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Italy didn't become a unified nation-state till 1861-70, and Germany only became a nation-state in 1871, so by historical standards the time-span for possible alliances is short. The answer is no. Although Italy was nominally one of the Central Powers it at first remained neutral in WW1, then fought alongside the Entente (Britain, France, etc.) against Austria-Hungary and Germany. In WW2 Italy changed sides.

However, historically, North Italy and Germany - Prussia were part of the Holy Roman Empire, so for almost a thousand years the two states were part of the same state.

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Q: Have Germany and Italy always been allies?
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What are similarities between Italy and UK?

Italy and the United Kingdom are both located in the same continent. Also, both countries are avid soccer fans. Italy was on the Allies side in WWI for a while, and the UK has always been a part of the Allies.

What countries have been traditional allies of the US?

The Allies of the USA include, France, Great Britain, Germany, Japan, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Israel, Spain, Italy, Yugoslavia.

Why did the us and Britain go from allies to enemies?

They have always been allies...

What person found Italy?

Italy has not been "found". It has always been there.

How did Italy exit World War 2?

Italy exited the Second World War by surrendering to the Allies. After they had been driven out of North Africa by the Allied (British and American) troops in Operation Torch, the Italian forces went back home. In the Spring of 1943, the Americans and the British attacked Sicily (a territory of Italy) and headed for the mainland soon afterwards. The Allies captured Rome, the capital, and the dictator of Italy, Benito Mussolini, fled to Germany. In September of 1943, Italy surrendered, leaving Germany and Japan alone to continue the fight against the Allies.

Did Italy turn against germany?

Yes, that did happen. In 1943, just as the Allies were about to invade Italy, the Fascist dictator Benito Mussolini was removed from power and arrested by the King of Italy. The new prime minister, Pietro Badoglio, began negotiations with the Allies to surrender and switch sides. In early September 1943, Italy officially "surrendered" to the Allies and declared war on Germany. However, Italy was split in half- the southern half ruled by the Italian government, and the northern half ruled by Mussolini (who had been rescued from imprisonment) and his German friends- so the war did not end for Italy until May 1945.

Who did the Allies give Chinese territories to that had previously been controlled by Germany?


Did Ferrari originate in Italy?

Yes. They have always been built in Maranello Italy

Did Italy have any wars on independence?

No, Italy has always been is own country.

What main religion did Italy have in 1920?

Italy has always been a Catholic country.

Why did Italy go to war against it's allies in World War 1?

Italy joined the Entente Powers as opposed to it's allies (the Triple Alliance powers: Germany and Austria-Hungary, the third being Italy istelf) because it had been promised territory in the Treaty of London. As WWI was a war that found its roots in territorial ambition, it was only natural that Italy would join on the side that would promise it land.

Who were the Americans Enemies of World War 2?

In World War II, the United States of America fought against the Axis powers. The Axis was made up of Germany, Italy, and Japan. The US first entered the war because the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, but it had always been more supportive of the Allies (the countries fighting the Axis) and soon declared war on Germany and Italy after declaring war on Japan.

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