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Cathedral and Church History

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A cathedral is a Christian church that houses the bishop, while a church is a structure or building that facilitates the meeting of Jesus Christ’s followers. Their history can be traced back to the apostolic times.
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believe it or not, the bishops who assisted the Archbishop of  Liverpool are titled "Assistant Bishops"
the consequences of the dissolution of the monasteries were that we now have a church of England and C.e schools Etc.
Is this a question? If you are asking were there nearly 500 Gothic cathedrals built and decorated between 1170 and 1270, I think the answer is no. I do know that in France during this time period that 80 cathedrals were built. There were also hundreds of churches of the cathedral size that were...
The University of Notre Dame is located in South Bend, Indiana. Oh and by the way, Notre is spelled: N-O-T-R-E not noder. If you're referring to the famous cathedral (Notre Dame de Paris), it's located in Paris, France. Bear in mind that the name Notre Dame applies to a number of places - several...
=== Snow capped mountains, thick glaciers and chunks of ice floating around the islands in the Arctic Ocean. Nunavut also has many frozen or very cold lakes and rivers. ===
It is because they were trying to make a confusion during the war.
The cathedral built out of Black Volcanic Rock.
In Cantebury Cathedral.
Because becoming a Christian and identifying with them by Baptism  was essentially betraying the Judaic faith and changing sides.
The West End, the aisle, Nave, Crossing, Trancept, Choir, Apse, Radiating Chapels, Lady Chapels, East End and Buttresses and others I expect
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The largest Gothic Cathedral in France is the Cathedral of Our Lady of Amiens (Cathedrale Notre-Dame d'Amiens), which is in Amiens, Picardy, which in turn is about 120 kilometres north of Paris.
Orvieto Cathedral was finished in 1607, over 300 years after it was begun.
it is in St Davids , in a small lovely valley in Wales , Pembrokeshire !
Yes. A nave is the main approach to the main altar - the center of the Church, usually.
In some forms of Christianity, a diocese is an administrative territorial unit administered by a bishop. A cathedral ( from Lat. cathedra, "seat" ) is a Christian church that contains the seat of a bishop. There is typically one cathedral in each Diocese.
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That Ivan the Terrible, who ordered that the cathedral be built, blinded the architect who designed and oversaw the construction of the cathedral, so that he would not be able to build anything like it elsewhere. This is known to be untrue because there are records of the architect, Postnik...
St. Basil the Great, also called Basil of Caesarea, was an early Christian Saint. He was born in Cappadocia, in modern Turkey, then part of the Byzantine Empire. Basil and two other men became known as the Cappadocian fathers. They supported the Nicene version of Christianity, and were very...
There is no catherderal located in Harrogate, there are many churches but definitely no catherdral. The closest perhaps is Fountains Abby which began building in 1134 and is also now a UNESCO world heritage site.
Its found in Moscow, Russia!
  the notre dame cathedral is used for masses and you can take tours of the catherdal.
Chartres Cathedral was made by Bishop Fulbert and was later fixed  by Geoffroy de Leves.
The Cologne Cathedral in Colonge, Germany took 640 years to complete (1248-1880).
It depends on what you mean.    If you are asking whether there was ever a Catholic Pope in Rome  who was Arab, the answer is No. With the exception of Pope Francis,  all of the Popes throughout history have come from Europe.    If you are asking about any pope at all, then many of the...
the monks and nuns made monasteries because they need some where to live
There are many cathedrals and churches dedicated to Our Lady, and therefore named "Notre Dame." One of the most beautiful cathedrals is that of Notre Dame de Chartres, and, arguably, the most famous Notre Dame cathedral is located in Paris, France.
It was consecrated in 1708
to celebrate mass for Christians. The original design was to have something worthy of the French king and capital.
Durham is roughly 60 miles north of York, straight up the A1 or, by rail, two main railway stops up the east coast main line (the one in between is Darlington, there are smaller stations in between at Thirsk, Northallerton and Ferryhill). The cathedral stands on a hill in a meander in the River...
