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Your fuel pump may have been damaged by having been run dry, or the fuel filter might be restricted by debris that may have gotten sucked into it from the gas tank.

Check the owner's manual to see if it mentions a reset switch. Some cars come equipped with a reset switch I think to avoid damaging the sensor. My car had one in the back of the car by the spare tire.

On older cars, you have to add some fuel to the carb in order to prime it. Worked on my 1985 Buick and my 1971 Caddy.

There may be an air bubble in the fuel line that does not allow more fuel to reach the engine if you really let it run empty. Had this happen in a 2000 Volkswagen Golf (diesel engine).

Unscrew the wingnut holding the air filter lid on a little bit and pour a little gasoline into the "cup" in the center of the lid. Then try to start it.

If it's injected, you may need to coax the fuel through the line. Try turning the key on without trying to start it. Leave the key on for a few seconds, then turn it off and let it sit for a few seconds, then turn the key back on again. Electric fuel pumps used by EFI systems only stay on for a few seconds if the engine isn't running. You're trying to get the fuel back through the line, to the injectors.

If it's NOT injected, the principle is much the same, only worse. The older style mechanical pumps don't work real well when they're trying to suck air. For carbuated engines, try a little starting fluid or even a couple teaspoons of gasoline down the carburater THEN try to start it.

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Q: How do you know if your motor is cracked due to running hot?
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What will happened if one phase loss in three phase motor?

if one phase of an 3 phase induction motor is damaged then it will become single phasing. Due to this the motor may burn out,if motor is running at their full load

What motor must be never run without a load connected to them?

DC Series motor should never run without load connected to it because starting torque for DC series motor is infinite and running it on no load will damage the motor due to overspeeding.

Why does my 1991 Toyota Camry motor fan constantly going on?

it goes on to cool your motor. you may be running hot due to a bad water pump or thermostat, or pcm may be calling for fan too soon

What is wrong with the air conditioning unit if it is running outside but no air is blowing in the vents inside?

The blower motor is not working due to a bad motor, broken blower wheel, or capacitor. It could also b due to a very dirty evaporator coil or simply a very dirty filter

Can you get cold sores cracked lips and fever blisters due to common cold or exposure?

you get cracked lips from cold exposure and not enough moisture on your lips.

What causes frothing in a radiator when the car is running?

The head gasket is gone or the block/head is cracked. Water is mixing with oil. If you remove the valve cover and the head or the intake manifold you may notice a fluid of a deep battleship gray color. This is due to grinding metal fillament mixing with the water and lubricant due to failed lubrication because chances are that you are losing oil if the block is cracked and engine coolant is mixing with water and oil or the head gasket, or the manifold seal is broken and may need to be replaced. An oil leak doesn't always mean that the block is cracked-- your problem could just be a broken head or manifold gasket. This is easy enough to replace but requires extensive dismantling of the top of the motor.

Your convertible top motor is not working Could this be due to a blown fuse where is the fuse?

Check the power to the relay in the frivers side rear wheel well, and the voltage to the motor. I don't know where the fuse location for the motor power is ?

Can faulty pistons cause a car to shake?

Yes, due to your motor being out of equilibrium when the car is running. Maybe you have blown a head gasket or dropped one of the cylinders. My car had that problem. It was due to me thrashing the car and blowing a head gasket, forcing the motor of my car to idle a lot higher and more erratically than usual.

Could Oil in the spark plugs due to cracked piston?

Usually the valve seals or rings.

Does homeowner's insurance pay for a cracked water pipe?

It may if is a result of freezing due to power failure or storm. Not due to negligence or poor design.

Can you increase the rpm of a drive motor once it drop due to added load using variable speed drive controller?

