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I did this on an Eddie Bauer Bronco last weekend. It is not hard at all to do if you have the correct tools.

Step One: remove the small bolts from the back of the steering wheel that holds the padded part on the front of the steering wheel and pop out the switch key tumbler. The tumbler has a small hole on the bottom that has a pin that you push in to get it out.

Step two: Remove the large nut from the center of the steering column.

Step three: Remove the steering wheel. A steering wheel puller is best for this, but you can get it off without a puller. Leave the nut on the steering column flush with the end of the column. Do not let any threads show through the nut. Strike the nut on the end of the shaft with a hammer. You can then grasp the steering wheel with both hands and with a little pressure you can pull it off. When the steering wheel comes loose it will pop up against the nut. Finish taking it off.

Step four: After removing the steering wheel, you will see the turn signal and horn assembly. Remove the small bolts from the turn signal assembly and pull it straight toward you. You will have to reach below the steering and pull some wire toward you to give you some space

Step five; You can not pull the turn signal lever out of the bottom of the assembly. Slide it through the column to the right.

Step six: remove the horn assembly. Note: Be sure that you see where the horn contactors are so you get them in the right place when you replace the steering wheel.

Step seven: Drive the pin out of the ignition switch actuator that holds the switch linkage rod. You can do this by using a small drill bit and hammer. Be very careful not to drop the pin.

Step eight: Remove both pieces of the broken actuator. The piece that is down inside the steering column can be removed by drilling a small hole in it and driving a small screwdriver in it. Note: you have to lift up on it to get it out.

Step Nine: You will have to remove the tilt steering assembly in order to get the new actuator in place. For this you will have to have a pivot pin puller. This can be purchased at NAPA Auto Parts. Other places don't have it. You can get them out without a puller, but if you mess these up, they are extremely expensive to purchase.

Step Ten: Put the new actuator in place and reverse the above steps.

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Q: How do you remove the tilt steering wheel of an Eddie Bauer Bronco to replace the actuator?
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