Edward lll 1327 - 1377
i think you should think Maurice De sully! i am not sure that this is the correct answer though!
4,000 statues are in this cathedraln of chartres! amazing right?
Posnik Baranovsky built it
Ivan the Terrible had the architect blinded so he couldn't make another cathedral that was as beautiful as St. Basil's.
Westminster Abbey is a church in Westminster, London, England. Coronations and royal weddings are typically held at Westminster Abbey, and the church also serves as a burial place for monarchs and otherwise notable and significant figures such as Lord Byron, Geoffrey Chaucer, Isaac Newton, Charles...
Answer . The Anglican Sheffield Cathedral is dedicated to St. Peter and St. Paul.. The Roman Catholic Sheffield Cathedral is dedicated to St. Marie.
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Mechelangaelo was an Italian renaissance painter, sculptor, engineer, architect, and poet.
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roman is a cross with a top gothic has flying buttresses
  The church was erected between 1635-1639 in honour of three saints (Basil of Caesarea, Grigorie Bogoslavul, and John Chrysostom), and was blessed by Bishop Varlaam. In 1640, Vasile Lupu, the renowned defender of the Orthodox Church, set up here the first printing press in Moldavia. In 1643,...
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The western church is known as the Roman Catholic church
Saul Church. Co Down... Just outside Downpatrick. Ireland  
a person that lives in a monastery is called a prior.
He designed 51 new buildings and St Pauls Cathedral after the Great Fire of London in 1666. He was active all of his life as an architect, so there are many more buildings of his design in and about London that are still standing and being used. In addition, he was very respected in scientific...
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durham cathedral is big very big infact god can fit fist inside durham cathedral
Tiri Frasesco built st Basil's
religious observance, mass and prayer, also legal proceedings
They were replaced by clear glass in order to let more light inside.
They use Winchester Cathedral as a congregation would use any  normal church. They hold mass, liturgy, sacrements, etc. They also  hold tours.
There is no record of the Immaculate Conception Cathedral inMontreal, Canada. There is Cathedrale de lÕImmaculee-Conception inEdmundston, Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception and FormerCathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Grand Falls, Cathedral ofSt. Mary of the Immaculate Conception in...
Cathedra.This is the official chair or 'throne' on which the bishop sits and which gives the cathedral its name ('Cathedral' means 'the place of the cathedra').ANY church, large or small that houses the cathedra is a cathedral. Of course most cathedrals are very large ornate buildings but some are...
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they were built as old churches, but monasteries are places where you worship the god of your choice.
"In 1926, Sacred Hearts Father Jules Verhaeghe started construction of the present church which was blessed in February of 1927 by Bishop Stephen Alencastre." from an article by Bill Tavares in the <a href=" http://www.hawaiicatholicherald.org/TestPage/tabid/465/newsid884/3867/Default.aspx ">...
  Winchester Cathedral is a working (functioning) cathedral of the Church of England.
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Yes, there is a St Paul's Cathedral in London.
its like a steeple.Traditional Church buildings are often in the shape of a cross and frequently have a tower or a dome. Modern Church buildings have a variety of shapes
well i only know two reasons... !. it was to be closer to god2. it was a competition on who could build the cathedral the highest.hoped that helped!
Transept The ground plan of many churches forms the shape of a cross. The two 'arms' of the cross are the transepts.
The Seven Ages of Britain asked at least one question about St. Paul's cathederal in London. St. Paul's cathederal Cannon Street London EC4, United Kingdom
A monastery was built around a abbey ,or church. On one side of the abbey was a courtyard. Across it stood the refectory or dining hall.
La Seine runs through Paris. The oldest part of Paris where the cathedral is located in an island in the the river.
The purpose of gargoyles is to throw rainwater from the roof clear of the walls, to avoid damp. It was customary in the Middle Ages to carve them in the shape of devils and mythical beasts. Most of the gargoyles on Notre-Dame, however, are 19th century replacements.
Since the cathedral is no longer a parish, baptisms, marriages and funerals are no longer held there.
St. Peter's Basilica was constructed from 1506-1626.