Scattergories and Words Starting with Certain Letters

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Questions about words beginning with certain letters, including those used in the game Scattergories. Scattergories offers players twelve of 144 categories and one of twenty letters each turn, which they have to pair. So, you would have to come up with say, a college major, a boy's name, or another category that starts with the letter B (or whatever letter you roll).
Sago Street (Street of the dead) is in Singapore, named in the 1840's because of the number of Sago factories in the area. Chinese death houses were actually located in Sago Lane.
U-No Bars that are sold in the United States.
The states that start with the letter A are Alabama, Alaska,Arizona, and Arkansas. These are in the United States of course.
· kiwi · mango · quince · tomato
can, cairn, cabman, calfskin, cannikin, cannon, canon, canton, capeskin, capon, captain, caption, cardoon, careen, Caribbean, carnelian, carolinian, carrion, castellan, Cerberean, cerulean, cerumen, champaign, champion, chapman, chasten, chelonian, chicken, chiffon, chignon, children, churchman,...
igloo icotope isex oijsihoI
The answer is bookkeeper>
Ela marei ledes ma Ellen, Elaine, Eileen, Elsie, Elizabeth, Edna, Eve, Eva, Emma or Emmarenthia, Edith, Elshea, Ester, Eldorette, Esther, Ella, Eugenia
Texas has 12 incorporated towns and cities beginning with I. The largest (by far) is Irving, with approximately 200,000 residents. Only two others have over 5000 population: Ingleside (a suburb of Corpus Christi) and Iowa Park (a suburb of Wichita Falls).
acre, aids, aims, airs, amid, amie, amir, arch, aide, ache, acid, arcs, ares, arid, arms, acme, aces, aced
Some choices: altitude, altimeter, altitudes, altigraph, altiloquent,
Cancun, Mexico . The Caribbean
Ian . Ivan . Issac . Issiah
· Ocelot · Octopus · Olive Warbler · Opossum · Orangutan · Ostrich · Otter · Owl · Ox
List of words that end with hood: adulthood. aunthood. babyhood. bachelorhood. boyhood. brotherhood. childhood. cousinhood. creaturehood. falsehood. fatherhood. girlhood. godhood. grandparenthood. hardihood. hood. kinghood. knighthood. ladyhood. likelihood. livelihood. lustihood. maidenhood....
· chisel · circular saw · crowbar
Streets in Boston, MA 02109: · Central · Chatham · Clark · Clinton · Commercial · Congress
yes because the lover's name is deepika
The company is based at Hethel, Norfolk, England
DAY, DAILY DRY . dainty . dairy . daisy . dandy . decay . decry . defy . dignitary . dignity . dignify . delay . debauchery . dysentery . deformity . deny . deploy . deputy . discovery . destiny . diary . dichotomy . dictionary . delivery . dilatory . dingy . dirty . dolly . dopey . droopy . drippy ...
Appendix, brain, chin, diaphragm,ear, fibula, gallbladder, hamstring, iris, jawbone, kidneys,larynx, muscles, nostrils, organs, pupil, quadriceps, retina,spleen, toenail, uterus, veins, windpipe, xiphoid process, yellowmarrow and the zonules part of the eye are body parts. They beginwith the letters...
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Russia, Rwanda and Romania arecountries. Rome is the capital city in Italy. Rabat is the capitalcity in Morocco. Raleigh is the capital city in North Carolina.Richmond is the capital city in Virginia.
vacant - When the football game began, your seats were still vacant.
Oak Grove, Oakdale, Oakfield, Oakland, Oasis, Oconomowoc, Oconto, Oconto Falls, Ogema, Ojibwa, Oma, Omro, Onalaska, Oneida and Orange are towns in Wisconsin Oregon, Orienta, Orion, Osborn, Osceola, Oshkosh, Otsego, Ottawa, Otter Creek, Oulu and Oxford are towns in Wisconsin.
Queretaro, Quetzaltzongo and Quiroga are some examples. There isalso a state within Mexico that starts with Q: Quintana Roo, whereCancun, Cozumel and other cities along the Mayan Riviera arelocated.
shrew . dew . drew . screw . askew . slew . drew
· eagle · ear · earache · eardrum · earmuff · earnings · earring · earth · earthenware · earthquake · earthworm · earwax · easement · echo · éclair · eclipse · economy · edge · edict · ...
radiant . radical . randy . rapid . rapturous . rare . rational . ravishing . ready . real . realistic . reasonable . refined . regal . regular . relevant . reliable . reluctant . remarkable . remote . respectful . resplendent . responsible . rich . right . righteous . robust . romantic .