The motor is slowing down due to the load. DC Speed controllers can only slow down motors, not increase the speed/power. 3 phase AC motors are slightly different, in that the speed is controlled by a VFD (Variable Frequency Drive), which can increase or decrease the speed of a motor, provided the motor is large enough to handle the load initially. If the motor is slowing down after a load is applied, and does not regain running speed after the load has "spun up", a more powerful motor is required. Read motor data sheet for running speed. If the motor is hot while running a load, it is more than likely overloaded or at the load limit. Motors with at least 10% to 25% extra power over bare minimum should be used to make up for loss of efficiency, bearing issues, etc. over time.

Why the oil filled capacitor is used in permanent split capacitor motor?

An oil filled capacitor is used in (PSC) motor because the capacitor is in the circuit the whole time the machine is running. The capacitor is oil filled to cool it due to being in circuit the whole time

How do you repair drivers windowmotor runs but dont move?

if the motor is running and the window is not moving the most likely answere is that the motor has disconected from the window reamove your door panal and reconnect the lifter arm between the two. the bolts get loose over the years due to vibration

What happens if two motors are connected in series?

If one motor shuts down due to mechanical failure or if it is turned off, the other will continue running as the circuit is not broken. IN SERIES, if one of the motors breaks down, the circuit will be broken and neither motor will run. IN PARALLEL, if one motor shuts down due to mechanical failure or if it is turned off, the other will continue running as the circuit is not broken. The only consequence of having two motor in series is it will run faster than the other as the power will not be evenly distributed between both motors because the internal resistances will differ as a result of living in an imperfect world.

Is the dodge neon 2.0 motor an interference motor?

Yes. My sister lost her neon motor due to the timing belt breaking.

2001 jimmy overheated now running rough. We have now changed the plugs wires cap rotor water pump thermostat and temperature sensor. Still running real rough low rps and the check engine light?

Same exact problem. I'm NOT a mechanic. No fluids due to a intake manifold gasket. Replaced. Began running rough, bucking, low rpm's. Replaced 2 sensors. No help. Had to replace motor. Water in oil. The head either cracked or the warped, therefore leaking water into the oil. Once the oil pan becomes full of water and oil, this created too much pressure for the pistons to move in the cylenders properly. When this happens water will also go into the cylenders on top of the pistons and will not let the plugs fire properly. You should have smelled coolent in the exhaust. A head can be removed and fixed if it wasn't cracked too bad or warped too much. Depending on the type of motor, this could cost as much as a new replacement motor. Or depending on the auto shop might have been a lot cheaper than a new motor.

Why do day time running lights stay on when car is not running?

usually due to a defective daytime running light module failure..

Is it okay to use a cracked paintball mask?

no, the integrity of the lens has been jeopardized due to the crack, replace it immediately

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While Lincoln Motor Company is not widely know for producing trucks, in it's beginning; back in 1922 Lincoln Company, due to financial problems, was purchased by the Ford Motor Company.

What landforms are not caused due to running water?


Why would a power window motor run but not raise the window?

Because the window probably jumped the track or the track has become disconnected somehow. Pull the door panel off and you should easily be able to determine what it is and fix it. well the motor is connected with some belt or any other thing to move the window may be that belt got sliped from motor or broken due to this motor is running freely.

What is the meaning stall in dc motor?

This is when the rotor (Shaft of the motor) Stalls, normally due to overloading, bearing failure

1983 Toyota pickup engine has cracked block due to winter freeze how do you fix it?

Sorry that's terminal is no fix.

Changes in temperature cause rock to?

Thermal expansion is the process by which rocks are cracked due temperature difference at night and morning....

Why is water coming out of your tailpipe?

Some water often comes from the tailpipe when first stating the car, especially in cold weather. This is due to condensation. On the other hand if the water does not stop coming from the tail pipe when the machine has warmed up and you are using excessive amounts of coolant or water you may have a faulty head gasket, cracked head or cracked block. If the later is the case your motor will be overheating and water will most probably also be finding its way into your oil which will wreck the wearing surfaces of the motor if you do not stop it immediately The oil turning white is a tell tale sign of this.