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What is an example of relativism?

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September 13, 2007 5:37AM

If you are referring to Einsteins "Theory of Relativity" then a

simple explanation would be someones position to some others

position. An example is if you were standing somewhere along the

ninety mile straight railway line near the Nullabor Plain in

Australia, or any long road for that matter, then relative to your

position the road or track would converge to a point. If however,

someone was standing where the converging road or track took place

they would be their normal width but they would see your end of the

road or track converging.

As a passenger in a lift with glass sided walls, if the lift

went down then the people outside the lift would appear to go up,

to them, you would be going down.

A man in a railway carriage walks the twenty meter length of the

carriage, while the train travels two hundred meters to a person

standing outside of the train. Everything is relative to ones

position. Have you ever sat in a stationary train and the train

next to you moves out, have you not thought that it was you that

was moving?

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