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A population survey, the U.S. Census is taken every decade and determines the amount of federal funding communities receive.
In 2016, the estimated total population was 323,127,513 and thepopulation of those under 18 years of age was estimated to be22.8%. That would mean in 2016 around 73,673,073 people in theUnited States were under 18 years old.
198,176,991 White American 39,151,870 Black American Ratio 5 : 1
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the census start in the 19th sentrey
The US Census is held every 10 years. However, estimates are given each year by the Census Bureau. The Census Bureau even has a US Population Clock, giving estimates every second of the day.
You take the census so that the government can see how many people are in the country. After they do that they see if they need to build any more schools or buildings or anything that is getting too crowded that is important.
The questionnaire asks how many people were living at the house or apartment as of April 1. That would mean people already born. If you were pregnant, due around April 1, and mailed your form on March 25 and counted the unborn, I doubt that anybody would quibble over it. Someone down the street may...
Newark . Jersey City . Paterson . Elizabeth . Edison . Woodbridge Township . Toms River Township . Hamilton Township . Trenton . Camden . Clifton . Brick Township . Cherry Hill Township . East Orange . Passaic . Union City . Middletown Township . Gloucester Township . Bayonne . Irvington.
California Texas New York Florida Illinois Pennsylvania Ohio Michigan Georgia North Carolina New Jersey Virginia Washington Massachusetts Indiana Arizona Tennessee Missouri Maryland Wisconsin Minnesota Colorado Alabama South Carolina Louisiana Kentucky Oregon Oklahoma Connecticut Iowa Mississippi...
The United States population in 1990, was an estimated 248,709,873.
Yes, the US has a population of about 315,000,000 and is the third most populous country in the world.
The time between u.s. census is ten years.
Whites for the moment,, but we all know that's changing fast.......
A female with a disability is more likely to be unemployed thana male with a disability.
The US Census Bureau's population estimate for 1909 was 90,492,000.
People don't think it's very important or its a waste of time
Different sources say different things. 2.5 million Muslims per Pew Forum study as of October 2009. see link below. 2.7 million Muslims per Council on American Islamic Relations as of 2011. 5-7 million Muslims per CNN reports (not cited).
Not always. The government (see link and quote below) says itdepends on how it's used. "A common noun or adjective forming an essential part of a propername is capitalized; the common noun used alone as a substitute...
The exact number is not known although it is estimated to have been around 200,000.
Census Advantages: . It gathers all the relevant information associated with the member i.i household income, occupation, age, gender and etc. . It helps to understand the characteristics of the population as a whole. Disadvantages: . It is very time consuming and expensive. . People...
The US Census Bureau's population estimate for 2002 was 287,941,220.
8169 has not happened and will not for millenniums to come, so no population estimate has reached that far. Perhaps, you meant 1869? The 1870 Census calculated 38,555,983 Americans, so the population in 1869 was most likely between 36 and 37 million.
Yes, though it is a very difficult problem to get an accurate count for obvious reasons. Note that the U.S. census counts everyone in the area - permanent residents, temporary residents (though, they are asked to provide where their permanent residence is), illegal immigrants, homeless, etc. ...
it was first taken in 1790.
There never has been a worldwide census. The census in the US that was conducted in 2010 was a census of people living in the US and its possessions.
The US Census Bureau's 1947 population estimate was 143,446,000.
You are required under The Constitution of the United States only to answer the question of how may people live in your house. The reason that information is required is because it is used to determine the number of Representatives your state will have for the next ten years. It is also used to...
The US Census Bureau's 1999 population estimate was 272,690,813.
The United States' population is actually not that large when the vast size of the country is considered. If we compare regions of equivalent size with similar climates such as Western and Central Europe or China, we note far larger populations (2 to 4 times as large). Therefore, having a lot of...
Over 1 million people are homeless in the united states. 1.50 million children are homeless 40%are under 6 years old 19.8% is the answer Unfortunately, the number grows daily. Perhaps you want to re-word your question to indicate a yearly estimate, or perhaps a US Census statistic.
US - 315,000,000 Indonesia - 237,500,000
The US Census Bureau's 1941 population estimate was 133,121,000.
In 1990, there were about 1.65 million Chinese-Americans.
it is important because without the census, not only will we not know how many people live in the U.S, but it also gives the states the number of representives.
Yes, you are required to answer all of the questions. In addition to the number of people at an address, certain other demographics are necessary to determine things like number and type of schools, adequate hospitals and roads, etc. If you return an incomplete form to the Census Bureau, you will...
