot or the Yeti or the aliens? The mangekyo sharingan is the same as above. Sharingan is a blood line limit belonging to the Uchiha clan. It is a eye technique that gives the user great visual power of illusions and real life attacks. Thats only on the manga. However,...
yes sasuke and hinata meet at the lake when they were between 5 and 9 but they do not remember each other when they go to the adcamandy together
Their in the same class at the academy, stupid question.
There isn't any kira's in naruto maybe your thinking of kiba which is one of the 9 genins.He has a dog named akamaru and he has great scent
The 100th tails kyuubi cousin of naruto the ultimate character is KIRA!!!!!
in the shippuden movie bonds when he either told her to shut up or that she is not sure which one he said.
85 and 86 and 87 Added by mannaked : 83,84,85 is where hidan and kakuzu vs the newly formed team kakashi. Members : Kakashi, shikamaru, ino yamanaka, choji Wrong its 84 - 86 it was episode 137 when the fight started and ended at episode 138 but was explained in episodes 135 and 136 (in...