Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle is a region in the Atlantic Ocean where a number of aircraft and watercraft are believed to have mysteriously disappeared. It is also referred to as the “Devil’s Triangle.”
Every loss it the worst thing. In terms of numbers, the vessel Glomar was lost with a crew of 81. Or the largest, the vessel Berge Istra of 227,912 tons. Additional Information: The Glomar Explorer, built by CIA for the purpose of retrieving a sunken Soviet nuclear sub, was launched in 1972....
In May of 2017 a couple with their two children aboard an aircraftdisappeared from the radar ... that was the most recent report
m = middle side length shortest side length is 75 miles less than the middle side length m ; so, use (m - 75) to represent the length of the shortest side longest side length is 375 miles longer than the middle side length m ; so, us (m + 375) to represent the length of the longest side ...
vermont is in gmt time and the bermuda is in ast time
It is reported that at least 20 planes and 50 ships have gone missing in the Bermuda Triangle in the last100 years. 1,000 people have died or disappeared in the BermudaTriangle in the last 100 years.
I don't know why you should think that no one returns. Hundreds ofthousands of people visit and return from Bermuda, Peurto Rico, theBahamas, and Miami Florida each and every year. All of thesetourist attractions lie within the 'Bermuda Triangle' and all ofthem rely on these thousands of tourist for...
Over the past century, the Bermuda Triangle is claimed to havetaken over a thousand lives. These numbers cannot be confirmed,however, as myths have potentially inflated that number beyond thetruth.
Why the Bermuda Triangle is a mystery is no mystery at all. The first use of the term was in a 1964 article that was publishedin 'Argosy' by Vincent Gaddis called 'The Deadly Bermuda Triangle'. Then in 1974, two books were published, 'The Bermuda Triangle' byCharles Berlits and 'The Devil's...
yes,in myths, legends and some true stories there have been some strange goings and scientist have guessed there is.
the estimated death amount when last checked is over 137,000 lives
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Yes, the Bermuda Triangle is actually shaped as a tringle. Bermuda is an island but the Triangle is not an island. The Tirangle covers the area down from the coast of Florida all the way down by the Carribean and across, as shaped like a triangle.
Some people are afraid, but the hundreds of thousands of tourists who visit the area each year are not. The area referred to as the Bermuda triangle is also an extremely popular vacation area.
the boats that dissapeared in the Bermuda triangle i do not know but there were a couple of boats and ships
The answer that the first person gave to this question was foolish.There no way to prevent being sucked in the Bermuda trianglebecause the pressure is so high that even planes sink.
Oh yes, a great many have survived the "Bermuda Triangle". In fact, almost everyone survives the triangle. Hundreds of thousands of tourists leave Miami by airline and cruise ship for Bermuda, Peurto Rico, and the Bahamas and return home with the usual vacation snapshots, a nice tan, and a slightly...
All the major airlines go in and out of the Bermuda Triangle every year carrying thousands of tourists safely to their vacations and home again. Bermuda and her neighbors are very popular tourist destinations.
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Florida is obviously closer to Bermuda than Maine.
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Both are making people & things disappear, mysteriously. :( The only 2 differneces between a blach hole and the Bermuda Triangle are that black holes are found in space and the Bermuda Triangle is found in the sea. And the second difference is that, the black hole sucks things up like a vaccuum...
I don't know, but I wish I did. These days, people, ships, planes & helicopters are mysteriously disappearing because of it. :( I hope I never come upon the Bermuda Triangle. :(
i think it was someone called Tyler, he dissappeared when on atraining mission on Flight 19. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Well, not really. Mystery-buffs like to point to the disappearanceof Flight 19 as the 'beginning' of the mystery of the BermudaTriangle, but people had been disappearing in that section...
The Bermuda Triangle , also known as the Devil's Triangle , is a region in the western part of the North Atlantic ocean in which a number of aircarft and surface vessel are alleged to have mysteriously disappeared in a manner that cannot be explained by human error , equipment failure, or ...
if you mean the sunken city of Atlantis they say that atlantis may be in the Bermuda triangle
no one has ever survived entering the Bermuda triangle as when they enter they vanish off the face of the earth.
because the gas under the ocean that sinks ships and air craft is oxygenated in the water.
The Bermuda Triangle is a region in the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean, and regarded as anything between a series of three lines connecting Puerto Rico, Bermuda, and Miami. The tip of Florida is considered to be a part of "The Bermuda Triangle." It is formed by three islands or...
Obviously, the Dauntless Admiral of the Ocean Sea and his Task Force l492 made all-up four voyages of discovery with Chris in command.
cause meterologists say is like an electric fog
Miami is one "corner" of the so-called "Bermuda Triangle". The answer depends on exactly where in Miami you choose to define that point, and how Miami's departure-control decides to route your take-off out of Miami. If the corner point is defined to be on Miami Beach, then the shortest, most...
No. He didn't travelled thru Bermuda triangle.
I came back from USofA after a 2 month vacation. While on a tour of the Bermuda triangle, I was recording with my camera. It also has a temperature display. Now when I replay that video, I can see the temperature during the recording. Its 12 degC.
common miths about the Bermuda triangle are that time portles apper there and changess in weather and many dissaperences
The theories is often based on some freak of nature regarding earths polarity leaving a compass less than usefull. Another is that seacurrents seem to go there and end. I think this is mainly due to myths. People want mysteries and when one history get successfull, then others follow up. The...
Possible Reasons for the Disappearances UFOs Some theorists believe that the strange, unexplainable nature of these disappearances points to UFOs and abductions by extraterrestrial beings. These occurrences first happened at the beginning of the UFO era, and it's thought that while in flight or...
The Bermuda Triangle is actually a radioactive land field on the ocean and the only reasons "they say" people never came back from it is because the magnetic field attracts the direction on the gps thing. That is why they never return because they loose their way. Myth: They say the Bermuda...
Bermudian, British, American, Canadian, Portuguese and Jamaican are the most common (in that order). There are also a fair number of people from the Phillippines, Barbados, Trinidad & Tobago, Germany, Italy and St. Kitts/Nevis.
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Under the Bermuda Triangle could be a black hole.
Amelia Earhart has NO connection in any sense with the Bermuda Triangle. It"s in the Atl;antic, She went missing in the Pacific, look at a map.
The Discovery Channel just aired a 2 hour show called Dive To The Bermuda Triangle. Very interesting stuff. 3 or 4 different theory's about the mystery. Check out the Discovery site for it.
Of course! Ships, boats and submarines sail and planes fly over that area every single day!
The main points of the Triangle are from the island of Bermuda, over to Miami, Florida, then to San Juan, Puerto Rico, and then back to Bermuda. The boundaries of the Triangle is a loose one, and while it includes the estimated locations of the most losses of ships and planes, it is by no means a...
The Bermuda Triangle is real but the 2012 thing is fake
The Bermuda triangle isn't made out of anything. It is a geographical area in the Atlantic Ocean where boats and planes have mysteriously disappeared.