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How do you take a power window regulator and motor out of the door panel of a 1995 GMC Vandura 2500?

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2011-09-12 22:18:59
2011-09-12 22:18:59

Okay, I just did this, and it was not fun. I did not have to replace my regulator, just the power window motor. It can be done with the regulator still inside the door.

First, remove the door panel, armrest, etc. Pop out the power lock, and window switches.

Once that's done, remove the 2 bolts that hold the rear run channel for the window. They are silver, and scribe around them to line them up later on.

Remove the power supply for the motor, and the 2 bolts, and 2 nuts that hold the regulator to the door.

Remove the inside, and outside seal strips that are at the base of the window when its closed. Do this with the window all the way down, it is easier. Try not to bend them too much. They are held in by 4 spring clips each.

Now the window can be slopped around insode the door a bit. The goal here is to move the regulator around until you can get the 2 plastic wheels on the regulator out of the channel at the bottom of the window. Once you have done that, you can raise the window by hand out of your way. Make sure you have a clamp, or someway to secure the window so it does not fall down by itself.

Now you can lift up on the regultor, and move it towards the front of the van to expose the 3 black bolts that hold the motor to the regulator.

  • before you remove them, you have to put a screw through the backplate and the gear. (it is spring loaded).

drill a hole in the gold plate beside the spring. then through that hole, run a self tapping screw into the gear. Make sure its not too close to the edge of the gear.... once that is fdone, go ahead and remove those 3 bolts, and take out the motor.

You will have to swap the bracket from your old motor to the new one. Rebuilt ones come with the screws to put the 2 together, but you may have to drill the rivits out to get the backet off the old motor...

Once the bracket is installed to the new motor, swap some grease off the old motor to the gear on the new one, and then start the reassembly. The hardest part of the reasssembly is realigning the window to get the 2 plastic wheels on the regulator back into the channel at the bottom of the window......try, and they try again..... I go the front one in first, then usedt he motor to raise the regulator almost to the top, and go the rear wheel into the hole in the center of the channel.....

Don't forget to remove the self tapping screw before trying to move the regulaotr....I did, and it sheared off that harm no foul, but it could have caused an issue....

Have fun, and don't rush.....its a crappy job...

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remove your door panel there will be three screws holding it on. then you have to remove the screws holding your window to the regulator. then unbolt regulator and motor from door. Undo wiring going to motor.

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Window motor and regulator are found inside of the door panel and may be bolted or riveted in. Should be bolted. Disconnect the window from regulator, take out reg. and motor, then disconnect regulator from motor, reconnect new motor to regulator, reattach those inside of the door, then reconnect the window to the regulator, put it together and see if it works.

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First remove the door panel. Then remove the moisture barrier. Next remove the window motor from the window regulator.

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Take the door panel off,you will need to remove 3 bolts for the window motor and then 3bolts(maybe4) that hold the regulator to the window

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remove back seat, remove screws bottom and top of panel, remove panel. remove 3 bolts and motor arm, window and regulator will pull out.

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