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Windows 7 (codenamed Blackcomb/Vienna) is a version of the Microsoft Windows operating system, and was released in July 2009. This category has questions and answers about its features, tips, and more.
yes just have to make sure that the requirements for teh game arecompatible to your computer
Microsoft has identified some users who are having driver relatedissues when trying to sync this is generally resolved byreinstalling windows mobile device center again. It is important that you install WMDC before connecting your deviceto your PC. However if you have already connected your device...
control panel > select language-region-keyboard > selectkeyboard (arabic)
It should be, even if you buy upgrade you can still use previous version. The only thins is if the upgrade had its own key. If it has one, then you can use Professional without any problem. If it does not have its own key, then you cannot use it in the same time even on different PCs.
If you are receiving a non genuine message it most likely indicatesthat your Windows installation has been cracked or the key is notvalid. In order to resolve the issue, you need to enter a validkey. You can do this by clicking Start, and then right-clickingComputer and selecting Properties. Scroll...
Since that is an opinionated question i am assuming you want someopinions why vista is worse than 7. First, vista is not as user-friendly. Second, the windows sidebar(or "gadgets") use a lot of electricity, so a laptop battery didnot last long with it enabled. Third, windows 7 has superior speed...
You need to use of one virtual machine solutions. You have a choice of two. First one is use shareware software from VMWare. Second one is to use Microsoft Vitrual PC which is free and it integrates with Windows 7 when installed.
Yes, I actually play it alot now. On mine, it plays perfectly on high settings because I have a 1 tb hard disk space and 8 gigs of RAM.
If you are using EIDE/IDE drives, make sure that jumpers were set properly. If you are using SATA, check BIOS if required SATA ports are ON. Also, windows 7 does not show drives which it cannot activate for use. You need to go in Computer Management->Disk Management. You will show you menu that you...
Make sure that you have a legal version. Not registered version turn themselves off each 2 hours. If you have a legal version, make sure that your CPU, chipset or/and video card do not overheat. This is the most common reason for often rebooting.
The problem is most likely is with your video card driver. You need to make sure that you have the last version. Try checking it by connecting an usual LCD monitor.
Assuming that your computer support x64, just get a 64-bitinstallation disc from your manufaturer and install it.(Alternatively, you can download the ISO for it online and installit to a few DVDs or a flash drive)
.dmg is a file extension for a software copy of CD/DVD (image). You can use PowerISO, Daeman Tools to open such images.
Yes it very good and reliable
There are two choices. One is the .dll does not exist or used by another application at the moment. And you do not have appropriate version of the .dll. The solution for both is to update the oleacc.dll There are some websites which will be useful for you:
Choose Start > Control Panel. In the Appearance andPersonalization section, click Adjust Screen Resolution. Change theresolution using the Resolution slider. Click Ok to apply thechanges.
To connect your Sony VAIO laptop to a d-link router, connectwirelessly or use an ethernet cable.
Do these steps as following. Step 1: Click the bottom left corner of your screen, start menu icon. No program is open, you do so. This will eliminate clutter, and make it easier to find what you need. Step Two: Right click "My Computer" in your Start menu. (Vista users should right-click ...
I've download the concerned driver, but not take configurations as data driver. how do I success on it?
It's was Microsoft's Idea, an attempt at improving Windows Vistaimfamously known for bugging people with UAC popups every time youtry to do something. That is somewhat fixed in Windows 7 to be lessintrusive.
Yes, but you might need to edit the registry a bit to uninstall older ones. See official website support if needed.
Only on a virtual machine.
1. Send the pix to your computer's email just as you would to another phone. In the phone just type in the email address and hit send: It'll send it to your computer. ------ 2. If you have a Mac with Bluetooth capabilities: After pairing your Mac with the LG phone,...
Gadgets most often need two kinds of software. Communication anduser interface client. If computer and device is compatible findthe correct software.
Windows 7 (32 bit versions) have an emulation of DOS (cmd) that seems much more compatible than running DOS apps in Window XP. You can routinely run WordStar, PC Tools apps, many public domain utilities and various DOS accounting programs in Home, Professional and Ultimate versions of Windows 7....
anybody who purchased windows 7 license is qualified for that..
Click Start/Run and type msconfig and click the Startup tab; thenuncheck any items you don't need loading automatically which mayinclude the Symantec nagware. Also check the Services tab. Don'tuncheck anything unless you can identify it specifically (you canGoogle by name).
assuming you have a Bluetooth compatible computer or an adapter, goto start and type Bluetooth. Then click new device and add it, andyou should be set.
You need to download Microsoft Virtual PC. It's free. Also Microsoft provides a copy of XP virtual machine (free of charge) for Virtual PC. You need to have them both if you want to run XP and Seven in the same time.
Start Menu > Type in control panel and click it > InternetOptions.
It's just cheaper for most people to stay with the systems they already have. Even switching to a free alternative would cost a lot of time in moving and learning new tools.
please don't waste your time This should be in discussion but they (M$) did for yours truly to discussion
Beta version was offered to make sure that the OS has as few as possible problems by the time it was released.
It's not possible to do this on bare machine. There are two ways how to accomplish this: . Take pictures of your computer screen with camera. This is method is very rare and basically used by people who wants those screenshots as fast as they need. . Using Virtual Machine such as VMWare, Parallels,...
I am using Windows 7 now and its much better than xp
Answer . Open the command window by. Start -> Run -> cmd. You'll find the application's window sitting on the task bar. Right click on it and you'll find the option Properties. Select it and you'll find all the possible options to change the color of text as well as the background.
