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How do you know if your motor is cracked due to running hot?

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2015-07-15 21:42:33
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Your fuel pump may have been damaged by having been run dry, or the fuel filter might be restricted by debris that may have gotten sucked into it from the gas tank.

Check the owner's manual to see if it mentions a reset switch. Some cars come equipped with a reset switch I think to avoid damaging the sensor. My car had one in the back of the car by the spare tire.

On older cars, you have to add some fuel to the carb in order to prime it. Worked on my 1985 Buick and my 1971 Caddy.

There may be an air bubble in the fuel line that does not allow more fuel to reach the engine if you really let it run empty. Had this happen in a 2000 Volkswagen Golf (diesel engine).

Unscrew the wingnut holding the air filter lid on a little bit and pour a little gasoline into the "cup" in the center of the lid. Then try to start it.

If it's injected, you may need to coax the fuel through the line. Try turning the key on without trying to start it. Leave the key on for a few seconds, then turn it off and let it sit for a few seconds, then turn the key back on again. Electric fuel pumps used by EFI systems only stay on for a few seconds if the engine isn't running. You're trying to get the fuel back through the line, to the injectors.

If it's NOT injected, the principle is much the same, only worse. The older style mechanical pumps don't work real well when they're trying to suck air. For carbuated engines, try a little starting fluid or even a couple teaspoons of gasoline down the carburater THEN try to start it.

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