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Texas was an independent 1836-1845. Vermont was independent 1777 - 1791, at which time it was officially annexed and ratified the U.S. Constitution. California was technically independent (not recognized by the U.S. but not under the rule of either Mexico or the U.S.) for about a month in 1846. Hawai'i was an independent nation recognized by the United States, Britain and France until it was annexed by the United States in 1898.

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Q: The only state in the us that was an independent country?
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How long has Texas been an independent country?

Texas WAS an independent Republic, but is no longer an independent country. It is a US state.

When did Mexico become a state of the US?

Mexico is an independent country. It is not a state of US. It has nothing to do with the US. It is outside the United State's jurisdiction. Only New Mexico is in the US. It was admitted as the 47th state in 1912.

In 1800 what was the only independent country in the Americas?

The us

When did Philippines become a state?

The Philippines are not a state in the United States. They are an independent country. They were a territory of the US until 1947.

Who was an independent republic before joining the US?

Texass(: And we are the only state that can be again... :-)

Is Mexico considered a different country than the US?

Yes; Mexico is an independent country different than the US. There is however, a state known as NEW Mexico which belongs to the US.

Is Georgia a state?

Georgia became a State in the US in 1788. (There is another Georgia, located on the Black Sea, and it's an independent country.)

Do Mexico govern themselves?

Yes. It is an independent country you shouldn't confuse with the US state of New Mexico.

When did the US become a country?

The signing of the Treaty of Paris in 1783 solidified its independent state from England. The U.S. officially became a country in 1776.

Is Ireland in US?

Ireland is an independent country and it is not in the US.

How did the US become a state?

First off, the US is a country. (LOL) The signing of the Treaty of Paris in 1783 solidified its independent state from England. The U.S. officially became a country in 1776.(yay!!!) ; 3 *hope that answers your question.*

What is the only US state capitol to border another country?


What conrty ruled Mexico in the 1887?

Mexico (the country, not the US state of NEW Mexico) was already independent since 1821.

Is Mexico one of 50 states in the US?

The state of NEW Mexico is. The other is an independent country south of the United States.

Is Haiti in the US?

No, Haiti is an independent country.

Which Country or Kingdom did the US become independent from?

Americas became independent from Britain

Is Samoa is a country?

The Independent State of Samoa (more commonly known as Samoa) is indeed a full country. This is separate to American Samoa, which is under US protection.

Is Mexico a US of America?

No. There is a country named Mexico which is an independent nation and borders the southwestern United States. There is also a US state known as New Mexico, which took its name from the former country.

Is Haiti an US territory?

No. Haiti is an independent country and not a US Territory

Is Mexico is a us territory?

There are two Mexicos; neither of them is a territory:The US' State of NEW Mexico, which was a territory and became a state in 1912.The country of Mexico (capital: Mexico City) which is a country south of the United States, and has been independent since 1821.

What was Hawaii before it was a US State?

Before Hawaii was a US territory and eventually state in the 1950's it was an independent country that was ruled by Kings and Queens, most noteable of which include King Kamehameha and Queen Liliukaolani. Hawaii is the only state to have a Royal Palace and a Royal Family, many members of which are still alive.

When did the us become an independent country from who?

The United States became an independent country in 1776, separating itself from the British rule.

Which country borders Arizona to the west?

Southern California is west of Arizona, and although much larger then many independent Nations, it is also a US State. Arizona's only International border is with Mexico to the south.

What is the only us state capital that shares a border with a foreign country?


Do the Bahamas belong to the US?

No, the Bahamas is an independent country