There is no Windows XP 2007. You might get a CD which was produced in 2007 but it does not mean that it's some kind of new XP. The only knew thing can be is that, the CD might include updated which where released after last service pack.
open the Folder Options applet in Control Panel and click the View tab of the Folders Options box .
You can't. The index shows what your video card is capable of. The only things which can be improved is hard drive reads and ram.
Find out which sound adapter you have, and download a driver from the PC (or sound card) manufacture website. PS: some drivers can be not available because of age.
Well - it works with my version of Windows 7 (Home premium) !
Yes, but check to be sure that your computer meets the minimum requirements--having enough RAM and able to run the software to install the printer driver. If your computer is new, it should be fine.
I would generally recommend Razer rather than Alienware, or if youwant a pretty cheap gaming laptop the Dell Inspiron 7559
Search for "indexing options" on the start menu. Click modify, and navigate to the folder or files you want to hide. Uncheck the box. They should be listed in the exceptions.
First you will need to obtain you copy of Windows XP. Its ok if its not sp2 just as long as you are using a legal key. Windows XP has Automatic Updates that will download service pack 2 and even 3 for you. Next you will need to check you bios' boot device order. To do this reboot the computer....
c:\windows\system32\drivers\ usbport.sys
If you are in Word, you can go to File > Recent and open up yourdocument from there. Otherwise, you can go to File > Open tolocate your file. The My Documents folder on the desktop may havethe file, but may not. For me, I use the Recent or Open to thedrive and folder where it is located.
I have an entertainment laptop by HP and when I updated my system from Vista to 7,I had problems with the display drivers and the sound drivers as well. I did find a solution to this. Once you're done installing 7 on your desktop/laptop, go to control panel, settings, and then device manager. On...
Hopefully, you bought additional memory and hard drive space whenyou purchased your Vista machine. The basic requirements forWindows 7 are shown below, but remember these are minimums. Theprograms may run slowly and will document refresh may be affected.Be sure to copy all of your documents to...
1. Click start. 2. Click control panel. 3. Click on system. 4. Click on the Hardware tab. 5. Click on Device Manager. 6. Take a look at your drivers!
bottom right corner of ribbon in 2010
Windows 7 is an operating system. A Mac is a computer. A Mac can run Windows 7. The two things are not comparable.
The vast majority of printers are compatible with Windows 7, if there is a problem with your printer installs the driver for that printer , if you have other installed and still have compatibility problems only get in the manufacturer's website and see if a driver most current download and install...
To delete any installed program from your computer (you must have administrator privileges).. Start, run, control (enter), add or remove programs, find program in list, click "remove". if it prompts you if you really want to remove, say yes. You'll have to delete desktop icons separately.
Yes. Windows Live Messenger can work with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, and Windows Mobile.
Answer . \nWindows XP has a program compatibility wizard. You can find it by going to start, all programs, accessories.The wizard will attempt to run older programs in XP, it does not always work however. Good luck.. Answer . \nOr left click on the .exe or the shortcut. Under properties, you...
have you got the installation disk? if so change your computers bios to boot off the CD drive first and restart your computer with the installation disk in the drive and follow the install settings
Windows 7 is amazing and runs really smoothly but one of the biggest pains is the fact that all the software and downloads you buy or get has to be specificity designed of windows 7. I don't know if this extends to everything but in my experience and flash need different programs because of the OS. ...
Launch Deep Freeze using the keyboard shortcut CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+F6. Alternatively, press SHIFT and double-click the Deep Freeze icon in the System Tray.
Because it's capable of doing that. If you want to change it right-click on it and choose "Open with..." Then you can choose a program which you want to use to open wordpad files in the future.
sound driver give u voice of ur song and any computer voice without intalled sound driver u can't listen voice of ur song and any computer voice
You can find it in c:\Users\Root\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Virtual PC\. If you want to see the directory you need to enable "Show system (hidden) files and folders".
Business, Enterprise and Ultimate.
Download it from vivitar. Be warned though, it is very sneeky software.
Take a look at an application called Bootsage. It runs under Windows XP as well as Windows 7, and automagically creates a bootable Win7 flash drive.
You are probably thinking of Windows 7 Professional. Well, Windows 7 Professional has the same features as Home Premium, but also includes features like Remote Desktop, XP Mode, and Group Policy.
Yes. You can use them as 2 images in an animated gif. To do it you need an image editor that supports animated gifs.
if you can install on windows 7 if you give problems to run rightclick, properties, compatibility and run it in the version ofWindows XP Service Pack 3, or any other These games require atleast say so but windows 98 can be executed in higher versions orif there were not in the market
Access Task Manager (Taskmgr.exe) and go to the Users tab. The Users tab shows all users currently logged on the system.
Windows 7, like all windows software has help and support, when threats popped were detected. I simply clicked on help and support and typed in how to remove spyware/virus? Then they gave step by step instructions. Afterwards just to make sure it did everything correctly, it also gave instructions...
Windows media player 11 and i want Windows Media Player back!
Yes. If you want to run ACT! 2000 (5.0) on W7x64 it is VERY simple. Go to the ACT folder on the CD and run setup from there. The problem is the MENU (which is opened from setup in the root) won't run. I am running ACT! 2000 (5.0) on Windows 7 64bit.. ============ If you want to use the ACT!...
It's supposed to be in\Program Files. But because it's up to programmers to choose the folder usually even x64 programs put themselves in\Program Files (x86).