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bad carb adjustment or a dirty carb (Get a tune up or try a bottle of sea foam from your local auto store) *Some older cars with lock-up torque converters can have a failed TCC (torque converter clutch) circuit. This stalls the engine as the converter is locked solid, connecting the engine to the wheels.

A low idle speed can cause this.

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Mercury outboard motor start and idles but stalls when you put in gear.?

outboard motor will start and idle, but dies out under load

You put your car in gear the front end shakes but idles fine?

Sounds like a motor mount or a transmission problem.......

2000 xterra idles rough in gear but idles smooth in neutral Runs great down the road?

crankshaft sensor going.

How a three phase motor running can slow?

A 3-phase motor can be slow by:- 1. BY INCREASING THE NUMBER OF POLE PAIR. 2. BY USING GEAR.

Why won't my dirt bike start in gear when the clutch is pulled in but it will start in neutral?

It needs adjusted it is still engaging. just like when it is running in Neutral and you put it in first gear it idles down more so than typical of a bike doesnt it ?

94 Chevy truck 4.3 it will not stay running until motor been running for awile when you put it in gear it dies?

check that choke is operating correctly

What would cause a 1992 Mazda 929 to sputter and have no power when put into drive gear but idles fine?

You may have a faulty coil. Check mass air flow sensor

What is the difference between a gear pump and a gear motor?


I have a 95 Mitsubishi Galant that will idle fine but dies when you put it into gear I have already replaced the idle air control motor could it be the computer Or the transmission?

No, you may have to check your idle. You can change the idle so when you put it into gear it will not die. You must make sure that the engine is warm when you adjust the idle or it may make it hard to start when the engine is cold. When it idles in park or neutral it should sound a little higher than when it it idles in gear or drive or reverse.

I have a 350 Chevy motor in my truck It starts fine and idles fine but when I put it in gear it stalls Wondering what the problem might be?

if you got an automatic depending on what gear it is you may need a 2800 or 3500 rpm stall in your torque converter call a transmission shop if that's it they will help you

What is the explanation for the working principle of gear motor?

the gear motor is normally worked by induction and DC motor the gears is the worked of change in motor function

If a car sound good and idles good but when put in gear will only move slow until it dies can this be a transmission problem?

The trans won't cause it to die. Try changing the fuel filter.

What would make your bike stop running when you put it in gear?

if the kickstand is down, the safety switch will kill motor. or it may be defected.

Where is the starter in a car?

At the back end of the engine is a large ring gear connected to the engine crankshaft. If there is a starter (some engines do not have starters) it will be mounted in the engine such that the bendix gear of the starter can engage the ring gear and spin the crankshaft. It's called a bendix because it jumps out to engage the ring gear (while the starter motor is running) and retracts off of the ring gear once the engine is running (starter motor no longer running). It is typically access from under the car. If you must replace it, let the engine cool off first. Otherwise the starter will be just as hot as the engine is.

Starter motor ring gear?

Starter motor ring gear is a large gear cog that fits around the circumference of the flywheel on rear of engine. When the starter motor spins, its 'Bendix' engages this gear to rotate the crankshaft..

Why wont your eagle talon manual transmission go into gear when running?

It is quite possible that your clutch is not disengaging the transmission from the motor. Also, your synchros could be bad, which would not allow it to go into gear.

Can a motor be as small as a gear?

yes a RC motor

89 accord lxi fuel injected when car is cold idles 1200 then warms up idles at 800 to 2500 than after an hour it will idle at 1200 all in park never idles erratic in gear -3 mpg?

If a 1989 Honda Accord is experiencing idle issues the idle air control valve should be checked. A malfunctioning valve will cause the engine to run richer to compensate for less air and cause the car to have bad fuel economy.

What is a gear attached directly to the motor?

gear 3 That would be the drive gear, the gear that gear drives would be the driven gear.

1993 Volvo 240 that makes a single clunk right as the engine turns over Otherwise it runs and idles fine What could cause this clunk?

If it doesn't repeat the sound while the engine is running, especially accelarating or decellerating, it is probably related to the starter pinion gear or the flywheel/flexplate ring gear. When the starter gear engages the flywheel/flexplate, there is a small portion of gear tooth missing. It starts to catch and slips, slamming into the next gear and then engaging. Eventually, you'll lose another and yet another tooth, producing a dead spot to an extent the car won't start.

Can the gear on power window motor be replaced 1986 silverado?

Yes. They do sell a window motor GEAR KIT.

Is gear lube is thinner than motor oil or automatic transmission fluid?

Gear lube is thicker than both ATF and motor oil.Gear lube is thicker than both ATF and motor oil.

Pontiac sunbird stalls in gear but idles just fine?

Mine did this and I found out it was the timing belt that needed to be changed.

What else could cause a 2001 Ford Sport trac rear window to not close beside the motor?

if the motor is turning then it could be off the track or a gear might be stripped.

How often should gear oil be changed?

Gear oil should be changed every 4,000 to 5,000 miles. Motor oil should be changed every 3,000 miles to keep the engine running clean.