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Fish is a great and healthy food to have while pregnant! Its a simple matter of what TYPE of fish to avoid like the large salt water fish that contain high levels of Mercury. Fresh water fish like trout, catfish, fish sticks, flounder, salmon, craoker, and haddok are ok to eat. Tuna can be eaten in moderation (one serving a week). Large fish like shark, tile fish, swordfish, tuna steaks, sea bass, Halibut and other LARGE Saltwater Fish are known to contain high levels of methyl mercury, a substance that can potentially cause neurological damage when consumed in large amounts. Farm-raised trout and catfish, Pacific salmon, and fish sticks are safe. Shellfish (shrimp, crawfish, crab, etc)are also fine to eat while pregnant. Remember that all of these are to be well cooked, not raw or smoked.

Other foods to avoid are-

-Raw meats

-Raw chicken

-Raw eggs (Caesar salads and eggnog!!!)

-Soft cheeses, including Brie, Camembert, Mexican-style, and any other cheese that may be made with inadequately pasteurized milk, can harbor Listeria.

-Do not drink raw milk, or eat foods that contain unpasteurized milk.


-Unwashed fruits & vegetables

-Foods & drinks that contain caffeine (limit or avoid!) tea, coffee, and colas


-Saccharin (NutraSweet is preferable)

- Liver should be avoided whilst pregnant (including all pate) as is contains a high level of Vitamin A which can be very harmful to your unborn baby.

Anemia is common during pregnancy so you could look for other ways of increasing your vitamin A levels - remember to take your folic acid supplement!. Peanuts are also a healthy snack and should only be avoided if you are allergic to them.

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Junk foods

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Q: What should you avoid eating while pregnant?
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Is it safe to eat ceviche while pregnant?

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It is recommended that certain women avoid eating peanuts while they are pregnant. You are advised to avoid peanuts if you, your baby's father, or one of your previous children has had an allergic reaction to something. Allergic conditions include:

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You should try to avoid soft cheese.

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