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your hooped in the head because i don't even know the awsner that's why im on this site looking for it!

The least I can do is tell you about the economy= How did ww2 have an effect on Canada's economy? The war did the job of ending the Great Depression. When men went off to war Women went to work. Schnieders is a good example because when the men went off the women came in. No I don't say that because I like cheese. Jobs became open in factories, Munitions and everything else. When the troops came home their pre-war jobs were taken and they got to start over.

I'm doing a social studies project and I'm taking that right from the info I have gathered. lol

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Explain elements of business environment?

A business environment are the internal and external factors that affect a business. Its elements include society, technology, regulations, economy and politics.

How did the territorial expansion of the republic affect the society and politics of Rome?

they affect the trade by being educational and services

What country affect the us economy?

All countries affect the US Economy in some measure, but particularly Japan, Britain, Canada and Mexico.

Does stable economy affect politics?

A stable economy usually means that there is less unrest and less blame heaped up on the politicians.

How does politics affect the Philippines and its economy?

congress and senators determine how they will rip us off and what are taxes are

How politics affect the economy of the Philippines?

Politics and economy is somewhat intertwined, Philippine history can justify such. during the time of marcos, because of the political instability and violence in the country it resulted to deep economic recession.

How does politics affect the society as a whole?

who needs politics in society why do we get so many politicians - do we need them all? after all they steel the money form the w/c. policitcs controls the masses

How did industrialization and new technology affect the economy and society in 1865?

They helped alot

Do economy culture nature and society include in environment?

Environment refers to any factors along with their interactions that affect an organism. Therefore economy, culture, nature, society are all 'factors' which can and do affect organisms (people for one).

How did industrialization and new technology affect the economy and society?

Industrialization and new technology affected the economy and society in a significant manner. There was improved production and enhanced efficiency which led to growth of economy and better societies.

Did society or politics affect Leonardo da Vinci?

No. Leonardo Da Vinci was his own man.

How did the 19th amendment affect women in society?

women became voting citizens and participants in politics

How does politics effect society?

because we are social beings living in a society and piltics affect us, the eeffect of this is the econmic growth development of the counrty

How did the gold rush affect Canada?

The Gold Rush in Canada helped boost the economy. This gold rush also brought a lot of people into Canada.

How does the physical geography affect Canada and the US economy?

The distribution and acsesibility of resources affect the way and coast of reaching and transporting them.

How did the Nineteenth Amendment affect the position of women in society?

women became voting citizens and participated in politics

How did the scientific revolution affect the world?

Scientific Revolution revolutionized the way of thinking by the people. It changed man's basic concept of the universe. It had vast cultural, religious and philosophical effects on modern society. It had a major impact on politics and on the economy.

How do politics affect the economy?

Politcs is defined as the art and science of good governance. It is mainly concern with the government and the government is the leader of the country therefore it is the one responsible in all its country issues and one of these is the economy. The government provides laws and policies that can affect the stability of the economy.

What is political problem?

A political problem is a situation which has caused conflict and is related to politics. Such problems will often affect the economy of a country.

Which region would Global warming likely have the greatest negative effects on the economy of Canada?

For global warming to have the greatest negative effects on the economy of Canada it would have to affect Saskatchewan and Nova Scotia.

Did nationalism affect European society and politics during the first half of the twentieth century?

By killing all their people.

How does politics affect the banking industry?

Yes, politics greatly affect the banking industry. Government policies affects the economy of a nation which involves its banking industry. An example is the case of the Great recession which affected many banks around the world.

How did immigration affect Canada?


How does poverty affect the society?

Poverty affects society by the following ways:- 1. it reduces the development rate of the society. 2. it reduces the economy rate of the society. 3. it affects the lifestyle of the people.

How does crime affect society in and in the country economy?

it causes foreign investors and tourists to be scared on vacating in this country

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