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Windows 7 (codenamed Blackcomb/Vienna) is a version of the Microsoft Windows operating system, and was released in July 2009. This category has questions and answers about its features, tips, and more.

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What is LSA Shell Error in Windows XP?

From what I can tell, your PC is probably infected with Sasser worm or another virus. Google 'lsa shell error' to find downloads of fixes.

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Does Windows 7 support Oracle 9i?

Yes. Download the Oracle instant client (or other versions) from Oracle's website.

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Where you can download vf0330 webcam driver?

creative web camera driver download vf0330 now

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What is a .dll file?


A DLL is a library that contains code and data that can be used by more than one program at the same time. For example, in Windows operating systems, the Comdlg32 DLL performs common dialog box related functions. Therefore, each program can use the functionality that is contained in this DLL to implement an Open dialog box. This helps promote code reuse and efficient memory usage.

By using a DLL, a program can be modularized into separate components. For example, an accounting program may be sold by module. Each module can be loaded into the main program at run time if that module is installed. Because the modules are separate, the load time of the program is faster, and a module is only loaded when that functionality is requested.

Additionally, updates are easier to apply to each module without affecting other parts of the program. For example, you may have a payroll program, and the tax rates change each year. When these changes are isolated to a DLL, you can apply an update without needing to build or install the whole program again.

The following list describes some of the files that are implemented as DLLs in Windows operating systems:

* ActiveX Controls (.ocx) files

An example of an ActiveX control is a calendar control that lets you select a date from a calendar.

* Control Panel (.cpl) files

An example of a .cpl file is an item that is located in Control Panel. Each item is a specialized DLL.

* Device driver (.drv) files

An example of a device driver is a printer driver that controls the printing to a printer.

DLL stands for "Dynamic Link Library". A dll is a file that contains programming code modules that more than one program may need to access. By linking to the dll, other programs can use the code withought having to include it in their own files, which saves space. Also, updating the dll effectively updates the progams using it without having to re-write or modify each individual program.

In some cases dlls can be run as programs, and some dlls are malware or spyware.

dlls are usually found in the windows sub directory and the windows\system or \system32 subdirectorys. When a program or game is installed in the ProgramFiles (or other) subdirectory their dll files may be installed in that directory as well.

A program consists of a series of instructions written in a computer language like C, C++, Java etc which the computers read and then execute. Computers are dumb machines, to get a job done using a program the programmer needs to include a detailed series of instructions to the computer in the program. An example would be: To add two numbers, one would need to instruct the computer to fetch those two numbers from two different memory locations where they are stored, add them and then store the output somewhere safe back in the memory. ie, to add two numbers one would need to write a series of instructions in the program. Imagine the situation if you have to add numbers more than a few times throughout the program? Well, programmers soon found a way out. They aggregated the frequently used series of instructions into a sub-program which could be called anytime when needed from the main program. These are popularly known as 'Functions' in C, C++ terms (different languages have different names for such entities). A group of related 'Functions' (like add, subtract, multiply ..) are further aggregated and placed in a separate and independent file called a library and came with a .lib extension. Earlier Programs were 'Statically' linked to the library, which means that when the final program is built, the instructions from the library will get copied to the main program. This is okay as long as the program is not very big, but dampens performance and slows the computer if the program is big.

So programmers came up with the idea of 'Dynamically' linking a library. ie, the main program and the library would be kept as two separate programs and when the main program wanted a function in the library it would 'Dynamically' call the function in the library while the main program is still running. This scheme also offered another advantage; multiple, separate programs could use a single copy of the library thereby saving up on computational resource.

A well known software company from Redmont supplies such libraries in a file with a .dll extension, and hence dynamically linked libraries are also called DLLs.

Different operating systems have different preferences as to where the libraries should be stored. In MS Windows you will find them in the C:\...\system\ or C:\...\system32\ folder.

Cheers... JPlacid

A DLL is a Dynamic Link Library A dynamic link library (DLL) is a collection of small programs, which can be called upon when needed by the executable program (EXE) that is running. The DLL lets the executable communicate with a specific device such as a printer or may contain source code to do particular functions.

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Does clone wars adventures work on windows 7?

NO, get a life and stop playing video games!!

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Why can't you add music using Windows 7 Movie Maker?

Windows 7 Movie Maker is actually the essential Window Live Movie Maker program.

You can add music to it easily.

Simply click the Add Music button in the top menu ribbon

(Note: the feature is not available if there is no Photo/Video Media present)

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How do you install the Kyocera Fs-720 printer driver on Windows 7 64bit?

Install Windows XP mode on Windows 7. Connect your printer. At the taskbar at the top of the XP mode window, click on the USB tab. Select the Kyocera Fs-720 printer. If it asks you if you want to share, click yes. Your printer is now detected by the virtual xp machine.

Download the XP Kyocera Fs-720 driver. Install it. Open the document you want to print in the XP mode and print. You cannot print from Windows 7. You have to do so via the xp mode.

To print in the future, you will have to always click on the USB tab and share the printer. (This disconnects it from Windows 7 and connects it to the virtual XP mode machine).

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How do you use Maplestory with Windows 7?

