What are 10 things to know about Lenin?

Ten interesting things to know about Lenin are:
  1. He was born of Mongol, Jewish, Swedish and German ancestry, and ofter used the phrase "Russian idiots" to show his contempt for the Russian people in general.
  2. Lenin's real name was Vlasimir Ilyich Ulianov.
  3. Lenin's hated the Tsarist regime because his older brother had been executed in 1887 for his part in a failed attempt to assassinate Tsar Alexander III.
  4. Lenin studied law in Kazan University and actually practiced law for a brief time before becoming dedicated to overthrowing the lawful government.
  5. Lenin turned revolutionary, not because of Karl Marx, but more so after reading a novel called "What Is To Be Done" by Nikolai Chernyevsky and even tried to be like the hero of the story.
  6. Lenin adopted the name Lenin taken from the name of the Lena River after serving 3 years in exile in Siberia.
  7. On the train back to Russia right after the February Revolution, Lenin, a non-smoker, was so annoyed with all the smoking going on in the lavatory, that non-smokers got "first class" lavatory passes while the smokers got "second class passes.
  8. After overthrowing the Provisional Government by promising an end to Russia's involvement in World War 1, Lenin advocated continuing the war when the German army began marching toward him to overthrow his government.
  9. Lenin was almost assassinated in 1918, taking at least two bullets, one in his neck. Despite his condition, he made sure that the doctor treating him was a Bolshevik. The nearly successful assassin felt that Lenin had betrayed the communist revolution with his repressive ways.
  10. After the revolution Lenin wanted to be friendly with the United States of America more than any other nation, because it had more to teach and offer the Soviet Union than any other country.