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A hammer and a drift punch is used to knock out the pins.

U NEED 2 SQUEEZE the END of the pin together woih pliers (needle noise) then tap with a small hammer-make SURE THE the pin IS NOT i 2 pieces-each pin has rubber in the middle with steel bonded 2 the outside-B SURE 2 LUBRICATE Pins with Die lectric grease NOT Petroleum based Lubricants.

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Q: How do you remove the front brake pin to get to the pads?
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How do you replace the front brake pads on a Honda shadow aero 1998?

Collapse caliper(screw driver to pry caliper apart), remove brake pin plug, remove brake pin, remove pads, reverse for install

How do you Replace the front brake pads on a Citroen xantia?

remove wheel remove wire clip in the lower pin that goes through th pads and knock out the pin remove the handbrake cable and the two Allen bolts at the back of the caliper the caliper will then lift upwards and expose the pads

How do you remove the front brake caliper on a 1991 Chevy s-10 pick up?

You will need a 3/8" Allen wrench to remove the two slider pin anchor bolts at which point the rotors will slide off the brake pads.

Change brake pads uno mia?

Check the bottom of the caliper on your MIA and see if you can locate the pin. Take of the clip and knock the pin out, then the caliper should be able to be moved to remove the pads.

How do you change front wheel bearing in a 1993 S-10 pickup?

Remove wheel, remove the brake caliper and brake pads, Pull the dust cap. remove cotter pin. remove nut and washer. tilt the rotor back and forth to pop the bearings (front) remove rotor and pop the back bearings. This would be for a 2 wheel drive S-10.

How do you change the rear brake on 2001 Mercedes Benz CL55?

Rear brake pads? To replace the pads, just remove the rear tires. then the brake pads are as easy as, punching the pin out of the caliper, then the brake pads can be removed staight out the rear. You will want to open the brake fluid reservoir first and remove some brake fluid. Then use a special brake depressing tool, or screwdriver to push back the piston on the caliper, do one brake pad at a time. And install in reverse order.

How do you change front brake pads on a 2004 odyssey?

Front Brake Pad Removal and Replacement: 1. Loosen the front lug nuts slightly. Raise the front of the vehicle, and make sure it is securely supported. Remove the front wheels. 2. Remove the brake hose mounting bolt from the knuckle. 3. Hold the caliper pin with a wrench, being careful not to damage the pin boot. Remove the caliper bolt with another wrench. 4. Pivot the caliper up out of the way. Check the hoses and pin boots for damage and deterioration. 5. Remove the pad shims, pad retainers, and pads. 6. Clean the caliper thoroughly; remove any rust, and check for grooves and cracks. 7. Check the brake disc for damage and cracks. 8. Install the pad retainers. 9. Install the brake pads and pad shims correctly. 10.Install the pad with the wear indicator on the inside. NOTE: Check the brake fluid level, the brake fluid may overflow the reservoir if too full. 11. Push in the piston so that the caliper will fit over the pads. 12. Pivot the caliper down into position. Hold the caliper pin with a wrench, being careful not to damage the pin boot. Install the caliper bolt with another wrench, and torque it to proper specification. 13. Install the brake hose onto the knuckle. 14. Press the brake pedal several times to make sure the brakes work, then test-drive. NOTE: Engagement of the brake may require a greater pedal stroke immediately after the brake pads have been replaced as a set. Several applications of the brake pedal will restore the normal pedal stroke. 15. After installation, check for leaks at hose and line joints or connections, and retighten if necessary.

How do you change the rear brake pads on a '98 Mazda 626?

There is a pin that needs to be removed to get them out

How do you remove the brake rotors on a 1998 Ford F-150 4.6 4X4?

# Raise and safely support the vehicle securely on jackstands. # Remove the brake caliper assembly. # Remove the front disc brake caliper anchor plate. # Remove the hub grease cap. # Remove the cotter pin. # Remove the spindle nut. # Remove the front wheel outer bearing retainer washer. # Remove the outer front wheel bearing. # Remove the hub grease cap gasket. # Remove the front disc brake hub and rotor. # Remove the wheel hub grease seal. # Remove the inner front wheel bearing.

How do you change brake pads on Mercedes 190e 2.6?

The rear pads are similar to a late model volvo. Jack up and remove the rear wheels. With a large spike nail or small drift pin remove the two horizontal pins the go thru the caliper and brake pads. With a plier grab the brake pad, wiggle and pull out of the rear of the caliper. Insert the new pads, install drip pins and you ar done. You may need to insert and prior the old pads against the caliper to push the piston back for more space to insert the new pads.

How do you remove front brake drums on a 67 Chevy C10?

Jack up truck,place on jackstands,remove front wheel, take off centre grease cap,behind this you will find large nut with split pin,remove split pin, remove large nut,remove large steel washer,brake drum should now pull off complete with outer wheel bearing, If drum is stubborn back off brake shoes a bit they could be holding drum.

How do you replace the front brake drums for a 1965 mustang?

After jacking the car up and removing the front tires, remove the wheel-bearing dust cap, remove cotter pin, then remove nut, turning it counter-clockwise, then remove the large washer. Now, tap the top of the brake drum with the palm of your hand, and the front bearing should pop out. Then slide the brake drum off. If the brake drum does not come off, you will have to turn the brake shoe adjuster inward. The brake shoe adjuster is located in the slot in the back near the bottom ball joint. Pull brake drum off.

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