Some things beginning with the letter X are: . Xylophone . X-ray . Xenu - part of plant, . Xaviar - character from X - men . X men - a movie. . Xylem- a part of a plant that carries water from the roots to the leaves . Xylometer . Xenial . Xenon . Xerophagy . Xiphioid . Xylem . Xylene ....
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Aberaeron is a seaside resort town in Wales
quit quite quiet qi quo
You could shout Very Good. You also could shout Vote to encourage people to vote.
Big, fig, twig, zig, trig
bug . dug . drug . hug . jug . lug . mug . pug . plug . rug . shrug . slug . smug . snug . tug . thug
Sternum, scrotum, sanctum, seafoam, serfdom...
Some traditional Indian clothing items include churidaars and (Iknow only the second word begins c, but...) Ghagra Cholis.
Day of the Dead is a holiday celebrated November 2nd in Brazil
Bailey Sweet. Baldwin. Ballarat Seedling (Stewart cv.). Barry. Batmans Tree. Battleford. Beacon. Beautiful Arcade. Beauty of Bath. Beauty of Stoke. Bedfordshire Foundling. Belle De Boskoop. Belmac. Belmont. Ben Davis. Benoni. Berne Rose. Bess Pool. Beverly Hills. Billie Bound. Bismark. Black Amish....
Visayan Sea (Philippines)
Idaho . Illinois . Indiana . Iowa
States that start with I include Iowa, Indiana, Illinois, andIdaho.
Ill River in north-eastern France
· Lackawanna River (Pennsylvania) · Lena (Russia) · Liard (Canada) · Little Bighorn River (Wyoming, Montana) · Little Missouri River (North Dakota, Wyoming) · Lower Tunguska (Russia)
The Paraguaian hairy dwarf porcupineis a porcupine species in Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay.The plains viscacha is a species of Chinchilla rodent in Argentina,Bolivia, and Paraguay. Peruvian bamboo rat is a species of rodentin Bolivia and Peru.
Armadillo or anaconda
handball . high jump . hockey . hurtles
Some five letter words with A as the fourth letter: . cheap . cheat . coral . float . moral . petal . scram . scrap . solar . sonar . splat . viral
Vigorous, Viagra, television, convey.
apple . birch . cottonwood . dogwood . eucalyptus . fig . grapefruit . hackberry . juniper . kiwi . locust . magnolia . Norway spruce . oak . palmetto . quaking aspen . redbud . sequoia . tangerine . umbrella palm . viburnum . yuzu tree (a citrus tree) . zelkova
parquet . pique . quip . equipment . quadruplet, quadruple . opaque . oblique
Leonard, Lewis (or Louis), Lionel, Lon,
I think Uggs must be a not bad choice. Ugg boots is one boot that can provide you a perfect fit and comfortable. They come in a wide variety of styles and colour. Anybody, from the very young to the very old, can enjoy a pair. Ugg boots are most popular around the house as extremely...
UAZ (Ulyanovsky Avtomobilny Zavod) (Russian auto)
New England Clam Chowder. nutrition bars
Some words that end with NO are: . albino . amino . casino . domino . inferno . jalapeno . keno . kimono . maraschino . merino . neutrino . no . oregano . palomino . piano . rhino . soprano . steno . volcano . wino
Ellery, William (one of the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence) . England . English . Eutaw Springs(South Carolina), Battle of
It's probably nothing, the bar most likely just got moved around and jostled until it cracked a little. It should still be perfectly fine. If you are worried, just throw it out, though.
Madison . Main . Manchester . Mandolin . Maple . Maplewood . Market . Marshall . Mayflower . McKinley . Meadow . Mercer . Merchants . Mills . Misty . Monroe . Montgomery . Morning Glory . Mourning Dove . Morningstar
Jerry Quarry (boxing) . Pat Quinn (hockey)
Some synonyms for scarce that start with P are paltry, parsimonious, pitiful, or puny.
Fluidity, famously, frugally, frostily, friskily, fiscally, forcibly, flimsily, formally, feudally, futilely, fluently...
Boy names that begin with the letter O: . Olaf . Oliver . Omar . Orlando . Oscar . Otto . Owen
Killian - a dance hold in ice dancing
Vereeniging is a city in South Africa. Valencia, Spain; Valladolid,Spain; Valletta, Malta; Vantaa, Finland; Varna, Bulgaria; Vejle,Denmark; Veria, Greece; Verviers, Belgium; Verona, Italy;Versailles, France; Vevey, Switzerland; Vienna, Austria; Vila Novade Gaia, Portugal; Vilnius, Lithuania;...