The 2000 US Census recorded 58,301 residents.
Yes, the census form can be filled out prior to April 1.
As of 2011, the population of the Eastern United States is about 180,000,000, about 60% of the total population.
The census has been around since Ancient times, beginning with the Ancient Egyptians in 3340 BC and in 3050 BC. In the United States, the census has been around 1790 and has taken place every ten years since.
Bunch of questions designed to count the residents of America!
The Census of 2010 is important because both the allocation of Congressional representatives and of Federal grants is based on the population of states and cities.
Well that depends on how long of a time frame. With the population now, the US cannot handle this many people for a long amount of time, as any country in the world cannot. Resources will start to run out.
because it help government know what is needed to help the people and what is out also need to no the no.of people in the island
1.3 million people Everything is a best guess until the 2010 US Census is reported but until then 1,290.000 will have to do. About 1,290,000 residents in 2010.
Type your answer here... Hispanics are considered white in the U.S. Census (among others) because, from an anthropological and medical standpoint, they share key genetic markers and skeletal measurements with 'whites'. This is because Hispanics have European ancestry (as opposed to Latinos, who...
Answer #1. for every man is 4 women.A lot of men died from violence, diseases.Thats why in most cultures men are polygamous .Like for examples:Mormons,Muslims,Africans,Hindus e.t.c. Answer #2. The person who wrote the statistic in answer #4 was very wrong, and clearly did no research, relying...
1940 - 132,164,569 1950 - 150,697,361 1960 - 179,323,175 1970 - 203,392,031
The 1890 Census calculated 62,947,714 Americans. In 1889, there was approximately 61.6 million.
One of the smallest towns in Kentucky is New Castle, 35 minutes away from Louisville, with a population of 919. A town called Plymouth Village has a population of 201. There are many, many towns in Kentucky with a population less than 1000. (of course, it also depends on what you call a ...
dukes is the smallest county if you look on a map otherwise i am not sure. dukes is the smallest county if you look on a map otherwise i am not sure
April 11, 2011: No sources say, but Elva McKittrick, born December 21, 1900, is the oldest I am aware of.
The 2010 census asks about how many people live there, their ages, etc.
2000 it happens every 10 years
The U. S. population as counted in the U. S. census of 1790 was 3,667,433.
The 1790 census calculated about 4 million Americans while the 1800 census calculated about 5.3 million Americans. The population in 1793 was most likely about 4.4 million.
The US Census Bureau's 1942 population estimate was 131,954,000.
The US Census Bureau's 1999 population estimate was 272,690,813.
The US Census Bureau's 1985 population estimate was 237,923,795.
2.4% of people report identifying with two or more races.
2 million people were undercounted
The 1950 US Census recorded 499,794 residents.
Roughly 11 million people.
The 1930 Census calculated 122,755,046 Americans.
Sapling? Sampling??
According to the CIA World Factbook 2013, the sex ratio worldwideat birth is 107 boys to 100 girls. The adult sex ratio is 984females per 1000 males worldwide. For individual countries adult ratios: . Australia, the ratio is exactly 50:50. . Canada, 98 boys per 100 girls . Germany, 97 boys/100girls...
When our country was formed, the States gave the Federal government a few limited powers and put those down in the US Constitution. One of these powers was the requirement to take the census at intervals. Taking the census is historically important -- remember that Mary and Joseph were in Bethlem...
The US Census Bureau did not release year to year population estimates until after the 1900 Census. The 1890 Census was mostly destroyed in a fire, but the population calculated was 62,947,714. The 1900 Census calculated 76,212,168 Americans. So the population in 1892 was most likely between 65...
Well, according to, North Carolina's rank in POPULATION is 11th largest. Based on the 2010 census, North Carolina is the 10th most populous state.
About 300 million.
From wikipedia: The UnitedStates Census of 1840 was the sixth census of the United States .Conducted by the Census Office on June 1,1840, it determined the resident population of the United States to be 17,069,453 - anincrease of 32.7 percent over the 12,866,020 persons enumerated during...
No, DC has about 8.5 million more people.
Hawaii is a US State and has no countries within its borders.
more than millions die because of carelessness (not wearing a seatbelt)
The 2010 US Census recorded 62,298 residents in the city and a metropolitan population of 618,754.
The 1800 Census recorded 5,308,483 Americans.