You have to go to the Nexon or Maplestory folder and you will see a Game launcher. Put it on destop and name it Maplestory, then click on it and you will play. Do not click the one that says >Go to Website<.

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How do you remove a partition on your hard drive?

Within Windows XP And Windows Vista
  • Open the Control Panel.
  • Open Administrative Tools.
  • Open Computer Management.
  • In the left pane, under Storage, open Disk Management.
  • The right pane should show a list of your drives, by letter, above a diagram of what partitions they have if any.
  • Right-click within any of the fields below the colored bars, and select Delete Partition.

    This is correct but be careful because you will delete all the files etc on the partition too.

    Another way to get to it is right click on My Computer and click Manage. Then continue as above.

  • It is recommended that you do not remove a partition if you can at all live with the partition being on your hard drive. It is documented that removing a partition can be detrimental and cause major problems within the windows environment.
  • Remove partitions within windows at your own risk!!

Third party software could also be used to remove/edit hard drive partitions.

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What is a window in terms of ICT?

Information and Communications Technology

Windows 7

Does Windows 7 has device driver rollback?

Yes you can ask it to restore its configuration to an earlier 'saved' restore point. Restore points are saved before Microsoft security upgrades.

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What is a typical computer's boot sequence?

the it was not cool

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How can you erase everything on your computer and reload Windows XP?

I use my Compaq computer 'start up' discs to erase the hard drive, this is called 'formating'. Then I reinstall Windows XP and whatever I want on my computer. Don :)

I agree with Don. Reformatting wipes the drive clean, and you get to start over.

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How do you access your kidspace portal from home?

look up kidspace portal on google and log-in as your user

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What does the ping command do?

The ping command sends a small amount of data to a certain site or ip adress, and checks for a response. It is used to check the speed of a connecion or the reliability of a network.

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Which virus will attack Windows XP's RPC so that it restarts in one minute?

Blaster worm and Sasser worm

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How do you remove an advanced Windows Login panel that requests MSN User name and Password before the windows come up on the Desktop?

go to control panel. --> network connections... --> remove windows logon from there.. and restart the computer

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Is there a Windows laptop available that has stereo audio input?

Real simple. Buy a USB head set. this will allow you to have a digital vs. analog audio which is much more desirable. If you by a headset with a mic it will also allow you to record audio with the ability to edit more quickly and easily with less static or the chance of the analog connector being damaged.


Yes! all of them do! go to radio shack to find the part to connect it to your laptop.


If you find a laptop with stereo audio input, I'll buy it too: as far as I can tell they all have only mono input. One way around this is to buy a USB audio adapter price around $100


Some do, but most don't. If a laptop has only 2 audio jacks, they're usually a stereo line output and a mono microphone input (mono only because a microphone normally has a mono plug; the input goes to both channels of the sound card). But if it has 3 audio jacks, that 3rd one is usually a stereo line input. Toshiba and Ac er are two brands I know of that often have a line input jack. I've heard rumors that built in sound cards in laptops have poor audio quality. I don't know if that's true (I probably wouldn't be able to tell, anyway), but maybe that's why a lot of them don't bother with a line input. So if high sound quality is important to you, and compactness isn't, then you might end up buying the external USB sound card even if you get a laptop with 3 inputs. One example of an external USB sound card is Creative Labs "Sound blaster Live!" ($45 at Tiger Direct). I have the older, lower sound quality model that preceded it, and I like it a lot. I use it to record mp3 files from my old Lap's.


Toshiba laptops

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Which is faster Windows 7 or Mac OS X?

The speed of a computer depends on many factors such as processor speed, amount of memory available, hard disc access speed etc. so it is impossible to measure the speed of an operating system without reference to the hardware. If Windows 7 is running on a Mac, and speed is a consideration, Windows 7 will run faster when booted natively rather than running it virtually on top of Mac OS X although the latter is perfectly adequate for most purposes.

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Why is Camtasia Studio not working on windows 7?

To solve this problem just download/install

TechSmith Screen Capture/ CodecEnSharpen


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Why does nothing happen when I Alt-click on a word?

If you're having a problem when you Alt-click on a word and nothing happens, you may be experiencing a conflict over use of Alt-click. You can try some of the other possibilities, like Ctrl-click, Shift+Ctrl-click, etc, offered on the Activation tab in the 1-Click Answers options. If you still aren't getting an AnswerTip, contact Support from the Contact Us page on their website.

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Will Carnivores Ice Age run on Windows 7?

If it worked on Windows Vista it will work on Windows 7.

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Where can you find Magix Movie Edit Pro 17 plus serial number?

Check the related links for a site that would be happy to send you a copy. (Wikianswers neither condones, nor will help with, software piracy.)

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How do you replace a missing file?

Put your windows disk in the CD drive and the system should boot from the CD drive.

Or from the dos command line enter the following command say your CD drive is "d" and your hard drive is "c".

expand d:\i386\command.nt_ c:\windows\system32\command.ntfor windows xp


ntexpand d:\i386\command.co_ c:\windows\system32\ for rest of windows ver.

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How to Access Window 7 Hidden Control Panel?

Well, If you are looking for all the icons in Control panel. Click "view" and choose small or large icon to view all the hidden control panel list.


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